Purist Audio, Elrod or Shunyata power cord?

Hi all,

Need some advice on the power cord for my amp.
I tried many other cables out there, and burned lots of cash still could not bring the desire performance.

I have tried many out... now am consider changing the power cord from the amp and the speaker cable.
I have Purist Audio, Elrod, and Shunyata on my list...
But envy you guys, I do not have a way to audition all of the cables from the list.
I also don't have the budget for a 3000+ cable, and will like to start work my way up to bring the desire performance.

My components are as follow:

Meridian G08 cd player
interconnect from cd to pre:Tara Lab The One+FGS interconnect.
power for cdp: MIT Oracle AC1

Edge Sign. One preamp.
interconnect from pre to power: MIT Oracle 350
power for pre amp: Hand made brand Shark silver.

Edge G8 amp.
power for amp: Liner Acustic OCC copper.

Speaker: Ascendo system E
Speaker Cable: Analysis Plus Solo Crystal.

What are your opinions if what I am trying to get out of is the vivid "body" that's got details, big sound stage, deep base but not too lean or warm at mid. to bring the as-real-as-live kind of sound?

any suggesstion is appreciated.


I'm using Elrod Statement power cord and Elrod speaker cables. If you want body, details, big sound stage, deep base, this is a ticket, definitely for my system. Regaring your system, I don't know.
I recommend that you call David Elrod, he's honest and will not lead you to his cables if he sees a "mismatch".
Hope that helps - Uli
The Omega Mikro power cords have been superb in several systems in which I've heard them, including my own. And they have returned the magic to several systems using comparably priced cables that just didn't honor the music as well in the context of those systems. These Omega Mikro PCs are directionally wired, so you'll receive two differently wired cords to try. Keep the one that sounds best in your system and return the other. Since transformers are wounded differently, there's no way to predict which will sound better in your equipment, but they will sound different. Or return both if you're not convincved they are the best match for your system: 30-day money back guarantee when purchased directly from Walker Audio.

Since many people are not familiar with Omega Mikro cables, here's a link to a recent review by David Robinson in Positive Feedback:
Thanks for the respon Uli, unforturnaly I do not know the way to contect David Elrod... Does he got a mail I could reach?
The cable you recommond good, but I wonder how will the Elrod Sign.3 will perform as someone had told me they bring great result to his system.
Plus, the Sign. is more price friendly and will be more fun to work the way up.


And thanks for your suggestion for the Omega Mikro PC, Rushton. Because I have no previous experience with it and that wasn't on my shopping list, I will need to do more research on it. Thanks for all the links. :)
I will check it out.


I have been through quite a few power cords myself. I'm currently happy with Shunyata cords on the front end componants and Elrod on my monoblocks. You don't say what your budget is outside of not wanting a $3000+ cord. If shopping smart and buying used, you could obtain a Shunyata King Cobra or Anaconda Vx for your cd player, a Elrod EPS-2S for your preamp and an Elrod EPS-3S for your amp all for under $2500. I think you would be very happy. That being said, I haven't heard any Purist power cords.
Thanks Jmcgrogan2, It's like you read my mind... the Elrod EPS-3S is what's on my mind now. Not too expensive and lots of good news about its effect on the amp. Still room to move up if desire. The only problem is I could not find a dealer around... nor get it used on audiogon...
Would you think the Anaconda Vx would be better than the MIT Oracle AC1 I am currently running through my source? Just got the AC1 and compared with some other brand and it brings out good dynamic... Would Anaconda Vx top that? Asking that because I have not yet try it out yet. ( And don't think I will be able to audition one near by)
I run the 3 Signatures to my Lamm's. Quite happy. You can find some good deals on them here on A-gon. I replaced Shunyata Anaconda with the Elrods. Nice cord.
I have used the Elrod sig 3 on amps and have found it to be the power cord of choice for me and in other systems. My buddy who could not afford the sig 3 is very happy with the non EPS-3 on his amp. They are close and for the used prices, find a sig 3. There are much better cords then the Elrod Sig 2 IMO. There is a local guy in New Jersey who's $200 cord out performs it.

I have tried the Shunyata black mamba V1 and it is very nice for digital as it really smooths out the sound and retains nice detail. I also use the Foundation Research LC-1 and LC-2 power cords and they are very nice also.

Happy Listening.
Mbadsc1, obviously others here like the Elrod EPS-3S cords also. They are the best I've heard on amps/preamps/power conditioners. The Shunyata's really have some magic in the digital domain though, and outperform the Elrod's on digital devices, IMHO. I have heard power cords from MIT/Transparent/Tara Labs/Cardas/XLO, etc., and I think a Shunyata would top them all. I personally liked the King Cobra's performance over the Anaconda Vx, but your tastes may vary. I prefer analog to digital. If I must listen to digital, I like tubes in the path and Shunyata power cords, to smooth out the digital glare. When Shunyata's first King Cobra came out, it was very rich, warm and musical. Many loved it, but the critics claimed that it lacked dynamics. So Shunyata came out with the King Cobra V2, which was more dynamic, less lush. Some folks still complained, so they came out with the Anaconda Vx, which is even more dynamic, yet leaner (for a Shunyata). All Shunyata 'noise reduction' series cords rob dynamics to some extent, which is why I don't care for them on my amps. However, they do have some *magic* when used for digital applications.

Generally speaking the King Cobra V1 will provide the warmest, richest, lusher sound. The Anaconda Vx will be more dynamic and quicker. The KC V2 falling somewhere in between these two. All will sound very good when used with the appropriate equipment, and suiting varying musical tastes.

Only you know what you're looking for so only you will ultimately know which cord you prefer. These are just starter tips. If you buy used on AudiogoN and find a certain cord doesn't suit you, you can usually turn around and sell it without much loss. If buying new, you may want to try The Cable Company, and it's lending library.

I hope this was somewhat helpful.
On my Pass X-250 amp, I've tried many cords- PS Audio LAB II, Top Gun, Wolff Gain, Kimber Palladian, and numerous others.

Admittedly, I haven't tried the Elrod. But I would suggest auditioning a VH Audio Flavor 4 Cryoed Gold.

I'm currently using one to great satisfaction. Relatively inexpensive, well built, and it outperformed the Kimber Palladian so highly touted in T.A.S. (at least in my system- where it counts).

VH Audio offers a very liberal return policy if you're not satisfied.

Is it an Elrod killer? Hell if I know. Is it excellent? Oh Yeah.
Jmcgrogan2, you are *RIGHT ON THE MONEY* in your description of the Shunyatas.
I couldn't have said it better !!
That's why I have the K.C.V-1's everywhere but the amps.
Thanks for all the feedback...
How about the Purist Dominus compare?
Any thought?
Hi. I have the Purist Dominus ,Elrod NON sig and Purist VENUSTAS cords currently in my system. I am the one Bigkidz is talking about. I have more power cords in my system than some people have had drinks. I have 4 Elrod EPS 3non sigs in my system know.

I played around a couple of weeks ago with the amp cords and put the Dominus,VENUSTAS against the Elros NON sig EPS-3, and like I told Bigkidz, as much as I hated to say it, and I tested them in MY SYSTEM only, the non sig EPS-3 more than held its own against the Dominus. I love Purist cables as you can see by my system, but was very surprised that the Dominus really didn't take the prize. At more than twice the price new.

I had a chance to get a couple more Dominus at very good prices and decided to go a different route because of the test. I have also had the Elrod Sig 3 in my system, and it is a VERY good cord, although I would have like to compared it to the non sig just to see the difference. But then again, I have to take into consideration would it have been worth more than double the price???

I am currently going with the Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement ll revised/revelation cords and will compare them the the others I have now. There are so many cords out there it makes it hard, and there are also just as many if not more opinions as to what does or does not sound good. You are the only one that will know if something sounds good in your system.

If your budget is only around 400.00 or so the Elrod EPS 3 NON sig will hold its own, I found that out. Maybe when the other cords come I could send you one of mine to try?? But, I do NOT want to sell them, but would be more than happy to let you borrow one of them. There's a couple of us that do that, that's how we're able to hear different cords. Besides, that's what this is all about.
Regards Brian
I would perhaps disagree that the King Cobra V2 robs the sound of "dynamics." I might suggest that it is less refined than some other cords, but lacking dynamics??? Not in my book: I was afraid it was going to blow out the woofers on my amps, it was THAT dynamic. Hadn't had THAT experience before. However, the upper midrange seemed reticent to my ears, and when I used other power cords, it was clear that that's the frequency that was missing. Besides, what the King Cobra V2 did in the upper bass/lower midrange, where much orchestral "power" lies, was -- and I hate this overused, overhyped word -- amazing. Not that I think of live music as "amazing" when I hear it, but the King Cobra kept drum rolls exceedingly distinct, and "alive." It's the only power cord, that, Transparents, Nordosts (current line)and even current Shunyatas notwithstanding, I sigh nostalgically now that I sold them. That was one stupid decision: no matter what the newer line does, the King Cobras were gorgeous. There was actually AIR BEHIND THE BRASS at the very back of the soundstage. And the imaging: kill me now, I tell you! RIGHT NOW! I sure miss that cable.
Having said that, I have no idea what Elrods, and the other biggies are like, but that in no way detracts from the King Cobra V2: used with superior tubed equipment, it was the first time since 1984 that I actually trembled at how vivid the presentation was. (Hurricane amps, by the way.)
My point? I never heard the Shunyata King Cobra V1, but when one says "...All Shunyata 'noise reduction' series cords rob dynamics to some extent, which is why I don't care for them on my amps. However, they do have some *magic* when used for digital applications..." I can only wonder what they have now, 'cuz I SURELY want to hear it.

This is not to pick on Jmcgrogan2 or diss him, it's just to say, "wow...we had VERY different experiences with that cord." I could never, EVER accuse that particular power cord (KCV2)of a loss of dynamics. EVER.

Now, onto the original poster's question: I setup a system for a friend, and loaned him my MIT 770 CVT Twin interconnects. I also had a King Cobra on his ARcam integrated amp (quite dazzling, hearing the "fog" in the soundstage vanish so clearly that my female friend blurted out, "I can see why this cord costs $2000!") and Transparent's cheap MusicWave speaker cable on Mirage speakers. The sound was intensely "vivid" and projected. In fact, I recently setup a smaller system with the EXACT same line, except a newer Arcam integrate and newer Mirage speakers, although his were 490, and these are 490is speakers. The "projection" was not there. The only, and I mean, ONLY difference was the MIT interconnects (now, as I write, on their way from California). I'm using Nordost, and it is NOT projecting. I recall that in TAS, in the speaker cable survey, it was mentioned that the MIT had the ability to project the sound into the room and image like mad. This is the MIT sound: vivid and projected. Fortunately, I don't have to guess. The interconnect will be here by Friday and I'll post after I put it in the system. Unfortunately, I'll have to use a Black Mamba on the integrated, but otherwise, the system, given that I have a newer Arcam integrated and newer speakers, will be exactly the same -- except for the room, of course -- but it should be illuminating. My experience is that a company has a "sound" that exists within its whole line. Very few companies have forward power cords, recessed interconnects, etc. The only exception to this at one time Goldmund, whose Studio turntable was non-linear all over the place and somewhat dark. However, their electronics, notably the Mimesis 9, was quite NOT-DARK. So, I would expect that, whatever the sonic signature of MIT's cables, so goes the power cord. I used MIT until 1994, when I became a reviewer, at which time I switched to Transparent, and even as I'm writing this sentence, I'm having an Aha! moment: the MIT was airier and had the equivalent of a 100 watt bulb, while the Transparent was more "transparent." However, I had both MIT and Transparent speaker cable simultaneously, and loaned them out, curious about reactions. Everyone said the Transparent was more "transparent" but what they didn't pick up was that the MIT made a guitar sound as though it weighed 15 pounds, while the (older) Transparent cable and even the (current) Nordost Valhalla, which I have, make a guitar sound like it weighs 6 pounds. MIT has more weight and body. And it definitely projects the sound, as confirmed in the TAS speaker survey recently. See issue 146, and Gader's comments that the AVT 1 speaker cable sounds "...livelier, more in-the-room..."

Sorry to ramble, but it's funny you should have asked that question. I was just reading (back)issue 136 of TAS, and the reviewer, Greg Petan, noted that the Nordost was more lightweight sounding and that the MIT exuded more fleshed-out sonics.

Since you have MIT Oracle, perhaps you should try their power cord first. I'm curious: do you find the sonics NOT projecting and vivid right now?? Is it that you want more of that or do you not hear it that way with the system you have??
Mphnkns, I still have many Shunyata's (Anaconda Vx, King Cobra V2, Cobra's, and Black Mamba), and I find them to be extremely good power cords. Their strengths IMHO are the rich, warm harmonic textures they weave through a black background. They do NOT have the dynamic impact of my Elrod EPS-3 Signatures though. For that matter, I felt that the Virtual Dynamics Nite and Shunyata Taipan power cords were more dynamic than the Shunyata's noise reduction cords. Shunyata even admits as much on their website. That is why they extended their pacesetter line.

Maybe we've had different experiences, or maybe we're just not communicating correctly. The Shunyata's have great bass, thunderous bass, with lean electronics or speakers I may prefer them. The Elrod/VD cords don't offer the quantity of bass, but tighter, better defined bass. In my opinion, the word dynamic is used meaning speed. The KC V2 will blow out your speakers, but that doesn't translate into speed or dynamics. The Elrod can still cause the walls to vibrate, but the attack and decay of the bass notes is quicker, less bass bloat,IMHO. In the end it just depends on your associated equipment and musical tastes. I would descibe the Shunyata cords as sounding like good tube equipment, while the Elrod cords are more like good solid state. Not that the Shunyata's are not dynamic, or the Elrod's are not musical, they just each have their own strength.
Elrod's bass is more like Krell amp, while the Shunyata bass is more like the ASL Hurricanes.

Just my $0.02.

Thanks for your insights into the sonics of the Elrods and the Shunyatas. I have't heard the Elrods on MY equipment, so I can't really comment. I would need to hear them in my system first, and I think that should always be the case in anyone's system. Unless a component is completely neutral, it will shift the sonics in some way.
I hope this is all helpful to the original poster.

I just re-read your statement:

"...For that matter, I felt that the Virtual Dynamics Nite and Shunyata Taipan power cords were more dynamic than the Shunyata's noise reduction cords. Shunyata even admits as much on their website. That is why they extended their pacesetter line...."
May I ask where you saw that on the website? I've looked, but haven't been able to see where they acknowledged the lack of dynamics or speed.
Maybe this will help.

Shunyata Power Systems Guide

To improve transient response, pace and dynamics -- substitute a Pacesetter cable for a Noise Reduction cable.

This is the first line in the final paragraph.

Thanks for all the responses guys!!
I went back and read each of your opinion 3 times!!
I think they are at very great value for me and help a starter like me a lot!!

Although there are difference in experience/opinion, I still take it as very valuable advice.

Thanks again guys!!~
And thanks for willing to let me borrow your cables Brian!!
I would LOVE to borrow them, but because I work oversea, and travel a lot... don't think you will like to do that??... :)
But thank you by heart dud!~
Guys, I am also considering swiping my MIT Oracle interconnect to Purist Audio Dominus or Opis... Any suggesstion?
To answer Mphnkns, yes, I am currently running MIT AC1 power cord to my source as the people from MIT suggested. (low level sources) The sound is yes, very detail, but can't seem to focus on a point. The object is bigger than real-life and I try to bring down the size to make it "look" more as life.
I also tried the AC1 on the amp, but did not bring out the effect like it's on the source. So I suspect some part of my system is wrong and did not bring out the best out of all my components. thus swapping all the cables...

What I have in mind now, the Shunyata for source, MIT for my pre. and Elrod for the amp... anyone try this combination? will it top let say... all Elrod system? or maybe I should just stay with the same name?
Mbadscl, if you can swing the note, go Dominus or Proteus for interconnects and speaker cables, Shunyata for power cords, you won't be sorry, it's heavenly.
Cardas and Shunyata reside in my system, and let me tell you, it's heavenly in MY system.
Email me privately for details.