Phono preamp with two inputs: two MMs or MM+MC?

These days many phono preamps with one input support both MM and MC. Those with two inputs have one MM and one MC input. It means that those phono preamps have an SUT or some sort of amplification built inside the unit.
Such phono preamps would cost more compared to those that support MM input(s) only.
Is it a trend for phono preamps to have switchable MM/MC input? According to my experience with two turntables or two tonearms (one with MM and one with MC), it is a nuisance to change cables whenever I change from MM to MC or vice vursa.
Also, I have an SUT for MC cartridges and I don't need a direct MC input, so phono preamps with two inputs (MM and MC) are useless for me. I would assume that there are a lot of users with multiple turntables with MC and MM cartridges who prefer SUTs over built in amplification. For those users, isn't it make more sense to make phono preamps with multiple (two or three) MM inputs only?
Get an Aesthetix Rhea. You can also get rid of your transformer unless you want that sound in your system
You would have to use a linestage preamp and use separate
stand alone mm phono preamps into the aux inputs in the
linstage preamp to do that. BTW,what is your phono preamp
plugged into now?
Pass Labs XP-25 has two relay-switched inputs and relay-switched active gain options of 53db, 68db, and 76db. That gets it all done without a SUT. The unit has a wide range of selectable load options for MC, but is limited to 47K for MM. I solved that issue by installing a socket for plug-in resistors in the 47K position.
Herron VTPH-2 has both MM and MC. It also has external connectors for MC load adjustment. No SUT on the MC side.
Doshi will configure your phono stage however you want; multiple MM, multiple MC, or a mix. All active gain stage, no SUT.
Yeah, Nick Doshi is a great guy and his latest phono stage is the cat's whiskers. Lots of gain for a tube unit, dead quiet, and flexible.
You can order a Nagra VPS with 2 MM cards. It's a great phono stage, I've owned one for 7 years now. Several friends also own it...
The Audia Flight Phono has two independent phono inputs, and can be ordered configured as MM/MM, MC/MM, or MC/MC.
Tron Seven has an option for MM and/or MC dual input. You can order it anyway you want. It is switchable on the back to run two MM or MC with a switch in between the two. It can be ordered as a MM stage or MM/MC.
ASR Basis Exclusive has two independent phono-stages
with both MM and MC inputs on each.
NVO (New Valve Order) are all custom made to order, you tell us what and how you want one configured!

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Your lucky day. Purchase a VAS Citation Sound I, it is a knock off of the HK unit, but with all updated parts. I have one, great sound, great value. It has a separate MM and MC. Glorious sound. Used HK units go on eBay for over $1,000. Used VS unit go for about $2,500. The VAS is a safer bet. Enjoy.
Many thanks for all recommendations. I did not know that this many phono preamps exits with two inputs that can support either MM/MM or MM/MC. Most of them cost over $4000.
Finding a perfect phono preamp for my system would be a long journey.
My current system: Plinius SA102/CD-LAD, Apogee Diva, Garrard 301 with two arms (Ortofon RMG309 with SPU Gold, and AS212 with SPU mono), and Clearaudio Bluemotion with Ortofon MC20, SL15E, SL20Q, Denon 103R, ...).
Phono pres are Whest PS.20 and Yaqin MS-12B.
An SUT is Hashimoto HM3 based Live! MC-10.
Most cartridges I have are low MCs (below 0.1mV for Ortofon cartridges except SPU Gold which is 0.2mV, and 103R), the SUT works pretty good with them. That is why I want to keep the SUT. All phono pres with MC input mentioned above do not have gains high enough for sub 0.1mV output MC cartridges.
My plan is to purchase a phono pre that is noticeably better than Whest PS.20 and Yaqin. Whest and Yaqin sound different, and for some music I prefer Yaqin to Whest on my system. Belived or not, my Yaqin performs as good as a few $1000 phono pres that I've had a chance to listen to.

I'll keep looking for some of the suggested models. My budget is $1500 (well, that makes me very hard to find one that would work for my system.)
"All phono pres with MC input mentioned above do not have gains high enough for sub 0.1mV output MC cartridges"

I use a .05mV Ortofon MC2000 at 76db through Pass XP-25. It's above your stated budget, but works very well without a SUT. I agree that you'll need to keep that SUT if limited to $1500 for a phono stage.
My Rega Aria, about $1500, has both MM and MC phono inputs, and I have 2 turntables always plugged in, one with a MM cartridge, the other with LOMC cartridge. Works great!
Both Jasmine phono preamps have 70db MC which is a little high on my .3 mV AT-33ptg/II. I use some -12db attenuators to bring down the gain since my audio refinement pre5 seems to be very sensitive.
The Cary PH302 has separate MM/MC inputs. And the Manley Stingray has 2 MC inputs and an MM input (3 total).

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Just for completeness, I would add that the K&K Maxx'd Out can be configured for MM or MC or both with two pairs of inputs. Price well under $3K. The MC inputs would feed a pair of Lundahl SUTs, I think. I don't own one; nor do I have any affiliation.
Well, my posting was more like why there are only a few (or even close to none) phono preamps that support two MMs with no MC support. Why not let people use their favorite SUTs for their MC cartridges with MM only phono pre?
Supporting both MM and MC will make it much more expensive than just two MMs.
I may be wrong, but I think Bob's device SUT or Live! 10-MC (both cost a bit over $1000) with MM phono preamps (at around $1000) would perform better than phono preamps with both MM and MC inputs that cost around $2000.
Adding one more MM input and a selector for two MMs would not add much cost.
Ihcho, My point was that the K&K can be configured any way you want it, with two MM inputs or one of each. I probably was not clear about that.
Ihcho, I think Keith Herron will configure a VTPH-2 for 2 mm inputs, but there isn't much demand for that kind of configuration.
That was my question. Why isn't there much demand for two (or even three) MM inputs only? There should be many users who own SUTs, and they would rather like to have phono preamps with multiple MM inputs at much less price than those with MM+MC, unless those with MM+MC perform better and cost less than MM only preamps with SUTs.
IMO, and this is ONLY my opinion (not stating as fact), is that there is not any advantage to a SUT in the better phono stages. My preference is the MC input rather than an SUT into a MM input. As far as I'm concerned, SUT / MM input combo is only for those phono stages with deficient low-level MC input sections.

I cannot say I've made a direct comparison of a MC through a SUT into the MM input against the direct MC input in my system. But I find the MC input in my phono stage quite excellent and better than anything else I've heard.
BTW, I have not heard a London/Decca cartridge so I can't comment on how it sounds. (I want to hear it.)
RGR (Robert Grodinsky Research) made a very nice preamp back in the 70s & 80s that had 2 MM inputs with independently adjustable loading specifically to address a broad variety of situations. The first version was Model 4 and the second (improved) was Model 4-1. Both were very well reviewed and you can find some of that information online. I bought a 4-1 second-hand in 1982 and used it with two tables until 2012. Had to retire it due to a couple of circuit failures and haven't decided if I'm going to fix it yet.

When it was operating properly, I thought it sounded terrific. They sell for $500 or so in very good condition and were made both silver and black face, with and without rack ears. Also features stereo, left only, right only, reverse and mono selector, low filter, 2 tape loops, an external processor loop with bypass switch, tuner and auxiliary inputs. Something to check into if your interested.

Good luck and happy listening!
THere are probably fewer than 100 of these phono preamps because they're handmade by one person, Mark Voigt, but he makes an all-tube handwired phono stage called the MAGI Phonomenal. I have one of the older models with one stereo pair of phono inputs, but his newer version has two pairs, switchable from the front panel. There's no MC high-gain input. This preamp does, however, have a gain attenuator to bring out the best in MI, MM, and HOMC. There are also two configuration knobs on the front, one with six impedance values ranging from 47 ohms to 100K ohms. The other selector offers capacitance loads from 0 pF to 300 pF. My older model doesn't have the 0 pF selection.

Here's a picture of one.

If you Google "Mark Voigt MAGI Phonomenal" you'll find plenty of threads discussing this unit as well as contact information.

BTW, the sound of this is truly "phonomenal." It's about $1K and has been favorably compared to the Manley Steelhead, which is around $6500.
At just $125 over your budget (unfortunately), the KAB Souvenir EQS MK12 offers two inputs and nearly infinite adjustability . If you're into historic mono recordings, it also offers a series of pre-RIAA eq curves.