Recommendation for speaker cable to use with Magico speakers

I ordered a pair of Magico A1 speakers and am seeking a recommendation re the best speaker cable to pair them with. This bedroom system also consists of a Gryphon Diablo 120, and Moon 280D streamer/DAC. The dealer is recommending Transparent Reference, but I don’t won’t the speaker cable to equal the price of the speakers. Does anyone here have experience with Magico speakers. Thanks!

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Congrats on your speaker purchase.


I am a big Transparent fan. They come at all levels of investment. I use Ultra on my system. They are absolutely transparent. 

But, I would not even start thinking about cables and interconnects until you have a good 3 or 400 hours on the speakers. Make sure they are well broken in and you know exactly what they sound like. You want to make sure your components are perfect for the speakers. I used to own a Sim Moon 560D DAC with the separate power supply. You will need to decide if the DAC is up to the speakers. The Magico are incredibly revealing. You may feel you need to upgrade your DAC.


Anyway, any changes in components should come before cable changes. If you keep the DAC, you may want to look at Cardas. They are a bit forgiving. 

I use and really like the Audience AU24SX speaker cables.
There’s a used 2m pair on USAM now. Great sound, and you can probably knock few bucks off the asking.

Otherwise if you’re not in a hurry and have cables to run the A1 with, @ghdprentice is right on the money with the let it all break in first advice. 

You are going to get a ton of opinions from people who do not own Magico speakers. Your DAC is fine and look at used cables. I have all LessLoss cables and I am not telling you to try them, as I do not have Magico speakers. 

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Silversmith Fidelium got a lot of Agoners positive reviews awhile ago

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@ghdprentice - Take a look at Zavfino cables and also Hijiri cables for a more refined listening experience

Regards - Steve

I'd say listen first.  If you find them cool, Wireworld.  If you find them lacking extension in the bass Mogami.  Yeah, not conventional brand names, but I stand by those recommendations.

What’s your budget, and what sound characteristics are you looking for?

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Personally, I would ask your Magico dealer to recommend something more modestly priced to start, with a trade in option on the Reference if you decide to upgrade later. Once you get everything broken in, you can audition the reference and see if it’s worth the extra $$$. It’s good to negotiate a trade in price at the beginning when the dealer is motivated to make the sale. I believe transparent has an aggressive upgrade program you should ask about. 

If you find them lacking extension in the bass Mogami.

Hi - which model do you use? Regards

I use Magico A3's from the first production run. I formerly used Audience AU24SX speaker cables, which were very good, and then tried Silversmith Fidelium's. End of memo; they stay in and won't leave. Outstanding cables and reasonable priced. Neal

One of the appropriately priced JPS Labs speaker cables (an older or a new model) would be a brilliant choice for your setup!  On my main extremely revealing audio system, I use JPS Labs Superconductor 3 speaker cables which I've been using for over 15 years now, with no plans of replacing them.   I just replaced/upgraded all the cables in my entire system except for my JPS Labs Superconductor 3, which gives you an idea of how highly I think of them.