Most beautiful violin recording you have heard

What is the most achingly beautiful violin recording you have ever heard. Include violin-piano recordings if you like
Good question, but difficult to answer. Heifetz playing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto comes to my mind immediately. His performance of Bruck's Scottish Fantasy and Beethoven's Violin Concerto also rank high with me.
Oistrakh's recording of the Bruch Scottish Fantasy is one of my favorites, even more than the Heifetz version (which I also like very much); it's been reissued and sounds terrific. And an old Shearing recording (mono) playing the Bach Partita No. 2 that my brother occasionally brings over also tends to move me greatly.
any reissue of jascha heifetz on the rca red label,including tchaikovsky,mendelssohn and bruch violin concertos.they are all digitally remastered and sound great,probably the best violinist of all time.
Heifetz Tchaikovsky - haven't listened to it in quite a while and not sure which lp version I have.

But, really, haven't any of you heard Alison Krauss playing her fiddle?
Henryk Szeryng playing the Beethoven Concerto and Romances with the Concertgebouw, Bernard Haitink, conducting. It's on Phillips CD, probably budget priced now, analog original from 1970-73.
Itzhak Perlman and John Williams: Cinema Serenade. Beautifully recorded, amazing performance. All the local dealers now have this CD after I demoed their equipment using it. Cheers!
I would add Sibelius V.Concerto and second the Brahms Double (there's also a great version with Piatigorski), Tchaikovski & Beethoven.

I'm still looking for my "reference" performance for the Sibelius: the C Ferras/Karajan is nicely balanced (orch-virtuoso) BUT doesn't transport me.

Any unusual (i.e. other than Heifetz/Oistrakh...) suggestions?
This would be Debussy&Brahms Sonatas on Wilson Audio #8722. David Abel with Stradivarius and Julie Steinberg on Bosendorfer Grand piano. Does it get better than that? I don't think so. So far to me this is finest violin recording and at the same time most beautiful.
For Gregm on emphasizing the beauty of the pieces, Milstein and Sitkovetsky, Bach Sonatas and Partitas. I would also check out Fritz Kreisler, the recent transfers are decent and he certainly emphasized beauty of tone. The reference perfomance of the Sibelius is the 1935 Heifitz with Beecham and the London Philharmonic.
I agree with Rcprince, the Bach Partita No. 2. Very moving.

BTW, does anyone know the name of the piece used in Young Frankenstein to woo the monster?
Maybe not the most beautiful, but I like Carmen Fantasy and others works by Pablo Sarasate.
In addtition to some of the recordings mentioned above, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have is a budget EMI recording of Vaughan Williams "The Lark Ascending" with David Nolan on the violin. A very moving piece of music, and done wonderfully by the London Philharmonic.
Thanks everyone. There are some great suggestions listed. I have already purchased two of the suggestions. Rivercitylad
Hey all:

The Young Frankenstein piece is "A Transylvania Lullaby" by John Morris, apparently written for the film. Available on the soundtrack, of course, but also on "Devil's Dance" by Gil Shaham and Jonathan Feldman (DG 463 483-2).