Paypal error. Can't pay for the item I just purchased!

Hello everyone!

I just purchased an item on Audiogon, went to my cart, pay now, clicked on paypal, a paypal box opens and closes very quickly. Then I am presented with the following:

Something went wrong. Please contact PayPal if you have any questions. Error: /v2/checkout/orders returned status: 422 (Corr ID: cc4ebeb688f96, cc4ebeb688f96)

First, I have been trying to contact them....I have not got far.

Second, I made changes to my settings to Chrome browser to allow for pop ups, flash, and verified cookies were enabled.

Third, I tried using E explorer. Each time, same error!

Lastly, I went direct to paypal website, logged in just fine, searched for any settings that may prohibit related actions, didn't see any.  Hmmmm.....

I googled the error, it seems like maybe an internal deal between Audigon and paypal? maybe?

I posted the following comment on another thread:

"I haven't been all that active a buyer/seller on the A'gon for some time now. My most recent acquisition was a trade up of my ARC Ref 5SE to the Ref 6. I did the flip with an ARC dealer. The Ref 6 was a broken-in dealer demo (610 hours). The main advantage was convenience of being able to swing 2 units in one deal.  

"Did I lose money by going through the dealer? Probably, … but the convenience factor was hard to beat. I've done the buy/sell thing on A'gon many times. Making the buy and sell deals, followed up with the schlepps to a local FedEx or UPS store just got old for me, ... because I am getting old. ;)"

Obviosly, as my post implies, I haven't used PayPal for some time.  But the aggravation described above makes me even more inclined to use a nearby dealer to swap out gear, even if I am out of pocket for some bucks.

I recently had to cancel a Paypal transaction for an item that I bought, but was unable to complete the transaction.  Paypal removed the money from my account, but then forced the seller to "approve" the transaction, which he could not figure out how to do.   The seller didn't believe me for several days that I had completed the transaction on my end.  It was very frustrating and I had to cancel the transaction and walk away.   I did get my money back from Paypal, right away, but I missed out on a hard-to-find item.  
@garthb309. It was on the sellers side, it was something he needed to fix.  Once he fixed it, everything went fine. 
See the link above to uberwaltz 's thread on this issue.Basically PayPal requires all sellers on this site to change their personal accounts to business accounts.PayPal didn't bother to inform anyone.It's causing a lot of frustration.
I sent money thru the goods/services option a couple of days ago to somebody for an amplifier I found on another site and received an email from PP that the transaction is pending upon further review. PP said govt regulations calls for them to review certain transaction and it could take 3 days to go thru the process.  Never had this happen before
If you have a Paypal merchant ID, do you still need to change to a business account on Paypal?  What is the reason, if so?
Tammy explains all if you go to the thread uberwaltz linked at the beginning of this thread.PayPal now requires a merchant ID/business account for all sellers.If the seller doesn't have an ID# the sale won't go through.
Ask PayPal for the reason.
Read Tammys message.  Still unclear to me.  

Do we need to sign up for a business account on Paypal even if we already have a Merchant ID?  Or is just having the Merchant ID enough for all transactions?
No you do not need to sign up for a PayPal business account although they most certainly would like you to.

The merchant id should work providing BOTH parties in the transaction have it.
Something to maybe ask a seller or buyer before trying to complete a transaction on Audiogon.
uber, do you mean both the seller and buyer each have their own merchant ID or that the seller has a merchant ID and gives it to the buyer and he somehow inputs it to Paypal as part of the transaction?
That was my impression.
However admin here said only the seller needed it as I had same problem myself this morning.
I already had merchant id so was unsure of problem so I rang PayPal.
They confirmed that Only the seller does need the merchant id.
So they looked at my account and even though I had merchant id it had not been verified by PayPal( whatever that truly means) so they cleared my roadblock and I should be all set.
I think sellers can possibly expect a hiccup on their first transaction and might have to get PayPal to verify then hopefully all set.
I haven't sold anything in years but now want to and all of this new confusion really leaves a person feeling leery especially for larger transactions. 
I just sold something. You have to use CAPS when you put your merchant ID information in!  After I changed that I had no problem!
I just checked and mine is/was in CAPS so looks like in my case PayPal had to "fix" something.... that previously was not broken !
Good old PayPal, nice to know they are on the lookout for our safety, I mean to feed the IRS.