Power cable recommendations under $1k

Does anyone have any power cable recommendations under 1k? Right now I am considering the Cardas Clear Beyond Power. I am looking for a rich, natural, and smooth sounding cord, but not overly warm. I am going to be replacing a Cardas Golden Reference  power cable, which is a fantastic cable, but is just a smidge too dry with my DAC and allows for a tiny bit of a loss of air around the instruments in my system. I have heard the Beyond Power  is a bit more neutral on the neutral side, but still very smooth, so I was thinking this might be a good replacement. Are there any others I should also consider in this price range?
TWL power cords. I use the Digital American series for my amp and SACD player and the improvement was readily apparent. It's like you're increasing the "torque" of the power without affecting the "horsepower" aspect of top speed and extension. It's not the best analogy but hopefully it gets my point across.
You'll get a bigger, yet effortless presentation at the same time.

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I second the recommendation of Triode Wire Labs. Have a few in my system, and it seems to me that they fit your requirements nicely.
Another cost saving path you can try is the Signal digital power cord. Their standard cord was not a match for my system but the digital worked out extremely well for me. I did not see any reason to spend the extra $400 to get another TWL. I'm sure they also have a money back guarantee. Possible you can save a wallet full of cash and still satisfy your needs.
You're asking for way too many specific qualities. If you happen to pick a cable without listening to it that works, it will be accidental. And to make it more difficult, you're trying to improve on a PC that's already working well for you. Call Cable Company.
Cerious Technologies Graghene power cords might work for you. If it’s for your Dac you want the Red power cord. If it doesn’t work you can send it back for a refund.
I just got my Pangea se14, power cord I was shocked how good it is, I used it for my Yamaha SACD 1000, it's only $59 1.5m.
........I do believe that the copper wiring in the Panega power cords are mfg. / supplied by Cardas. Just a thought in regards to your
original post and inquiry
Nemesis, I think it's worth trying the Pangea. In my system the sound you describe I hear them on my system...and more.my system consist of Andra ll, tube preamp art audio, art audio concerto connected to 550 musical fidelity monoblocks, cables audience pc, ic aq diamond and Columbia, speaker cable aq Sterling n clear day.
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....make your own.  Use excellent wire and connections ....you'll have better cable for much less money, and the joy of making it yourself.  Get in touch with VHAudio.
I'll second lak on the Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme. I believe it will give you what you're looking for, and save you a chunk of money.

KLEI gPower2 AC power cable ... interestingly, just saw this Christmas special on ebay and thought I should let you know.
" I am looking for a rich, natural and smooth sounding cord, but not overly warm."

If you were merely looking for a natural sounding NEUTRAL cable I would recommend a used Hi-Diamond P3 for under $400.

Follow the advice  of mb 1audio and "CALL THE CABLE COMPANY".  You should audition at least 3 cables.
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I prefer Acoustic Zen Krakatoa power cables for components and Acoustic Zen Gargantua II power cables for amps. It is impossible to compare again everything out there but I have compared them to most of the Wireworld line.
Another possibility is the Silver Ghost that is advertised here on Audiogon. 
I would save some money and try the AntiCables Level 3 power cord first, especially with the trial period. At $330 for 5ft the Level 3 significantly outperformed several cables in the $660-$1100 range in my system. They really took care of power line noise, too. I read about them on the San Francisco Audiophile Society webpage. They did a blind shootout, and the AntiCables came in 2nd against some pretty pricey competition.

Just my 2 cents.
MIT Oracle AC3. Look up MIT on this site. Joe Abrams of Equus Audio is an authorized dealer
I've had excellent experience with. You 'must' call him to get the best price.He often has demo's and trade-ins well within your price range. 

I actually was impressed w/ the Wire World Electra7. Very nice PC.
Happy Listening!
I’ll add a vote for Wireworld Silver Electra Series 7 - easily bested Shunyata Alpha Ztron and PS Audio PS12 in a recent back to back test. Super high resolution and still manages to be very well balanced with tight, deep bass and sweet, soaring highs. Super liquid throughout and does the least harm of anything I’ve heard so far. Just plain neutral.
I have never heard a wit's worth of difference with PC's until I got the Shunyata Venom 3 power.  The improvement is very audible, with more separation of the instruments and a wider soundstage.  Well worth the $120.  They have a pricey version of the Venom PC that is probably even more revealing.  

I recent bought some Silnote ICs that  are the best ever in my system for $199: the Morpheus Reference Series II IC.  They are stunning IC's at their price point.  I am going to order either their Poseidon GL or GS Reference PC's priced at $99 and $199, respectively.  Silnote has an array of much more price cabling if you want to go up the food chain, but these PC might be as revealing as you like for way under a kilobuck.  They have a demo period in which to audition them.    

So nemesis; are you going to contact Joe Abrams at Equus Audio 
and follow up re the MIT Oracle AC3 non networked,silver clad fine purity
copper power cords I suggested?