New Spatial Audio M4 Ultra

Wondering if anyone has heard these yet? Since the M3 was discontinued due to parts availability looks like spatial audio has combined the X4 chassis and mi//bass drivers with a new tweeter. 



It looks like the M4 Ultra replaced the M4 Sapphire and the M3 Sapphire seems to be on hold pending tweeter availability or retooling with a different tweeter. The new M4 ultra is so new I doubt any have been shipped yet. 

Clayton has said the silk dome tweeter will cross at 800 hz on the Ultra vs the 576 hz cross on the Sapphire. 

Just heard Spatial speakers at NYC show with Linear Tube Audio electronics and I thought were one of the best sounds I heard by far.  Extremely dynamic and, uh, spatial sounding.  Big time on my radar as I already have an MZ2 preamp. 

I have the Spatial Audio X5s and they are very dynamic, open sounding and have superb bass.  I've always been a box speaker owner but after purchasing the x5s a few years ago don't see myself ever going back to box speakers.  The sound is so much more open and live sounding.  This is of course just my opinion.

Yes the M4s are so new I'm sure no one has them yet.

Thanks for the responses. I ordered a pair, 4-6 weeks lead time so I’ll update this thread if anyone is interested in impressions (after break in) 

Discussions about this on Audio Circle. It looks like the tweeter for the M3 is no longer available to the M4 Ultra has a different tweeter and is a smaller speaker in stature (about 1/2 foot). The X series (I also have the X5s) are still available with the X4 Ultra having a passive woofer whereas the X5 and X3 having the woofer driven by a class D amp. I also found a used LTA Z40+ integrated amp and they go together very nicely.

I have an LTA MZ2 with a pass XA-25 that I’m hoping will be a good match for these speakers. When I spoke to Clayton he assured me the tweeter on the ultra is really good, and it seems to be a bit of a middle point between the M and X. I will definitely update this thread once I get them. Excited to get in to OB speakers and it’s encouraging to hear so many people love them. 

If you read Ron from New Record Day’s review… he loved the M3 Sapphires… pretty much giving them his best of the best comments. 

If you read all of the X reviews… same type of comments. 

And now the Ultras are getting similar accolades… Clayton is on a roll. 

Another fan of Spatial Audio and Clayton Shaw is Danny Richie of GR Research. In a recent YouTube video Danny raved about the X4 (I believe it was), recommending it to his customers who can't or don't want to build a GR Research DIY kit. He of course recommended adding a pair of GRR/Rythmik Audio OB/Dipole subs to the Spatials ;-) .

You know, it’s not a bad business plan when you can largely eliminate the mega-costly speaker enclosure (both to build and ship) and also take advantage of a dipole design. Makes a ton of sense to me, and getting to hear Spatial speakers for the first time last weekend at the NYC show (with LTA electronics) was one of the absolute highlights for me. Most impressive!

@soix very cool. Do you happen to recall the spatial model you heard at the show? I’ve heard there were a lot of open baffle designs at the show, they’re getting more popular it seems. 

@poketacez Not 100% sure but definitely an X model w/ ribbon tweeter and I’d guess the X5 cause it was obviously the powered woofer version and the two woofs were the same size. BTW, the bass was stupendous sounding and I thought overall the best sound in the show along with GT Audio that was at an entirely higher price level.

@soix: By the way, the woofer towers of the GT Audio system are made using the Rythmik Audio/GR Research OB/Dipole Subwoofer kit. The kit includes a pair of 12" servo-feedback woofers and the Rythmik A370 plate amp, which includes a dipole cancellation compensation network. Best sub in the world! GT uses multiple kits per side, stacking several OB/Dipole H-frames into tall columns.

@bdp24 Thanks for that.  I’ve always held Rhythmik subs in the highest regard but didn’t know they were being used by GT Audio.  Interesting.  

@soix The X series use AMT tweeters, not ribbon tweeters.  They do look very similar though.  The X4s were used at the NYC audio show.  The fully passive X4s produce really good bass!


@dbt  Thanks for the info. Steve Guttenberg had a little summary on speakers at the NYC Audio Show and he mentioned a bunch of the open baffle speakers including the Spatial Audio Labs which were part of a presentation by LTA.


Guttenberg didn't mention which speaker it was but I thought it was either the X4 or X5 based upon the AMT and the woofers seeming to be the same size. Guttenberg says he may review another Spatial Audio Lab speaker but didn't say which one and he also said he might review a "new LTA big integrated" which I would guess would be either the Z40+ or the Ultralinear +. 


The X4 is about 3" taller than the X5s and has different speakers along with the passive woofer. 


I still would be interested in hearing from anyone who has heard the M4 Ultra's tweeter and can compare it to the M3's tweeter or even the AMT tweeter on the X line. 

@dz13 No problem concerning the info.  I own the X5s with the active subwoofer, but I prefer the X4s after hearing them.  Also, I saw Steve Guttenberg’s YouTube video that you mentioned.

Hi dbt, I also have the X5's and they are very good sounding as many have said.  Just curious what you preferred about the X4s?  Obviously the electronics, DAC and room will be much different that what you have so that would influence the sound a lot.  Clayton uses top notch equipment at his shows that he feels synergizes well with his speakers.  

I'm not looking to change my X5s to get the X4s as that would most likely be more of a lateral type move and I use lower powered amplification so the X5 is a better fit for me.

Just curious what you felt sounded better as I'm sure he tweaked the crossover and the sound may be a little better.  On a recent call I had with him he said both models sound virtually the same and it would be hard to really pick between them but I'm sure the X4 is a little better as those are the speakers he currently uses at shows.

@jerrygarcia Congrats, and please share your thoughts i you could.  I’m sure many would be interested. 

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@grislybutter what do you mean?

The issue with Spatial is that customers spent thousands and don’t have any information or communication on the products they paid for. Health issues are unfortunate, even tragic. However the right thing to do is refund your customers if you can’t fulfill the orders you took money for. I hope that Clayton and the company get back to full health, but it’s surprising to say the least that there is no one there to answer a phone or respond to an email. It’s a testament to the fragility of small businesses and why sometimes you are safer spending money at a dedicated retailer with stop gaps for service issues. 

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simiao is the troll look at his 1500 posts/my word to him is if u dont like it dony read it

so I had similar experience with an amp from a boutique shop. I think there is a lesson here: don't expect Crutchfield speed and treatment from a "2 brothers to design and build and a grandma for the invoicing" company. It's just not realistic. Do your research before you buy. Pay them with a credit card so that it won't be a pain to get your money back when they don't deliver. 

Clayton has had many ongoing health issues so understanding is needed. His speakers are superb not just for the money but superb reproduction period. On top of that Clayton is a straight shooter. 

I have the X4 Ultras and they sound amazing with both my Benchmark amp/preamp and with my LTA Ultralinear integrated.