Remastered White Album on vinyl

Any reviews of the newly released white album? Im deciding whether or not to purchase it. Thanks
I missed that one-thanks. Yikes, not a very positive review on the sound quality of this. I will cont listening to my German original pressing.
You really need to hear it for yourself. You can't dismiss a recording just on one goof-ball's review. I find the new Beatles LPs very enjoyable. It's probably because of my tin ears and unresolving system though !!!!!
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I have read reviews than went both ways on the new Beatles LP's ... I have a copy sitting unopened and it's on the block for this weekends Friday night jam session. Fremer is very particular and speaks his mind. He's been writing for 30 years and I have been reading his stuff for almost that long. He certainly isn't the final word but he knows vinyl. I am happy with the pressings so far but I almost wished MoFi would have headed up this project again. I like the work they do and some of their repressings are amazing to my ears. I was hoping (as I think we all were) that technology and time would have taken these masterpieces to a whole new level. I didn't feel that way but never the less, I am very pleased so far. I might even buy a second copy to keep sealed.
Have you listened to Rubber Soul-do you agree with MF that its a 5/10 sound quality. For me 5/10 approaches sound of a cassette tape. The reissue must really sound god awful to get a 5/10.
Interesting that Fremer found the new Hard Days Night sonically the best in the box-- likely because this is the only one with an RTI plating. This raises the question of whether the non-Rainbo Euro box may surpass the US box. I may purchase AHDN just to compare to my Parlophone. Then there are the forthcoming mono LPs... All in all way too much of a money grab to get out of the weeds.

The new White Album is on most counts surpassed by the US original, and on all counts surpassed by the French EMI Marconi pressing I found for $50.
Based on what I have read, I will be springing for European pressings of these Beatles reissue LPs.
I ordered the new US Revolver just to check it out. I have White Album and
Abbey Road on old MFSL and never thought they were special sounding.
My 'standard' issue copies of the Beatles are all US issue, but not in the
greatest condition. People really seem to like the Parlophone Blue Box.
Tbromgard, The stereo separation is very hard left and right with the center stage in most songs empty. It comes directly from the speakers. Very strange. It does show more detail than the mono version I have picked up for comparison, but that just showcases the odd stereo mix.

I had never had a copy of Rubber Soul and love it for it's music, so although I am not put off by the digital sound as Mr. Femmer is, I like him, cannot warn you strongly enough about the mix. Every time I reach for it now I seem to play the mono version.
One thing I forgot to mention, on the American RS mono you lose Drive my Car and Nowhere man.
All my responses are regarding the Rubber Soul question you asked. Not White Album. Sorry!
Thanks Acman-
I have never listened to a mono version. do you need a special mono cartridge or setting on pre amp? I have neither.
I just used my regular cartridge and phono amp, but some people swear by a special mono cartridge. THEY will need to answer as to what they hear.

The remastered mono versions are supposed to come out next year, so they can make more money. It may be a good time to get this record. Try to listen to it sometime in the future.

Btw, I do listen to the stereo Rubber Soul, and enjoy it, but sometimes, the stereo mix bothers me more than other times. YMMV?
The 'new' vinyl Revolver sounds sterile. The condition of the vinyl itself was fine, not warped, no overt nasties- just dead and thin sounding. I guess I'll have to search out some old copies to find one that has some life in it and isn't beat. One of the listeners today- a well known musician who is not an 'audiophile' remarked, unsolicited, that it sounded like the CD reissues he had from a few years ago. And this was one that M. Fremer touted as pretty good.
Folks there is no right or wrong, each system and certain pressing could sound better. Beatles stuff was bright sounding at times so should the new pressing be more musical? I guess they could with today's advance in production compared to 1962-1969 which was 48-50 years ago.
But even it was more correct would you like it? And who is to say? Not Mike because he is hearing his system and all he can say is this is how it sounds on my system in my room.
No reviewer is a guru, all you hearing is there impressions on there system. If you want the Beatles as they sounded a long time ago found the British Blue box and be done with it along with warts and all. I am happy with my mono and stereo CD collection. Sounds like the Beatles to me and I owned all the Beatles pressings, America and import.
I came out where you did, PhillyB, bought the blue box (found a minty one from the first series) and stopped searching for early UK pressings. The new box release did stimulate me to go find a good blue box and be done with it.
I simply have the Beatles come over and play. I know, it's a tremendous amount of trouble and expense (do you know what a good metaphysicist charges to summon back those who have passed over to the next world?), but it's well worth it. And probably easier than figuring out which version of the LP to buy.
The new White Album sourced from the original master tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios by a First-Rate Team of Producers and Engineers: Stringent Procedures and Safeguards Ensure Optimum Audiophile-Quality Sound sounds amazing....