Neil Young at Massey Hall

Anyone hear this yet? It has been a good long while since I have been so moved by a recording. This is the second installment from the Neil Young archives cut at Massey Hall (Canada's "Carnegie Hall") between "After the Gold Rush" and "Harvest". Neil plays mostly "new" material off "Harvest". Very good sound given the situation but more importantly phenomenal playing and, yes, singing by Neil in the prime of his life. Just had to share...if you don't have it, buy it--if you are a fan you won't be disappointed.
I gotta agree - this is the young Neil with the world still ahead of him. It is a very intimate one on one with the crowd. I very much enjoyed the recording, it contributed a lot to the overall feeling. It is amazing how many of his big hits were already in the bag when he cut this.
I totally agree, this cd is sublime. It takes us back to a time when a lone artist and his guitar was all that was required for a great event. No sound machines, drum machines, fancy light shows or pyrotechnical fire balls, just a man and his words and music. For once, they let the tape recorder roll and what we hear is pretty much what happened, including remarks of all kinds, Neil Young tuning his guitar between songs, and incredible you-are-there sonics. Not saying it's the best sound, but it is very, very good and captures the warmth and wit of Young's concert. A must have for Neil Young fans, fans of folk music, borderline country music, and just plain lovers of acoustic guitar impeccably picked and strummed. And of course, Young's haunting vocals, in his prime, as previously stated. I grew up in Toronto, and went by Massey Hall so many times, walking under this big and heavy dark sign, I regret missing this one. Some of the nicer moments in the concert - ''heart of gold'', yet unreleased back then, but part of another song in the cd - Young telling a photographer not to take photos that will take his concentration away - and a very funny line ''...I live on a ranch now, lucky me '' in a somewhat satirical voice. Get this cd now, it's pure pleasure. When you think he was all of only 25 years of age at the time of this concert, it is amazing to witness such confidence and wisdom so early in his carreer and at such a young age.
The CD sounds great. A fine performance with a touch of comedy between tracks.
Great CD. I had no interest in the combination set with the DVD included, but you may. The sound on the CD is very good - the performance and the music are sublime. You won't regret buying this album.

Just got this on Cd. I totally agree with the above..... Does anyone know if it's available on LP (or are they planning to release it?).

Look on the liner notes it says Vinyl Photo: Joel Bernstein.
Neil is an advocate of Vinyl so I'm sure it is available. Try Amazon U.K.
I just love this Cd the sound is so lush. I wonder if someone has heard it on a HDCD player yet. When the crowd erupted after Ohio it brought back so many memories of what the country was going through in 1971.
If your a fan this is a must have,invite Neil into your living room.
What a great performance, OLD MAN like you've never heard.
Very good indeed.
THIS IS THE REAL $%#@. Neil as I only wish I could see him. I would clearly define this as one of the most spine chilling wholeheartedly induced me and my guitar/piano must get this out before I burst performances. As, of course, Neil can do.

If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor.

I heard some of it on the radio so went out and bought it . It is a great recording of a great performance . I live 60 miles away from Massey Hall and one of my older brothers was at the live performance itself . Had him over to listen to it and the look on his face told it all . Of course he is the old man now ! Sorry bro !
I also really, really enjoyed this disc. The sound is excellent. Anyone have any other CDs that are similiar to this (not necessarily Neil Young) that they really enjoy? I am looking for suggestions.


I have been raving about this show to friends. The HDCD as decoded on the Linn Majik is incredible. I will say the higher resolution DVD includes shots of the performance and is a nice addition.
other intimate live setttings

Ricki Lee Jones - acoustic live (forget the title)

Neil's unplugged from early 90's

McCartney's unplugged

Nirvana unplugged
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I would assume Massey Hall will arrive belatedly on Classic Records vinyl, as did Prairie Wind and Living with Law.
Try the first Hot Tuna album. I used to listen to this in High school,a much appreciated endeavor. I believe they now have an expanded version. It's all acoustic and the sound is great.
In some of the songs there is a bit of applause at the start of the song, indicating that the audience had heard it before and is enthusiastic to hear it played live. Some of the songs have no applause at the start but great applause at the end. I could be wrong on this point but it makes me think that this was the first time the audience heard the song, especially when taking into consideration the date of the concert. Track 3, "Old Man" is one example. If this is indeed the case, as I am inclined to think it is, it makes listening to the cd even more thrilling. Track 13,"Ohio" is almost chilling as it's historical context is taken into consideration; the Kent State shootings in 1970.
As far as Neil Young goes ( and I have always liked him) I think this is one of his best.
Old Man was released on "After the Goldrush" and if you read the sticker on the outside of the Cd Neil states that he was urged by an individual in the industry to release this recording BEFORE Harvest but lamented not to. Upon hearing these tapes he felt he had made a huge mistake in not listening to this individual and dedicated the recording to him.
Just to add to my previous comment, HDCD is indeed superb, better than on the ''upsampling'' setting on my cd player. I really feel that this will become a ''classic'' as far as live recordings goes. I own a Cayin cd player (soon to be replaced) and the HDCD is great to enjoy this cd. I have an article in Performing Songwriter magazine where you can read that Neil Young is a fan of great sound and is not foreign to higher resolution formats....still he decided to stick with HDCD with this one.
Thanks for the recommendation Dodgealum. I played the disk last night for the first time and it is awesome! I have seen Neil many times and the solo-acoustic shows have always been my favorite.
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Just received my copy from Japan. A superb CD on many levels. A real "you are there" intimacy. For a live album the sound is qreat. I even like the dialogue and guitar tunings between songs. And Neils voice sounds excellent. Some similarities to Unplugged, another NY favorite of mine. Definitely worth the purchase.
I bought the version that includes the concert on DVD. The CD is everything said about it above. The video leaves some to be desired but it's good to actually see the show. Also, there's an interesting back story. Neil had been urged by his record company to listen to the tapes of this show for release as a live album. At about the same time he was in Nashville and went into the studio and recorded "Harvest". When he finished recording Harvest, he made up his mind not to bother with the live album, and never listened to the tapes, instead he released Harvest. He didn't listen to the tapes of Massey Hall until 20 years later (I may have the exact time off - what I recall).

btw - the DVD has other stories like this on it, and includes video/interview with the "Old Man".
I don't understand what people see in Neil Young; way overrated in my opinion. Did like "Cinnamon Girl" though.
I don't understand what people see in Neil Young; way overrated in my opinion.
can't the same be said by any of us about every successful artist? There are more than I can count which I feel the same about but they sell records hand over fist.
Just brought this home. Holy crap. It's amazing. I couldn't believe the quality of the sound. Real quiet background, Neil was in my living room. I'm sure my new-to-me Ayre CX-7e had a little to do with it!
I listened to it again the other day and could do without the loud audience but Neil is great. I listened with someone who does not like him and she even thought it was good.
Yeah and to think at this stage of his life he had so many unanswered questions about where his life and career would take him.
It looks like Classic Records will be releasing a 200 gram LP version of this recording. Excellent!