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Other threads have been focused on one particular product, and I thought it might be appropriate to start a more general one to discuss various current (and future) products from this company. Users of PPT products, and those who are interested in or considering them, please post your experience, thoughts, questions etc.

Lively, spirited dialog is encouraged, but please, be respectful and do not engage in personal attacks on, or disparagement of, other posters. Remember, tolerance is all about how we treat those we disagree with.

I purchased a new home in early October, so I have been in the process of getting my system set up, settled in, and back to where it was before. During that time I had forgotten a little bit how profound the “Perfect Path Effect” is. Does it defy conventional thinking, and easy explanation? Absolutely, but I have proven to myself over and over that it is very real.

All the signal and AC connections in my system were previously treated with Total Contact. It had plenty of time to cure, so I did not reapply it when I set up this time. I have 16 of the original Omega mats, two each under my CD transport, DAC, pre, amp, power strip, on top of my speakers, and on the outside of my breaker box. I have an Alpha card on the back of both speakers, over the crossover. I have StopIts on the unused inputs and output of my pre. I have StopIt ACs in all the unused listening room outlets. The latest addition is a pair of Omega+ mats on the outside of my breaker box.

I could go on and on about natural detail & dynamics, coherence, involvement with, and just plain “realness” of the music, but, in the end, it’s something you have to hear for yourself. I really wish I could have everyone that reads this over to listen with me 🙂

I’m  glad to see a fresh, new thread!
I installed 2 of the new EMat+ mats on my power panel a few days ago. The effect was amazing after only a few hours and it’s still improving, having been installed for about 60 hours at this point.
I have previously treated my connections with Total Contact, installed The Gate, StopIt AC and RCA plugs.
The effect is always more realism when PPT products are added, even when I almost couldn’t imaging that it could get any closer to reality! Listening sessions are quite an experience thanks to the PPT products allowing my components to deliver all they are capable of.
In addition, I’ve been communicating with Krissy and have continued the friendship bond previously established with Tim.  It’s been quite an amazing few months to say the least.
Dang it you guys! I wish you could curb your enthusiasm over the least until after the holidays. :)
These Omega + E-mats are a must-have. So, if you are still in a quandary over what to buy the wife for Christmas, here's your answer.

My wife enjoys listening with me sometimes, and has a very good ear. Not sure how well that would go over, though. Maybe an Orange fuse? 😉
My wife enjoys listening too and will notice differences and ask what I did. The last change was an orange fuse...
Two (now 3) mentions of the dreaded orange fuse? The vultures are sure to descend on this thread now! 😱

Sometimes my wife and I will debate about which polarity sounds better for a particular song or album. She often wins.
Hey Tommylion, did you ever try TC on the battery terminals of your wife's car? I think Timmy mentioned it during a visit.... M would love it. 

I have used Total Contac(TC) on my car system. It makes a big difference. Start with the battery contacts. Then do the ground connecting wire to the body of the car. those will take a few days to settle in. You will get additional benefits by treating each connection from the car's alternator to the audio system. A final place to treat is the speaker wire connectors.
Your car's music system will definitely improve.
David Pritchard
I've been contemplating using Total-Contact on my system.  My concern is (like with many of these "connection solutions"), does this stuff build-up or scrape-off with every connect/disconnect ?  I have a few amplifiers/components that I switch in and out of the system, fairly often using the same cabling.  Does this stuff have to be re-applied ?  I realize this is nano-technology, basically filling-in the micro-spaces on the contacts, however I'm just a little skeptical.  I've been cleaning my interconnects and speaker-cables occasionally with alcohol, which I believe makes a modest difference, however I'm also looking for something more.  The reviews on Total-Contact seem really good and genuine.  Can anyone give me their experiences with Total-Contact on my questions above ?  Thanks !  

TC does take some time to fully cure (8 weeks), but after that, it becomes hard and durable, so it can be plugged & unplugged without reapplication being necessary. Even after it is fully cured, it can be removed easily with alcohol, if that is a concern.

I would choose connections that you can leave alone for 8 weeks to try it initially. You should notice improvements right away, but there is a substantial bump at 4 weeks, and an even bigger one at 8 weeks. Mark your calendar, because, IME, they are pretty much to the day. Don’t be alarmed if things go south, at times, during the first week of break in. It can be a little bit of a roller coaster, but, if the sound is “off” on a particular day, it will come back better the next. I know all this may sound like a pain, but the end result is definitely worth it.

If you want to try PPT in a more convenient, easily reversible way, with less break in time, I would recommend the Alpha card or Omega mat.
Flicking through some favourites (while putting off the last stage of end of year school reports).

But initial review of the SR Orange fuses:

Base stronger - seems to hang in the air.
Instrument separation more discernible.
Again, hearing things in tracks I'd never heard before.

Overall, a huge A+ in my view

Let my Love Open the Door - Pete Townsend (Gross Point Blank)
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense)
World Mix - Deep Forest
Armagideon Time - The Clash
Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
The Decoration - Eyeless in Gaza
No Ordinary Morning - Chicane
Tilted - Christine and the Queens
Biko - Peter Gabriel
Wurlitzer Jukebox - Young Marble Giants
New Dark Age - The Sound
Tomorrow - Bono/Adam Clayton (Common Ground)
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove - Dead Can Dance

Wish I had longer, but gotta work some!

I have orange fuses in my CD transport and amp (DAC is next). They are great, but don't you know talking about them kills threads around here 😉
I have orange fuses in my CD transport and amp (DAC is next). They are great, but don’t you know talking about them kills threads around here.
That’s the reason I spend most of my time on other audio forums, in different continents. I find some of the posters obtuse and asinine. Arrogance in the face of so many reasoned replies.

Our listening experiences are subjective. There is some objectivity, but I can’t measure it. I admit I sometimes struggle with the ’I spent $250, so I’m sure I can hear an improvement.’

For most of my tweaks, I doubt there is very much scientific evidence to support the sound improvements. It comes down to advice from people on forums on purchase decisions. The even-handed advice I’ve got from the very many good people has been worthwhile.

Audiogon was too much for me to read when I started an overhaul of my system. A dozen people ruined it, and about the same number continue to do the same. I return, but previously, I quickly leave. Our peers in other countries are far more open to reasonable discussion.

My view is, if I haven’t tried a product, I won’t comment.
I am a cynic. Skepticism is inbuilt. But I have fuses, Akiko products, SGS grounding box, Mad Scientist products, Bybee iQSE, HFC MC-05, Black Ravioli, Schumman Resonators, iFi products, and mains conditioners (as the main tweaks).
Most of these were suggested.
Trying MS donuts, and a PPT product as well. Have upgraded power cables to put in.

Really, imho if you haven’t tried a product ’humph the humph up.’
Ask questions, express your dismay at its science, and then be quiet.
It’s that simple.

Sorry Tommylion. Was going to be brief.

Excellent post, yours is the kind of attitude that still makes this forum worthwhile.

Did the wink emoji I used at the end of my post come come across on your end? I am using an iPad, and I’m not sure if the Apple emojis show up on other platforms. My comment was meant to be a lighthearted poke at the frustrating behavior of certain posters on this forum you are referring to.
Update on the EMat+ installation on my power panel:

After the mats had been installed for 3 days I decided to take a break from listening to my system in order to have fresh ears. I stayed away for 2 1/2 days and then listened. What I heard was a jump in performance, similar to all previously heard improvement caused by the PPT products.  Improved holographic imaging, quieter backgrounds, etc.  
What strikes me most is the fact that my listening experience keeps improving  despite my belief that it cannot get any more “real”.  I enjoy a listening in a dimly-lit room, mostly with my eyes closed.  However, I will often open my eyes to observe the space where a certain instrument is located in the sound field, almost expecting to see the player in my room!  Vocalists and acoustic guitars are my favorite and perhaps the most real sounding.

My listening/evaluation of new components, cables, PPT products, etc., is actually quite scientific, for lack of a better term.  I have about a dozen CDs that I use, with specific tracks and volume settings written down, thus insuring my comparisons don’t have variables influencing my opinions and observations. I have about 15 years of experience in recording studio mixing in a home studio,and I know my reference recordings about as well as if I mixed them myself. I know the subtle nuances and details of my chosen songs that will best indicate changes to the signal path.  

So, after 6 full days of breaking in, the EMat+ mats are another major hit!  
Best to all!


Got the emoji thanks.
And I ’got’ the emoji.
But my annoyance at how these threads are taken off topic - not to mention the personal attacks - is high. I’m just thankful that I am not one of them. Would hate to have that much anger in me.

Have ignored the fuse debate, digital debate, power cable debate.
Now hopefully ignoring the PPT debate.

Hang on. If a poster harangues and berates others’ experiences, that’s not a debate. It borders on abuse.
Also, no-one has the right to say my experiences are invalid.

I value the experience of the even handed, honest, friendly audio enthusiasts here. It is such a pity that we have to sift through the garbage to find the worthwhile comments. 
Its sad because however whacky some things may seem more often than not it takes all of like 5 minutes to check it out. I mean just how hard can it possibly be to pull a fuse and put it back in going the other way? In 5 minutes you could probably do that with an interconnect or two as well. Then you would know if directionality matters. Or if elevating cables up off the floor sounds screwy, well how hard could it possibly be to prop them up on something and see? Its a sad fact of life that some will answer, "A heck of a lot harder than posting ignorant uninformed derision. Now hold my beer and watch this!"

I don't have Orange yet but had an interesting experience with my first Blue. Because of the way it mounts it was impossible to tell which way it was going so 50/50, popped it in. Immediately noticed obvious improvement in dynamics, detail, extension. Of course being brand new it also had the standard chaotic quality that is hard to describe yet universal to anything new. Not so much chaotic as just not as coherent as it should be. Yet it wasn't long before I started to feel something just wasn't right. I want to be clear: this was not me wondering if it might be better the other way. This was me thinking it was wrong! Or at least not right. I mean really not right. Within just a few minutes it was really bugging me. Again, to be clear, while it did indeed sound much better than the stock fuse, it did not sound right.

So I flipped it around and immediately settled in and enjoyed a wonderful experience. I did flip it back briefly, easy to do on this amp, but not to be sure (there never was any doubt, directionality is night and day) but to try and get a handle on how to describe the difference. But its so wrong I can hardly stand it and actually think "wrong" will just have to do.

There was another time when I accidentally connected a really good interconnect the wrong way and was so crushed at the sound I could hardly even sleep that night, so worried I was over how awful my system had become. Next day, aha! Flipped it around. The magic is back!

Point being, I have far too many stories just like this to be so rudely dismissive as some are of these kinds of things. Of course I take everything with a big grain of salt. I am a dyed in the wool skeptic. Experience however has taught me the main thing to be skeptical about is not the result but the reason why.

That is why I love threads like this. As skeptical as I am when it comes to "why" I'm much less skeptical when it comes to "what" the people say they are actually hearing. And the more the people and the more consistent their comments the more sure we can be that what they are hearing is real- and that is something that is true and will remain true whether anyone else can say why, or not.

I am very grateful that we are able enjoy the benefits of things, without having to know the how or why.
Sometimes the 'why' can't be explained.
How can that possibly affect sound reproduction?

And the negative attacks/posts/comments from the outside, could appear at some level almost to be valid.

The multitude of responses from direct experiences for all the things that we have tried/installed/tested/tweaked.
Not advertising, tricking. Just our honest responses and experiences.

e.g. I held off buying good isolation pads under my equipment for years. I had a negative view; couldn't possibly have the affect others were stating. Kept it to myself though. Had Sorbothane, then Vibropods. Why something else?

Bought Black Ravioli pads for amp, DAC and power supply a few months ago. And wow, what an improvement. Consolidated all the changes and tweaks I'd been adding. And had to eat humble pie.
Again, I was wrong.

Lots of things are hard to explain, this hobby is very full of them, ever since audiophile cables first reared their ugly heads 40 years ago. There are scads of other things that have prompted audiophiles to flip their gizzards ever since. Audio cones, vibration isolation, CD fluids, WA Quantum Chips, tiny little bowl resonators, Schumann frequency generators, crystals, the Intelligent Chip, Shakti Stone, the Tice Clock, the Clever Little Clock, Silver Rainbow Foil, Cream Electret, Red X Pen, Green Pen, Purple Pen, Ultra Tweeters, demagnetizations of CDs and cables, fancy fuses, directionality, even the “audio signal.” And many others.

tommylion OP
millercsrbon, I am very grateful that we are able enjoy the benefits of things, without having to know the how or why.

>>>A little curiosity wouldn’t kill you, you know. My least favorite expression is, “Golly, I have no idea how this thing works but works it does!” Oft declared by reviewers, designers, statesmen and philosophers. 

One that I often use is: "I don't know how it works, and I don't care."

I recently received an order of Stop It outlet covers with two E-Cards.I wanted to install the first Stop It on the empty socket for the wall receptacle that feeds my power conditioner. In order to do that, I had to get under my computer desk where room gain makes the bass is very boomy. The bass level dropped a few decibels the instant that the first Stop It was plugged in.I was not expecting any change at all.It was very surprising that one Stop It can have such a powerful impact. I was wondering what the hell happened; it’s just one plug. I split the remaining 8 covers between this room and another room. One E-Card went under the a/c conditioner and the other went on top of the LPS 1.2. The sound became hash with the E-Card on top of the LPS so I put it under the amp. The sound stage was flat but very detailed. I was not impressed with the Perfect Path products at this point.

The next day, the bass came back with a vengeance. My door was rattling at the typical volume level that I listen to. This has never happened before but that wasn’t all. My system’s noise floor has dropped to the lowest point that it’s ever been. Images are 3D! My system was already very dimensional but now it’s 3D squared. There's also a bit of harshness that’s missing. I’ve been trying to track down the source of the harshness for a little while now but it was solved by 9 a/c covers and two belt buckles (E-Cards). These are Twilight Zone tweaks that really work and I get goosebumps when I listen to my system now.
My 2 EMats  installed on the electrical panel continue to improve the sound of my system 10 days after installation.  I’ve ordered 2 more that will arrive by the end of the week and I will place these on, or under, my power conditioner.

My components include Pass Labs INT-60 Integrated, Marantz SA-10 CDP, Tekton Double Impact speakers, and cables from Synergistic Research and Morrow Audio.  Feeding these already great components clean power has transformed the listening experience in an amazing way,  More updates to come.

I recently added 3 EMat+ to my system, two of the new mats replaced the previous gen mat on the electrical panel (replaced 1 original Omega mat with 2 new ++ mats).

Put the old original and the 3rd Omega+ mat on my CD player. My system was previously treated with Total contact on interconnects and power cords (both ends), speaker cables (both ends). Handful of the Stop-it's around the house and the RCA cap covers on un-used inputs.

Saw an modest improvement immediately, but hit about 10 days last night. Holy Canoli the imaging was so amazing I almost had to turn off the system, my brain was going into sensory overload. Stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime couldn't get over how good my rig sounded. My experience matches Tommylion's in that it took a while for the Omega+ to fully work the magic.

Figure I've got roughly  2K in PPT products in my system, the improvement is a bargain compared to 2K in equipment upgrades.

Can't wait to get my turntable back up and running (VPI Prime with AudioTechnica Art9) and will report back on that. Color me impressed.

My rig - Musical Fidelity A3 Cd player, Supratek Chenin tube preamp, Conrad Johnson MF 2250 amp, Revel Performa3 bookshelf speakers.

Also, have 3 original Omega mats, one on preamp, preamp power supply and one on Connie J amp. Forgot to mention that.
I have not turned my system on in the past 2 days because I needed to catch up on sleep. I miss my bedtime whenever I’m listening at night - hard to believe the great sound and can’t break away!
This is probably an impossible question to answer, but your opinion would be appreciated.  I have two of the original emats and because I have so many breakers I have two breaker/fuse boxes next to each other downstairs in the basement.  One of the breaker/fuse boxes is large and the second half the size with only eight breakers.  Do you think the best bang for the buck would be one emat each on both the large and small breaker/fuse boxes or one on the large breaker/fuse box and one under my tube preamp?  At his point I have one on the large breaker/fuse box and one under the preamp.  Thanks
I turned all my tubes so they faced Mecca and darn if the speakers did not start bowing down. Incredible site to see. My wife saw it too! 

Really guys. I had a whole house surge protector installed with my brand new Generac. It cost me $789.00. $4999.00?? 
Toomy I'm glad you like the sound of your system. It sounds like you work for the company dragging all these poor soles along. The rich leading the deaf. 
Buy music not hearsay. 
Buy music not hearsay.
That is how a community like this should operate... 
Music lovers who relate their experiences, in relation to products they have used. It will be subjective. As my views are.

If you have not tried something, why do people think they can dismiss the listening experiences of others?
mijostyn, there is no one more skeptical of tweaks than me.  I have not tried a designer fuse, or any tweaky products other than the original emats, which I have used for about a month.  

I never really was on board with Oregonpapas over the top descriptions of how the emats worked.  

OK, here it is, my system has been lifted way up from where it was.  Everything is just so much more.  System is Copland CTA 305 tube preamp, recently updated by John Wright Meitner MTR 101 monoblocs amps, Meitner transport and modded DAC, updated Thorens TD 160 turntable, and Avance speakers (look them up).  Alternately a Parasound A21+ enters.  

Bottom line, the mats are a winner.
They are indeed impressive. The sound of my system took a brief turn south last night. I have learned to take this as a good sign when breaking in PPT products. Sure enough, it came back better than ever today 😀
^^^ I wish you guys could hear what my speakers are doing now since the two Omega + mats were attached to the rear of the speakers. Astounding, to say the least.

Post removed 
Just added two more Omega+s on my breaker box, and one under my CD transport. Very nice, more transparency and relaxed musicality. Can’t wait until they fully settle in! 😃

I’ll have to try them on the back of my speakers next. I already have two original Omegas on top of each speaker.
tommylion ...

At this point, I’m thinking that the four most effective placements for the Omega + E-Mats are, in the following order:

1. In the circuit breaker box.
2. Under the power conditioner.
3. On the rear and on the sides of the speakers in line with the drivers.
4. Under the electronic equipment.

My power conditioner has legs with spikes which hold it more than 2” above the surface. The legs are spaced too close for a mat to go underneath without the spikes piercing the mat. 
So, due to the height and leg situation, I’ll put my next 2 mats on top. Do you think the physical contact with the power conditioner might actually make it a better choice?
Great post Mijo.
A real class act, thx!
I will never understand why anyone would go into a thread just to criticize when they have no actual experience of products under discussion.

System sounding really good these days, nearly stopped looking at the classified ads nowadays... Lol.
 With my system at a cold start and mats right out of the box my system sounds like its been on for hours. This  based on double doubles on each of my mono amps. Monday I expect to have 4 more here and then the experimenting will just begin. Tom
gcdrum ...

Are the plugs on the side of your power conditioner where they won't interfere with the mats? If so, then placing the mats on top should be fine. Remember, Tim said that the effects would go through thick steel plates.

As you know, I've placed mats on the outside of my speakers, and they have penetrated the wood of the speaker and affected the drivers which are probably four to six inches away from the outside of the speakers and the mats.

The mats can go on top without interfering with the plugs, which are in the back of the unit.  I will place the mats on top. Thanks!
Guys, you want to get a kick?
Sacrifice a mat out of your system for a week or two and put it under the passenger side floor mat in your vehicle. Listen to what happens.
thecarpathian ...

  • "Guys, you want to get a kick?Sacrifice a mat out of your system for a week or two and put it under the passenger side floor mat in your vehicle. Listen to what happens."
Krissy has been trying to get me to do this for a while now. I don't drive much anymore, but I'm tempted at this point just to see what happens.