Like Pronouns do we have to many music genres?

Really do not care about the pronouns I thought it was funny.

I call myself Oak Tree around my house..

So what happened with music?

I am an Oak Tree Robot.



I enjoy making things as complicated as possible. Slice & dice. Thinner, please!

I've always thought a lot of genre-classifying is silly.  I like what Phil Lesh said - "The Grateful Dead is its own genre".... But I'm mostly a post-punk guy... 

And I do not agree about there being 'too many pronouns'. 

Is Adele a pronoun for a genre too difficult to describe in polite company?

I don't see an issue with different genres to describe various types of music. Pronouns are pronouns. Nobody needs to reinvent the wheel, especially if the new version won't roll.



in the 80’s, it only had one name - METAL.

now, there’s 60:genres. Stupid!


but it does help when buying music.

@arcticdeth I agree though do find myself perusing the bins of the record stores looking for Brazilian,Nuvo, Post Punk Avant Grade, Folk Alternative, Acapella Classical, Metal.

I get a kick out of the very young music posters in the Vinyl Community on YouTube. They use genre names like "Shoe Gaze", "Jangle Pop", "Freak Folk", and many others. Some of them also organize their LP's by genre. Too complicated for me: I split my library only between Classical and everything else.

The author reminds me of guitar players who refuse to learn theory because they claim it will ruin their spontaneity or other such nonsense. One of the primary values of a basic grasp of theory is that it makes communicating with other musicians much easier. The same can be said for having "too many" pronouns, when discussing listening tastes or recommending music to others. 

There's no law that requires us to organize our collections into as many categories as possible-- do whatever makes sense to you. But if I discover music in an unfamiliar genre that I really like, knowing which sub-genre it fits into facilitates the task of finding other music I might also enjoy.  

If you "discover" Weather Report and all you know is that it fits into "Jazz", that's not so useful, if you want to explore similar artists. . . 

My 2 cents...