Let's see your office systems

Just set mine up in the virtual systems. I don't see too much info about office systems. Curious what others are doing. This replaced a pretty decent Cambridge soundbase all in one. 




Normally just the Kinki amp.  This day I was trying the Decware to see how it drove the very difficult load ML CLS.


My Office is shown in my main ’system’ and in the AR-2ax rehab




Luxman 10 wpc tube amp, has MM and MC

Mitsubishi Vertical TT LT-V5;

Teac X2000r Tape Deck with Mickey Mouse Dust Cover;

Restored AR-2ax Speakers

PC: CD/DVD/Stream: USB out to DAC to Luxman Input.

It's exhausting to keep loading pics but if you want to do it, fine.

@carlsbad I thought that was a Decware as soon as your picture came up. They're on my bucket list. Nice looking offices, and systems gentlemen. I'm thinking of getting a remote SVS sub next. Probably that newer 10"(?) model. 

Office furniture sure changes things as far as placement. The all in ones can be compelling. I'm quite smitten with these Parasound Z series amps. 


Sansui CA 2000 preamp

Sansui BA 2000 power amp

ADS L910 speakers, yeah rather large for near field but those ADS domed midrange drivers spread the sound field out surprisingly well. its like having L910's as headphones. haha 

Schiit DAC fed from computer. 

Desktop System

Yamaha WXA-50 (optical in from PC/Roon)

Totem Dreamcatchers on ISOAcoustics stands

Kimber TC8 speaker wire

Velodyne Impact Mini sub

I also just installed one of the newly announced iFi LAN isolator to the back of the Yamaha

Sorry for the mess I should have picked up!!!


The output from my PC to a 1990’s Sony receiver to some Yamaha 2 way speakers. Qobuz and a NAS full of albums.  What more can anyone ask for?

ProAc Response 1SC’s
Gustard X26 Pro DAC
Willsenton R800i SET integrated amp (just blew a 300B, so my R8 is in there now)
Bluesound Node 3 w/ Teddy Pardo LPS
Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 SE transport

Near/midfield set up

My brain considers this system "perfect" because I have no need or reason to upgrade anything.

Allison CD8s pushed against the wall, supported by SVS sb2000 sub I don't really need and forget to turn on sometimes, fed by an old Carver CD changer, an old Tascam DAT, an RPi Digione running Volumio, run through a Cyenne DAC and powered by a Creek evo100. Sitting in a cheapo Monoprice rack.  Sometimes I swap speakers to an old set of Shahinian Lyres that are otherwise stacked in the next room, on low stands a foot out from wall. I have a Denon 47f in the closet w records in that room too, but ran out of shelf space for it.

Oppo 105D >>Schitt  Freya  + preamp>> Chord Etude amp>>Revel 126BE speakers

A great diminutively sized, budget setup:   It’s so much fun to listen to! 

Gallo A’Diva Ti + Gallo Tr3 Subwoofer + Denon PMA 600NE integrated amp 

KEF 103.2, KG12 Tube Amplifier, WiiM Mini streamer, Schiit Loki EQ, Topping DX3 Pro+ DAC...Sony DVD/CD Player...DIY input selector......Amazing sounding system!... http://rvbprecision.com/stereo/k-12g-tube-amplifier-build.html


Schiit Modius e - Schiit Freya S - Nuforce STA200. - Salk Monitors and Audience The One speakers alternate...though I just bought a pair of the Audience small angled stands, and I think the Audience now will stay on desktop...

@jl35 I was very intrigued by the JOB amps and later the STA200. Almost bought one, is it a keeper?

It’s a great sounding amp at a great price, but has high gain and can be difficult to match with speakers and preamp. There are a few threads about this, including a current one. They were originally released at $1299, and at that price a long time TAS recommended amp, then closed out at $499, usually $350 - $400 used now. Often a great match with a passive pre, and my Freya S is adjustable and can be used active or passive with a few gain settings. Both my speakers are about 84db sensitivity...I had owned and sold a few before, always liked them...but in this system it is an outstanding amp at a great price and a definite keeper...and it's small and runs cool, so great for office/desktop...

I have a Saga pre (with a unicorn Raytheon backplate) and saw the STA when they were at about $450. Still think it'd be a killer combo.

Darn shame about JOB, a lot to love about that Goldmund off-shoot. I was looking hard at their integrated when they closed down. 

Luxman L507ux MkII driving Dynaudio Heritage Specials (+ Rel T9x) and Harbeth P3ESR XD (+ Rel T5x). Sources include Metronome LePlayer CD Player, Innuos Zen Mini + LPSU, Chord Qutest, 2 x Silent Angel Bonn N8 & LPSU.

Am about to add a PS Audio Perfect Wav SACD player and Holo Audio May DAC. Hope there is an audible improvement 🤞  


@dcpillai Very nice office, I've got a Sboosted Qutest, I'd be curious how the Holo stacks up to them. Looks like the new Gustard might need a look too? 

Happy Monday