Receiver-- good stereo sound quality

I am looking for a receiver (about US$800) with outstanding two stereo sound quality( 80% music, 20% HT), grateful if anyone offer valuable suggestion
HT Receivers are designed for digital sound with music an afterthought. If music is 80%, then get a receiver or integrated amp made for music and then add a separate digital decoder. If you do not care about the new Dolby Digital, DTS, etc (HT only 20%) and can live with the older but still fine Dolby Pro-logic you can pick up an older used decoder pretty cheap. I am more like 95% music and 5% movies. I am very happy listening to movies on 2 channels. You could skip the HT and spend the whole $800 on a musical amp/receiver. If you want to stick with receivers check out NAD, Rotel, Onkyo.
buy a b&k 307 305 or 202 reciever these are the best receivers on the market for home theater use and the best sound you wiil find period for your music in a home theater unit.go check one out good luck
Most people seem to enjoy the 2 ch sound of Maramtz products based on what I have read in HT newsgroups. I guess they are smooth sounding units.
If your tv doesn't have a component input,and you have fairly efficient speakers, the Outlaw Audio 1050. Excellent imaging and very accurate and detailed mids and highs. Got mine in June, very satisfied. Only sold thru their website.
Huijames: If you are putting together a system that is going to serve double duty as a music system and then as a home theater system, then I only have one suggestion as far as a home theater receiver goes. NAD!!!! Is there anything else out there worth considering?? I think not. --Charles--
I bought a Denon 2800 listing at $800, for HT use only but was pleasantly surprised at it's ability to play music. I now use it for music when serious listening is'nt on the menu and find it to very satisfying.
You're not going to find a good audiophile receiver for that price. B&K make a nice Stereo A/V peamp for 2 channel applications, the PT 3 you may consider inthat price range. For a little more money the B&K AVR series. I've seen a few used ones on ebay and here. Best DC
Huijames You have my sympathy. You ask a simple question and get 9 different answers. Now what does that tell you? It tells me this. You need to make a short list of some of the above. If there is a dealer close by go and listen. After listening YOU make a decision based on your criteria. You really aren't going to get "outstanding" 2 channel sound from a 800.00 receiver but it may be good enough for you. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That said I always found NAD gear in your price range very good indeed and would definitely include it in your short list. Good luck in your journey.
NAD 760 sounds excellent in stereo..a couple of notches above some more expensive Marantz gear I demoed it against. Better seperation. Lame remote but take the money you saved on your Receiver and buy yourself a Pronto from Phillips and you will be grinning large
NAD is a good choice, but I prefer the sound of Marantz. I think it is a better all-around performer - very musical and very good with 5.1