Quantum Science Audio light blue fuse; $71, what a bargain!

I wanted to start a new thread about the more affordable versions of these fuses. I don’t doubt that the higher end versions are amazing, but most of us aren’t very likely to be able to hear them for ourselves. Fortunately, pretty much anyone who is serious about building a musically enjoyable and engaging system can get a good taste of what they’re all about.

I’ve had the light blue QSA fuses ($71) in my CD transport and DAC for over two weeks, now. They replaced SR blue fuses, at around twice the price, and easily bettered them. I am expecting one more light blue tomorrow, to replace an SR orange in my amp. I’ll give an update on that, once I get it installed and listen.

Meanwhile, here are a couple quotes from my posts on the other thread:

“What I am hearing is; voices & instruments are more solid and lifelike, with increased natural detail and sense of space, better dynamics, and a more relaxed overall sound.”

“Just got in a second light blue fuse for my DAC. So far, more of the same improvements I got in my CD transport. Very nice!😃 One thing I appreciate is the break in seems to be pretty quick, without any of the nasties you get with some other stuff. Pop it in, and you’ll hear improvements in short order, at least that’s been my experience.”

I am continuing to greatly enjoy what these fuses bring to my system, and am really looking forward to getting the last one in my amp.

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ordering them directly from China can save you a lot. you can pay bellow buck a piece this way.
not only to say but to do as well.
all i have to do is to paint the same color and push it for sale to foolish audiophile market pretty much same way QSA does it for ya
It's all BS to me. You will get a lot more mileage out of buying your lady some flowers. 
My QSA light blue arrived early. It’s replacing an SR Orange in my Lampizator Atlantic DAC and the QSA is easily better. At half the cost of the Orange it’s better in every way. More naturally detailed and musical.
Where do you buy these fuses in the US? I don’t see any advertising?

How can a “tweaker” fuse possibly affect the sound of any audio gear?

I can; perhaps, imagine that substitution of fine silver wire for lead foil could do so. But one lead-foil type for another? Complete balderdash!
It's all BS to me. You will get a lot more mileage out of buying your lady some flowers.


After all, a fuse exists to serve two purposes. Pass electricity as needed and blow when asked to pass too much current.

I am looking forward in reading more about your musical tastes and system.  My interest in QSA fuses are peaked.

Happy Listening!

My modest CD based system currently consists of the following:

audiolab 8000CDM CD transport

Audio Note DAC Kit 1.1 NOS tube DAC

Antique Sound Lab T1 passive autoformer preamp

Antique Sound Lab Tulip stereo 2A3 SET amp

Audio Note AN-E-L speakers

These components are supported by numerous accessories, tweaks and mods, that I have found essential to getting the best out of them over the years. I am always looking for new ways to improve their performance.

My goal is to get as much of the life, energy, engagement and enjoyment, that I find in live music, out of my CD collection as possible. My musical tastes cover a wide variety of genres; rock, pop, classical, classic jazz, folk, classic country, bluegrass, Christian, Irish, Celtic et al. Basically, good music is good music, regardless of the style.

In my pursuit of enjoyment from home audio, I refuse to have my world made smaller by those that reject, and ridicule, anything they can’t understand, explain, or measure.

+1 @elangley01

You're pretty new here, welcome.
You've certainly got the idea.
I'm afraid you can't tell the dum dums anything.
But you could get into selling gold fuses at $300 a pop?

tommylion OP >>>

Isn't it interesting that you started a new thread about your experiences with a new tweak, hoping to turn others on to what you've discovered, only to have the Negative Nellies, and Debbie Downers come out of the woodwork to mount their ignorant attacks?

My take is ... they have no idea what you have done to your system to gain the resolution you, and others have achieved. Those of us who have gained that level of resolution fully understand.

It is their loss, not ours.

Thanks for trying the new fuse and for bringing the information to the rest of us. 

Take care ... 

Huh?  Some fuses suck, others just blow.  (But make sure you put in the 800-hour burn-in time before you decide.)

Please explain how you are so sure that the power supply is independent of audio quality.
Without your childish name calling. 

Thank you.
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Sometime some people will realise that by changing something somewhere in a component something could be better or worse but never be the same.
OK I wrote one post & deleted it . I have little or no doubt of @tommylion description. I have been as much a skeptic as anyone. But I’m not willing to guess about it like most of the naysayers. To know is to experience. So I tried an Oyaide R1 AC outlet @ $165. I felt rather foolish doing it but I needed an outlet anyway for my dedicated circuit. So, what the heck,, I’ve wasted $$ before and education costs $$$. I installed it & ran current through it for break in. When I turned on my stereo I heard a good difference for the better. I kinda felt embarrassed for even hearing it sound better. How can this be? Its just an AC outlet.
Then there is the story of the pumice stone under my CD player. Then power cords. Then the ridiculous pads under my equipment which made a BIg difference.
There are things that take place that I don’t understand. But just because I don’t understand it, does NOT make it any less real.
That said, I am somewhat troubled when I see a $2877 fuse. Funny though, I seem to understand a $$2.5 million Bugatti Veyron that requires a $40k tire change when needed. Bias is a funny thing that all men suffer.

Quantum Sciences Audio Fuse (tweekgeek.com)
I know at least a couple of you here have ordered the next step up yellow fuse, and I am very interested in hearing about your experiences. Also, if anyone has the entry level black version, please post as well.
Are you opening the cases on your equipment in order to replace the fuse?  Neither my amp, Hegel h590 or CD transport have access to any fuses from the outside.  Sorry if this seems like a novice question but I've never considered playing around with the insides of my stereo equipment before.   
The yellow I ordered for my Audio Note el84 amp came when the light blue did. I didn’t install it initially so I could get a handle on the light blue and what it was doing with my dac. I have a AM beeswax premium fuse in the el84 amp and the yellow didn’t have as big of a jump as the light blue did on the SR Orange but still thought it was a nice improvement. Both the SR Orange and AM beeswax had Total Contact enhancer on them and after applying it to both the light blue and yellow they’re definitely an upgrade over the previous fuses. I have another yellow coming for a class d amp so the tube amp can rest during this heat wave in the southwest, or as we call it in AZ....summer.
Hey folks, it's only a $71 dollar item. Where did all the nannies come from? Instead of lining up like good little trolls, all you have to do is peruse the forums. It's all there, including all the lame comments.

You're contributing nothing new and skipping the first thing about science: direct observation. If you have any doubts, it means you have to see/hear for yourself. Stop being intellectually lazy and relying on all the heavy lifting being done by someone else, so you can point to some generic manual like it's the bible. It makes you look silly.

All the best,
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So, there are light blue QSA for $71 at TweekGeek
And the upper colors for $1500+!And HiFi tuning ones for $74.
Light blue QSA or HiFi tuning or SR orange?

just got another QSA light blue today, and swapped it in for the SR orange in my amp. The QSA easily beats the SR. I don't have any experience with the HiFi tuning fuse, but I think you can cross the SR orange off your list.
I don’t have “warm and fuzzy” feelings for SR so that is good.
What is the story for QSA’s crazy expensive fuses!?

It is all the same story, just nobody wants to believe it. Study all my posts, figure it out. Bonus, if you do study them all you will instantly become the second most well-informed person here. Even so, I cannot guarantee you will be able to figure it out. But take my word for it, the info is all there.
I am also happy to have an alternative to SR. The fact that it is quite a bit less expensive is a bonus. I would love to hear what the upper end QSA fuses can do in my system, but it’s not very likely, any time soon…unless some generous benefactor lets me borrow one😉

Meanwhile, I am loving what the the last light blue in my amp brings. The increase in realism on vocals is especially noticeable.
Ordered a yellow for my EAR 868 preamp. 
My first "designer" fuse.
I've used other tweaks discussed here with great success. 
Will report back with results
@millercarbon said:

"It is all the same story, just nobody wants to believe it. Study all my posts, figure it out. Bonus, if you do study them all you will instantly become the second most well-informed person here. Even so, I cannot guarantee you will be able to figure it out. But take my word for it, the info is all there."

From Tweek Geek's site regarding the fuses:

  • "We want you to try these fuses, and keep trying them. We are convinced that you will hear the value that these devices offer. So it is with this in mind that we are offering our 90-Day Trade-Up Program: If you try a QSA fuse, and within 90-days wish to upgrade, we will give you full credit for the fuse you purchased towards the fuse upgrade as long as you have the original fuses' box, and the fuse itself is in excellent condition."

  • "Accidents: If you cause the fuse to accidentally blow during the warranty period, we will replace it one time."

  • "If you try one of these fuses and don't think it is worth the investment, simply return it in its original packaging and condition, and we will refund you the purchase price. You have our word."

Not too shabby, eh?

Imagination is a wonderful thing!

So will "electronic knowledge" gullibility and stupidity, make them susceptible to this AC fuse snake oil **** ****

Cheers George


Imagination is a wonderful thing! 

So is "electronic knowledge gullibility and ignorance", it will also make them susceptible to this AC fuse "snake oil" voodoo, to spend $71 for a 10cent fuse

Cheers George

Are the QSA fuses directional?  SR fuses supposedly are...it is interesting that when I put the SR orange in I just looked at them and put them in the way I thought they should go.  Maybe I was lucky that I did not put them in the wrong way.  I had 6 fuses to put in.
I just looked at them and put them in the way I thought they should go. Maybe I was lucky that I did not put them in the wrong way.
You can’t, the mains is AC (Alternating Current, it changes direction 60 x a second) so it’s impossible to put the fuse in the wrong way!
Would be a different story if it were in the DC side of things inside the amp, then if it did sound different one way, it would be acting like a diode. And that would be a nasty thing for a fuse to do anyway. IT"S ALL SNAKE OIL!

Cheers George
I keep thinking of the dwarves in their dark shed, in C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle.
I tried to go order another light blue from Tweek Geek and the site shows all fuses are now made to order. Must have sold out already. Sent Mike an email yesterday but haven’t heard back yet, he must be swamped.
Al-Bīrūnī had little time for professional astrologers. In his treatise on astrological transits, he described al-Hasan ibn ‘Alī ibn ‘Abdūs as, “a non-studious listener,” noting that, “this is the case with most of the class of the astrologers; they bubble proudly about things they barely hear, without verifying them, and they are satisfied by associating fancies with them.”

In the spirit of Al-Birini, the great 11th century scientist, who stressed the value of direct observation, I have decided to buy one of these $71 fuses and experience their effects first hand.

About five years ago, I tried a HiFi Tuning fuse. That one had, without question, an audible effect on the performance of my phono pre amp. Unfortunately, it was an unpleasant effect, making the music sound overly bright and sharp. Hopefully this blue fuse will be better.

Current, it changes direction 60 x a second) so it’s impossible to put the fuse in the wrong way!

Never tried boutique fuses, or different directions on any cable or fuse, but doesn’t the electromagnetic wave travel from source to load?
Before I swap out all of my SR orange Fuses and Duplex boxes, I would love to hear more feedback from members who have tried both.  Also, after looking at the website, I do see that the fuses show which direction they should go so that is good.