One Song Before You Go...

OK a bit of fun (I've been drinking)you can listen to only one song before you depart this mortal coil,it's a big question,what would you listen to,it may define you,it may remind you,it might make you laugh,cry,no cop outs like really long tracks for hanging on,one song that's all,what would it be?...........
Lacramosa from Motzart's Requium.- Sorry;I'm spelling challenged & lazy. You can put that on my tumbstone also.
Peel Me A Grape - Diana Krall. (My wife acts out the words as she sings with it)
"Freebird" - studio version off of the "Pronounced" album. My instructions are to play it at the funeral.
Yep, "Ripple" the MFSL wax, on a Nottingham hyperspace, through Meadowlark Nightingales, driven by YBA Passion monoblocks...or on a Walkman :)
phoebe snow-never letting go. the story of my wife's life as written by PS.
it WAS played at her funeral.
"Follw me, follow you" by Genesis - my wife and I chose this as "our" song many years ago...
Man, excellent selections so far, for me "Can't you hear Knocking" by the Stones...
"Sensual World" by Kate Bush, This never fails to move me regardless of my health or mood.
"Every Grain Of Sand" Can't remember the guy that wrote it. Some guy they say can't sing. Some guy that changed rock forever. I need your help on this one Cornfedboy. I know i named my son after him but can't recall his name either. I will most likley change my mind tomorrow but no doubt it will be another one from this guy. If tomorrow wasn't such a long time then lonsome would mean nothing to you at all.Oh yea, thats a different one. With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves, let me forget about today until tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Gonna go visit desolation row.
I suppose it would depend on the circumstances surrounding that last moment on earth, but I'd go for "Once In A Lifetime" - Talking Heads.
The Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take Five" at such a volume that my ears start to bleed :)
I never realized THAT's why there's so many little boys running around named "Donovan."
Johnny Cash and Bonny Prince Billy. i see a darkness
Tim Buckly. song to the siren