Let’s share the music that gives us the chills every time.

You know the ones. Makes the whole body tingle.
Here are my first 5.

‘Toy Matinee’ by Toy Matinee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j69D6Gt4mek

“Einaudi Divenire’ by Hakon & Mari Samuelsen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sphomki8dQc

’40,000 Headmen’ by Traffic
Future of Forestry ‘The Earth Stood Still’

From the musical Chess ‘Anthem’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhqud-xjAi4
Most of these are slow builds, I wonder if that holds true with your posts? Is thatpart of the formula that always gets to me?

Also Sprach Zarathustra - Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony on RCA Living Stereo! 
Not sure which version of Wichita Lineman you are referring to but the one by Cassandra Wilson off "Belly of the Sun" is incredible--gives me the chills every time. 
I was fortunate to hear Glen Campbell play Wichita Lineman in person when I was a youngster.  He also did a great version of "Blackbird" that night.
The Beatles, Meet and Abbey Road
The Doors, the Doors and LA Woman
Led Zeppelin first
Allman Brothers, live by at the Fillmore
Miles Davis, In a Silent Way
Mingus, Ah Um 
 Pink Floyd, Dark Side
Norah Jones, Come away with Me
Miles Davis Bitches Brew.
Holst The Planets.
Junior Kimbrough  God Knows I Tried
Lorena McKennitt - The Old Ways

My favorite version is on Nights from the Alhambra

There is a studio version on The Visitor

The beauty of both her voice and the lyrics is stunning

spartan warrior
Mercyful fate
frank marino

 lots more........
At the moment, 'Time Has Told Me' (Nick Drake), performed by  Krystle Warren. There's a version on Qobuz and Youtube...
Any and all from J.S.  Bach  the Greatest Musician who ever lived  or
ever will .

Any Cocteau Twins from Blue Bell Knoll onward.

First several Joni Mitchell works

Any quality recordings of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

First three by Mum, esp. Finally we are no one.

All three Rune trilogy by Wardruna.

...and many more.

Way too many to list!

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Eternity's Breath (part 1 &2)

The melody, the terrifying level of musicianship, the complexity...

Eternity's Breath

Genesis - The Lamia

Steve Hackett's guitar solo gets me every time, but the entire song is beautiful,

The Lamia

Elliott Carter - Concerto for Orchestra

Complex, exhilarating, cathartic...

Concerto for Orchestra (1969)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Yep. Every time...

A Love Supreme

Renaissance - Can You Hear Me?

Pretty much anytime Annie Haslam opens her mouth to sing, I get chills. Near perfect intonation, effortless 5 octave range, loads of emotion. Great song by this underrated prog band. 

Can You Hear Me?

I could go on for pages...