Lithuanian Tube Gear?!

Stumbled across a site marketing tube amps/preamps/phono stages out of Lithuania... Brand is Cerntube. Was wondering if any of the folks on here have heard anything about this stuff.
Never heard of them. Though, after looking at their web page, their gear appears quite nice.
That’s kind of what I thought... kind of similar aesthetic to the Decware gear I’ve looked at. Curious as to what’s going on under the hood tho. I do know that Walter at Underwood HiFi is marketing a Lithuanian speaker that’s supposed to be pretty great...
That's a good question @stringreen . The first one I thought of also. Decent looking gear but too much risk
I would only buy through a US distributor. Something goes wrong and it can be a nightmare. It might be OK. But do lots of research on the company and people whom have bought from them.  Pretty stuff though.
Tbh, wasn’t seriously considering buying... saw one of the phono stages on Craigslist and looked up the brand; it piqued my curiosity.

For the sake of conversation, tho... if the designer of some obscure gear like this was willing to provide a schematic, wouldn’t any competent tech be able to service it?