New Fleetwood DeVille SQ

The improved Fleetwood DeVille SQ are out End-Game speakers


He doesn't say how much more they cost. They are pretty, and I'm sure that they sound great at a high price though.

Thanks…a fool and his money they say.  

I will probably update my post between standard deville and SQ.  Just for people who are interested :)

Interested to read your observations between the two. Saw that Steve reported that the treble/highs are extended on the SQ version (Im assuming due to the change in wiring used) which is my preference so might have to bite the bullet too if you confirm.

I acquired a pair of pre-loved DeVille's, non SQ. I agree with everything Steve mentioned. These speakers are game changers. 

They will change the way you listen to music. In my room, 13X28, I experience a holographic soundstage, close your eyes, while the speakers completely disappear and you are treated to a wall of sound with instruments and vocals coming from distinct locations. The aural cues, the space between the notes, the way these speakers render a musical performance is both accurate and beautiful. 

The challenge with describing sound is that what we remember most is the way a performance made us feel. Words by analogy are often inadequate, and sound memory is limited. I am a music lover and lifetime audiophile. These speakers are doing something different than anything I have owned or heard. 

A truly wonderful music reproduction system will do more than sound great, it will train your brain to hear music differently. When a home based system affects the way you hear even live music by opening up your mind to space and musical resonances, then you have something special. 

With a deep sense of gratitude. 


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As mentioned, I do not like owning multiples of 2 for most things. I enjoy keeping it simple. I only want to keep one set of speakers in the listening room. I hate "clutter". I thought about taking them to my main residence, but to begin with my main residence had no room for them, hence the built out listening room at the warehouse. I hope these go to a good home, truly mint, and well taken care of.