Purchasing barely used NAD gear

I have the option to purchase some used NAD gear.   $575 Lightly used and hasn't been used in 25 years.  What kind of issues might I expect to encounter with gear this age.  It looks brand new.   I'm not as tech savvy as some of you fine folks! Stereo Preamplifier 1155, Stereo Power Amplifier 2200 Power Envelope, Stereo Tuner 4130


The biggest concern is the power supply caps on the amp.  Even lightly used, old electrolytics age, and a bad one can blow the whole amp.

On the other gear, even if your caps leak or burn out you it is rarely the cascading failure condition of the amps.

In other words, sounds like a good deal, consider getting the amp recapped.

I wouldn't do it. Recapping is a drag you don't need and won't want to do. Seek out other avenues.

Thanks guys.  Recapping is not something I have the skills to do.  Would the law of a diminishing return come into play here?  If it's spendy,  I don't see the point.  I'm not a rich guy LoL

Well, that is pretty inexpensive. NAD gear was great for the money. I actually have given my integrated amp to a friend of mine that is 35 years old and it bested his inexpensive contemporary stuff… not recapped. 

Honestly at that price, as long as it works and sounds good to you, sounds like a bargain to me.

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nad is notoriously unreliable, although the 80s stuff you list is much less finicky than their later gear and also sounds good. the amp and preamp seem to go for $200-$220 each on ebay and the tuner for $50-60; depending on condition and whether you save on shipping $575 for the set seems like a fair (but not great) deal.

remember some parts age with time,not usage...in fact some believe usage helps these parts to last longer...

@jl35 that seems to be the consensus from what I've been reading.  I would be using the amp to drive some DQ 10's. I know the amp has the dynamic power. I'd be worried the amp would probably go toasted since the 10's are not an easy load for many amps.  25 years is a long rest LoL

My 2005-2010 NAD gear had horrible reliability, acknowledged by NAD Service. My 1980’s NAD were quite durable. I think their reliability is by era’s. Not sure about current stuff but I’m hesitant to purchase again 

     Keep in mind: there are numerous aluminum electrolytic capacitors throughout the circuits of all of those NAD components.   NOT just in the power amp's power supply.

     All are subject to electrolyte drying out (after a couple decades, used or not) and causing diminished performance, if not outright failure.

      The same holds true of virtually any vintage audio gear that employs, "wet" electrolytics.

Yes, given the age of the components in question, and with interest in NAD,  I would think a better option would be to purchase a ~5 year old used NAD C326BEE or C356BEE for around $300. I purchased recently a C356BEE off Audiogon for $290 including shipping.

I have owned both these models without issue. The C356BEE mentioned above is my 2nd one.