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I thought the conglomeration that owns McIntosh and several others had bought AR years ago.



Trent bought it from group that owns Mac about two to three years ago. He had a great vision for the company. Great guy, well, managing a $71M company through rough economic times is a challenge for even those that have done it their entire career. I had been a senior executive for many decades… it is challenging.

This is very good news for ARC. As I stated when Trent bought it a few years ago...I hope they don't muck it up!

It's just another mysterious, probably maybe possibly good news. I'd be careful. We need more evidence that ARC is saved. 

I would look at this very differently. If I was wanted any ARC equipment I would order it immediately. Before possible price increases, when you know they are making incredibly high quality equipment. 

I have been involved in integrating purchased companies for much of my career. I believe the buyer knows the quality and history of the company and is going to want to preserve that legacy while determining how to fix the cash flow problems. Unlikely there will be any impact to manufacturing quality or designs for months… maybe longer. Although, price increases like the recent increase in upgrade prices are certainly possible.


This is a great window to purchase stuff. A good friend just ordered a preamp and amp. Good move. Shipment is a week out.

Acora Acoustics is a 3 million dollar company. I don't see it unless they have some some partner

How might this effect those who already have ARC equipment? I own a preamp and am waiting delivery on a power amp. Both used.

No effect. I bought my first Audio Research component in 1980 (used). I used it for an over a decade, and a friend of mine still has it and is using it… over 40 years later.

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@jea48 fwiw, Fremer seems pretty confident in Cora. Did you read his comment at the bottom of the article that you linked?

Absent inside information - which perhaps Fremer has, though that's doubtful - anyone relying on anything other than the court documents is speculating. What they reveal is sobering, and there is now pending before the judge an order for submissions. It was filed by the receiver. What submissions do you suppose the receiver would like to see filed with the  court?

2.6M is not that much debt in absolute terms. Where it becomes sobering is in relation to total sales and profit/unit sold. With ARC there is tremendous overhead, few units sold in relation to many competitors, and low profit per unit sold. Granted all of this is an outsider's educated hunch/guess. 

Look at what the previous owner Mac Group did with the vaunted titlle-brand, they diluted them down with mass marketing of McIntosh car audio, McIntosh power supplies, McIntosh streamers, even this There is precious little the owners would not attach large blue meters to and try to market. Blue metered record brushes anybody?

We who love ARC are lucky that the brand was not pimped out to the masses the way McIntosh was. Are there hurdles for ARC to overcome? C'mon, we all know the answer to that. If I were owner or COO, it would involve serious price increases along with some product modification (more robust construction such as tube sockets not mounted to PCB's, more versatility with tube selection, for starters). 


Time will tell. 

We who love ARC are lucky that the brand was not pimped out to the masses the way McIntosh was