Looking for a little help for speakers I may purchase

I recently went to audio dealer near me and by accident decide to listen to a used pair of egglestonworks andra.  I must say I was completely blown away by the sound. I decided I will listen one more time this weekend.  And for the price being very affordable I will put them in my bedroom.  They were hooked up to prima tube. But I dont want to put tube in my room. And want to keep amp and pre under 2 or 3k. Any suggestions? Used is fine. Ty
For an amp, if you have the physical space:
The model is recently discontinued, and usually around $5k, so if you are interested I'd move quickly.

Why don't you ask the dealer for a recommendation?  How many people responding to this thread will actually have experience pairing those exact speakers with an amplifier?  
I had Andra1 Speakers a while back. Good  sound but a little heavy on the bass, however they like power.
I guess I won't know if I don't ask the question.  Also I would imagine I'm not the first person to ever listen to them, so I would say many.  I don't mean to sound rude, but really tired of being on a website that is all about audio and some are offend when you ask an audio question.  And I will ask the dealer.  I would not think he has listened to them with all the equipment out there, especially since he took them in on trade. Now back to the people interested in audio.
I have EgglestonWorks Fontaines, the Andra's little brother (same top three drivers, but no 12" bass drivers). Prior to going to all tubes I did have one of Frank Van Alstine's amps which sounded very good on them and had plenty of power. Check out his products - well built, sound good, excellent customer service. If I ever switch back to ss I'll seriously consider buying one of his amps again.
Thanks Dan, I will check them out.  Do u prefer the tubes on them? The tube the dealer had on them were 6k or he had mono block tubes for 7k. Just dont want to spend that kind of money in the bedroom.  I am 95 percent sure I will buy them, wife wants to hear them first almost like here first system for herself,  so she is excited.  My setup in living room. 
YW pcc67. Yes, I prefer tubes on them, or most any speaker for that matter. I am running a pair of Audio Mirror 45 Watt SET monoblocs - plenty of power for the Fontaines. Don't know if they'd be enough for the Andras though. I recall reading in the past that some Andra owners liked McIntosh tubes (MC 275 monoblocs) with them, but those are way over your budget.
I wonder if that is enough power.

Even used it's over my budget. 

I will find something.  Dont everyone freak, but I am thinking of ordering and demoing a nord mkll nc500 class d for my living room on my winds and putting my bat vk 200 on the egglestonworks.  Maybe eventually find some affordable tube for the egglestonworks.  Always wanted to have tubes, nice glow. Lol
@pcc67. I assure you it was never my intention to be rude. I was merely suggesting you avail yourself of your dealer’s experience. Also, whenever you go public with something you open yourself up to potential criticism. I hope you find a good amp. Really.
Sorry bro. Just trying to get advise and I'm really big on doing my research.  Many times when you ask people for help they just get redicoulus,  like dont ask a question about audio, makes u wonder why there is an audio site. Lol.  And in the end it will be my ears that decide.  Just looking to slim down my options.  Sorry,  all is good.
Go to usaudiomart.com they have an Anthem P2 for sale for $1,800.00 from Arizona.I have an Anthem P2 and it will drive any speaker out there 325WPC@8ohms and 550WPC@4ohms, it is built like a tank and does not get hot, it is SS but it sounds great, look up the reviews on it. Anthem P2 Power Amplifier For Sale - US Audio Mart

Hi, they look great and for that sort of price I would be disappointed if they hadent blown you away. There are so many alternatives for almost every price range that  research becomes vital - however there really aren`t any serious duds on the market in the range of known and trusted manufacturers.
My interest after having gone deep to find of decent entry level speakers at a fraction of the price of the  Egglestonworks andra`s, is to know how the exponential increase of sound quality matches the amount spent. I had a quick listen to a pair of speakers costing ten times the amount that I spent at the same dealer, and I cant say that I was ten times more impressed, maybe twice. 
And naturally your source would have to be of a similar standard to enjoy the full benefit of the speaker.
I've been thinking about the anthem p2 used. I've listened to the anthem statement and like that amp alot, but 6k is more than I'm willing to dish out. The egglestonworks just had all drivers done not long ago, excellent condition for 2500.00 dont really think I could do better for that price. Plus it just sounds sweet to me. I will listen to it one more time this weekend and probably get it. Luckily I have not sold my old pre and I will borrow an amp from my main system until I find another amp. I've been looking for more watts on my main system and the p2 was one of my options.  I would love tubes for the egglestonworks,  but I dont think I can find anything in my price range to drive them. Especially since I'm still upgrading my main system. 
I have the EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signatures (bought from a fellow Agoner) and I first drove them with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium amp, all NOS input and SED EL34 Winged C power tubes. Sounded like enough power to me as the speakers play loud. Then  I got the new Audio Mirror Reflection 45 watt mono blocks as I was really curious about these amps and could afford Vlad’s introductory price, and I had never had monoblocks.  I am happy with the results but I have never heard the speakers with solid state. I am tubes all the way, phono pre, pre and power. I am surprised there do not seem to be more EgglestonWorks owners after I viewed their website seeing they are worldwide and apparently used in studios. Made in Memphis, TN. Good service too as I needed a pair of grilles for the Fontaine Signatures, which they made for a very reasonable cost.

Hi, Great Question, and very nice speakers.

I would call Egglestonworks directly (Jim Thompson is the President and is a really great guy).  They are just getting back from a big show, so they may be a bit behind.  But, I have always found Jim's counsel to be spot on- truthful, accurate and taking my needs into account when I chat with him.  He has been with the company a long time, and takes the long-term view when dealing with customers.  He knows their product inside out and can tell you what will match well with those speakers.

Hope this is helpful.

Pcc67 I’m pretty sure you heard those speakers at Audio Video Therapy. There are a number of Intergrateds which you can hook them up to. John carries Parasound, Yamaha, Plinius, Luxman, Rotel, Marantz, Anthem and Naim. The folks are always glad to switch integrated’s around for you to check. You can also take it home to demo before buying. I gave them a listen the last time I was there and they are in excellent shape.
That's why I have a basement full of speakers! every time I see a deal that seems too good to be true i dig out my wallet! I'm guessing your bedroom is 20x30'x? I'm just glad you saw them b4 me. I read those speakers like power and really come into their own playing Loud.
Yes luxmancl38, 
The staff is excellent there.  Only place I go and so far the only place I've purchased from.  Service is above and beyond anywhere or anyplace I've ever been.  I was there this past weekend.  Before I left I listed to them for about 30 minutes, they where hooked to PL.  I will go back this weekend for a longer listen, pretty sure I will get them.  I'm sure John will hook me up, but always good to get second opinions.  Luxman did you like them?
Yes. To big for my room. If they weren't you'd be out of luck. Looks like a steal of a deal. I bet it would match up w/the Yamaha AS-1100 or 2100. Give it a shot. I've been dealing w/John for over 20 years. I recently purchased the Luxman PD-171A TT.
Another thought for a very good, yet affordable, integrated tube amp, that would do very well and sound very nice on the Eggleston Works speakers, you might consider a Rogue, Cronus Mag. II. Is only rated at 100W X 2 but, is much more dynamic and delivers more punch than its' 100W rating might suggest. I have been using one to drive a pair of Maggie 1.7s (a somewhat hard to drive 4ohm ribbon speaker) and it has had no problems and the sound is  dynamic, yet sweet, open and detailed. An incredible buy at Less than $4K new and can sometimes be found used on AGone or Audiomart for less than $2K...Jim