Lucinda Williams Fans?

Any Lucinda Williams fans out here? Her new live CD just came out this week. It was recorded live at the Fillmore in 2003 and is definitely worth hearing!
have to reply and will get the ball rolling.
nothin like a overcast, didnt score, hang-over morning, without coffee and lucinda. wanta start, bawling, or bitching as i post. yes to a fan.
Huge fan. I've seen her a number of times in concert, all in small venues before she got "big". I'm still wondering who I lent my "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" cd to--they must of liked it cause I never got it back. I was excited to hear about a new live LP. How is the recording quality? BTW, her first LP (Self titled with Passionate Kisses) is still her best, IMHO.
An interesting new release; I went a bought it yesterday when Lost Records notified me of its release. It’s been advertised in “Tracks” magazine for six months with no release date, so I was excited to see it finally came out. The entire disk is material from her last two releases and as Lucinda stated in “Tracks” it documents where she is now. I played both disks when I got it home but was not in my listening room so I’m not sure of it’s recording quality. For what I heard it sounded good.
I too have seen her a number of times in a 300 person venue and was surprised to hear how depressed Lucinda sounded. She usually is “up” during her concerts, but these Fillmore nights are very sad and slow. Having said that, I loved this disk. Lucinda has a wonderful ability to express her emotions with her writing and her voice. Her new disk is beyond that, Lucinda is hurting, maybe drugged and I wanted to reach out and help her. For Lucinda, that is a complement.
I do worry however, being a huge fan of Lucinda that she may be deeply troubled. When Kurt Cobain (sp?) was in the same place, he made his best music, but….
Lucinda may need our love folks, lets hear it for her!
I for one will be seeing her at the Minnesota Zoo amphitheater in Aug!
I like her CD's. I've seen her on TV and she always sounds flat. I don't know if they doctor her voice on the CD's but they seem to sound better than she does live...?
Glad to hear there are at least a few fans out here! I think she is doing ok, from what I hear through the to this most recent disk: I think it sounds great-both her and the recording quality. I think she is probably eager to record the newer material, especially since there was such a large gap in time betweeen "Sweet Old World" and "Car Wheels"...something like five or six years, during which time she was touring and performing the same songs over and over. I think there is at least one older song on the new disk: "Pineola." I saw her first in 1991 in a small club in Boston and many times since and I highly recommend checking her out live...she is a powerful, no bullshit performer.
I just remembered, she does "Changed the Locks" also. Tom Petty covered that one...anyone ever hear the Silos version?
I love that tortured soul!
The first time I saw her was at least 13 years ago in a small club on South Beach where she opened for Joe Ely. I had never heard of either one. A kick-ass show and I've been a big fan of both since then.
Last time I saw her was on the tour for Essence (a couple of years ago?) in a small theatre. She must have been having a rough night because she refused to get out of the bus and come on stage. After an hour, they apparently coaxed her out and she looked like death warmed over. After a couple of songs, she hit her stride, but still seemed miserable and withdrawn. Toward the end of the concert, she opened up a little and made a few comments, but she was clearly not in a sunny mood. Lucinda in a lousy mood is light years ahead of most who are spot-on. A true artist!
She is great! Fantastic songs and a great voice, though I think Gillian Welch's voice is just a bit better. It's great having them both though!
Ncary, your experience mimmicks her new disk. Great stuff, but I still want to touch her soul and save her from her pain. I just love her!
I first became aware of Lucinda Williams from Mary Chapin Carpenters cover of "Passionate Kisses". Found a 1989 cd of Williams own version with four other tracks and was hooked. Dont know exactly what it is about her but she has a special talent. I admit to being addicted to "Car Wheels" for some time.
I had seen her on 'Sessions' and 'City Limits' and her voice can be a little strained, but the performance is what rekindled my interest in her music.I think her 'Sessions' show was the one that really cooked as I recall. Im not impressed by her vocals on some tracks on the new release, but thats live music and Williams has never been about her singing style as much as the attitude and emotion she delivers. And the song writing. And she can rock. What more can you ask for?
I've been a big fan for more than 10 years. Lucinda is a truely unique talent and a bit of an acquired taste.

I saw her in the fall of 2003 and I was against the front barrier about 20 ft directly in front of her. The show started out very slow and I was less than impressed. During the second song, a photographer snapped a flash picture from the pit and Lucinda stopped and gave him some major $hit! It was awesome. Immediately after that, she wicked it up a couple of notches and the show was fantastic. It seemed like she needed some catalyst to get her pumped up.

Talking about an artist that wears her emotion on her sleeve........That's Lucinda.


Saw Lucinda Williams Sept 12, 2001, the day after 9/11. I'd been listening to her albums for a couple of years. The thing that impressed me about the show is how hard she rocks! Two guitars and wall of sound. She was not at all reticent, talked about wondering whether she should do the show, and her fear that we were going to end up fighting the wrong enemy. She did a soulful version of Dylan's "Masters of War". A great concert.
jadem6 i take it u live in the cities? I do - i should check out that show, if it's not sold out. where did u get tix?

I agree. She rocks hard. I saw the "World Without Tears" tour and I was absolutely stunned at the quality (and quantity) of the guitar player on that stage. Amazing! Also, once that idiot photographer "broke the ice", Lucinda really opened up to the crowd. I think she talked to the crowd between just about every number.


The great shows were when she still lived in Austin and was playing locally a lot with her band. It was one of the greatest bands I have ever seen live. I am really lucky to have had Gurf Morlix play on my last record (he was her long time guitar player and produced (IMHO) her best stuff). She still usually tours with a good band, but the early-mid '90's stuff was unbelievable live.
Big Lucinda Williams fan. I have seen her a couple of times and would go see her anytime. I am looking forward to picking up this live CD and giving it a listen.
There is something inescapable to her voice. And I mean that literally. It is not smooth and her songs are often not pleasant, but her voice is so compellingly raw that you just have to sit and listen. I played "Just Wanted to See You So Bad" the other day to start my run, and ended up letting the whole cd play. It is hardly exercise music, but I just couldn't turn it off. Her singing makes you want to prepare her a good homecooked meal, serve it with a tall R.C. cola, and let her sleep in a bed with freshly cleaned, line-dried linens.
Artg, yes i live in Mpls. tickets go on sale on May 19 for non zoo members. the show is 7/02/05 i believe. Check
for more info. it might be fun to hook up together for the concert. e-mail me if interested.
hey jadem. sweeet. Turns out i am a member, so i'll look into it. Right now we would need to hook up some baby-sitting, but sounds like a winner. Ill email u once i get it firmed up.
If you like her, don't pass it up like I did for a few weeks. bought it today & it is excellent, both performance & sound quality, (imo, of course)
Has anyone ever seen Lucinda Willaims and Neil Young in the same room? Or Michael Jackson and and Diana Ross? I think the four of them are really only two people!

I'm pretty sure that Cokie Roberts from ABC/NPR and David Bowie are also the same person. Personally, I've never seen them in the same room!!