Need advice replacing my preamp

I have a Modwright LS100. Very nice but not balanced and I have long RCA's so they pick up noise. I am considering 2 preamps. Kindly share your knowledge/experience and advise what you think is better. BTW I will be mating this with a Wells Audio Inamorata power amp. The 2 preamps in question are the BAT vk42se or PS Audio BHK Signature Pre. Thanks.
Haven't heard the BAT. 

I used to own the the PS Audio and it is wonderful preamp.  The stock tubes are awful.  It was shocking how bad.  I wouldn't have kept it for the year I had it had I not rolled tubes.  I used the NOS Tunsgrams that Upscale sells for this and they were very good.  I know there is a hot debate about what to roll in but just assume that you will need NOS tubes for it.  

I can think of another unit that is worth it in this price range but since you have it narrowed I won't bother  
I just linked to the Inamorata, the back panel shows only RCA inputs. I am not sure a jumper and XLR cables would solve your problem, AND long XLRs can get expensive
XLR outputs are not necessarily balanced. I have an LS 100. It is not balanced. It's one of the things in my system that I don't ever really think about replacing though.
@verdantaudio Im all ears on suggestions please share. and Big_Greg true just because there are XLR connectors on the back panel you have to ask if it is truly balanced. @Tweak1 I would have to change out the amp too but one at a time. Right now just focusing on one component :)
 I realize the output is actually single ended, but I am using 3 m XLR to power amp and I have no noise.
You might want to look at the preamp the PS Audio was based on, the Aesthetix Calypso which has balanced and single ended inputs and outputs. Also I have heard good things about the Wells Commander which appears to have 1 XLR input and output. The description says these are unbalanced though.

One other thing, what interconnects are you using? Are they shielded? You might want to try different ones and see if you still have the problem. I would also recommend that you talk to Dan Wright as he may have suggestions. Good Luck!
FWIW most high end audio preamps, even though actually balanced, don't support the balanced standard, known as AES48. AES48 prevents ground loops from making buzz, and prevents interconnect cables from having artifact (if you've ever heard differences between two cables that's what I'm talking about). This also means you can run the interconnect cables longer distances without a downside, and the cables don't have to be expensive to sound as good as the most expensive cables out there. Imagine spending the money for a balanced preamp and then finding out that its sensitive to long interconnect cables! That really shouldn't happen.

I run 30 feet of interconnect cable between my amps and preamp and it probably cost about $300 or so for the pair. So balanced operation is a nice benefit on this account alone.

If the preamp has a pair of coupling capacitors at the output, it doesn't support the standard. This is because the kind of circuitry that needs a coupling capacitor isn't able to tick the boxes (in a nutshell, its relying on a ground connection to complete the circuit, and balanced operation ignores ground entirely). The preamp will have either an output transformer for driving the balanced line, or it will have a direct-coupled output.
@Joey54 I am using Transparent Audio cables 20ft long. I just purchased some XLR cables (mogami wire and nuetrik connectors) I am told by a Pro Audio company that XLR by their nature of construction are better at noise rejection than single ended RCA. I am waiting on a XLR to RCA adapter. I am told it may help. I did speak with Dan and he agreed to start there.
@Atmasphere thank you for the explanation. I agree with you. Lets see how the cables work. BTW if I connect the output of my DAC it is quiet. I get the noise with out even turning the preamp on!
Ralph knows his stuff, BUT, 'my' personal experience running 100% true differentially balanced systems is that "I" have heard the difference between 0.5M XLRs and 1.0M XLRs from the SAME company: Eichmann Express Copper. Now that was ~ 10 years ago but I never tried it with other XLR cables

Hopefully R will chime in
The question is, if you are looking for fully balanced or a preamp with XLRs.  Fully balanced, I would add Rogue to your list.  The RP7 is fully balanced and at $5K is a great value.  Rogue will give PS Audio a run for their money in terms of customer service. 

If you don't need fully balanced, the KR P-135 is a really cool preamp.  45 based, delivers detail and a massive soundstage.  

There are outstanding reviews of both.  The Rogue is $5K.   The KR lists for $6200 I think.  

Full disclosure, I am a KR dealer.  I have no affiliation with Rogue other than the fact that I happily own a Hydra.  
'my' personal experience running 100% true differentially balanced systems is that "I" have heard the difference between 0.5M XLRs and 1.0M XLRs from the SAME company: Eichmann Express Copper. Now that was ~ 10 years ago but I never tried it with other XLR cables
@tweak1 @jimbones  If the equipment does not support the standard, you'll be hearing differences between cables. That is also why you see so much disagreement about the value of balanced operation.
@atmasphere  I agree, I am trying to rule out the cables first. BTW I should have clarified that I would like to go Solid State and fully balanced over time. The idea is as I am getting older I dont want to futz with tubes and noise issues so I want to position myself with equipment that will give me that reliability and low noise. Thanks.

When Paul McGowan started selling reasonably priced true balanced preamps I made the switch. True balanced preamps I have owned includes several PS Audio preamps, Lector Audio (special ordered), Parasound (although the pres are 100% true balanced their balanced IOs are), Audio Alchemy DDP-1. Virtually all amps were monoblocks, with the exception of my EVS 1200 which is dual mono 2 AS1200 IcePower modules, but one power cord, although there are 2 PC IECs installed
I was running 12 Meters of  Mogami XLR Cables from Atma-Sphere MP-1 to the mono-blocks. could not tell that between the Purist audio XLR Neptune which cost thousand of dollars.

However the above system was from Atma-Preamps to Atma-Poweramps.

When i tested Atma-Pre-amp to a SET amplifier Cables made a diffrent. So i dont know how this works on the AES ralph talks about but it seems other manufacture XLR balanced connection don't really seem fully balanced????
OK so I changed out the cables, no difference. I found a lighting dimmer that adds some buzz but still need to get rid of more noise.
Nice preamp.  Wireworld has nice shielded cables and of course they mix and match RCA/XLR to fit your situation.  Without  purchasing, you could explore with The Cable Co. for a rental fee.  I run the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 with RCA at the preamp side and XLR at the powered speaker side.

One should also consider a quality power conditioner.  Cheers
When i tested Atma-Pre-amp to a SET amplifier Cables made a diffrent.
Balanced and single-ended operation are mutually incompatible- its either one or the other. Single-ended systems are sensitive to the cable- that's always going to happen!
OK, so today I did play with the RCA and notice it is micro phonic. I guess I have to move to a balanced set up? or place my equipment rack on the wall between the speakers thereby shortening the cable to 1.5 meter.