Scientifically proven improvement for sound clarity.

After listening to equipment reviews claiming to positively alter the sound of your system here's a tweak that can render FAR greater results. Jaw dropping. Far beyond that of expensive cables. Immediate results.

Not just for the hearing impaired. This is NOT a joke, is scientifically proven and can greatly increase your ability to hear your system with more clarity. For free.

Cup your hands around your ears. Notice the increase level of sound directed to your ears, A noticeable increase in clarity. Less reflected sound from behind increases center focus image. Essentially higher resolution.

Or, for $12.95 you can get a pair of Earglasses. Yes, they really work! 

The only problem is no one would want to be seen wearing these bad boys and looking foolish. Just not cool. Why not?

Earglasses® Personal Sound Reflectors, Set of Two Ear Cup Hearing Amplifiers New - Picture 2 of 7




Since virtually all audiophiles sit by themselves in the sweet spot while listening. No one will be there to see them. 

So, not a problem.


I never try this little panels behind my ears pinna...

But in my acoustic dedicated room i used wi8th success exceeding my wish a foldable wood screen in two parts with some diffusive/absorbing/reflective homemade surface and devices ...

The soundfield was holographic but using only foldable screen or this device will not replace others system/room acoustics surfaces and devices and disposition etc , it is only a tool ...


Increasing decibels levels dont solve bass problems , nor timbre perception problems ... It only help to hear much of what we have already decreasing crosstalk though a bit mechanically...

i would like to try it for fun experiment ... Thanks

But the sellers dont ship to canada as it is often the case... We are assimilated with Russia.. 😁

Hopefully i dont need them... 😊


That's funny.

I have been doing this for years, but never followed up on it as an "invention".

It does work to some extent.

Or just do the same with a gatefold about it 40 years ago in The Absolute Sound...yawn.

This is nothing new, it's very old news, and I think it makes the music sound unbalanced and strange.

Exactly as putting a dual wood screenfold can be damaging for the soundfield balance aspect if you put only that behind your ears... I know because i already used one ... but with many acoustic modifications on it and in the room ...

In fact this device is helpful for those with a slight hearing impairment... Not  so much for audio listening as an audiophile experience as such...

This is nothing new, it’s very old news, and I think it makes the music sound unbalanced and strange.


My wife wears hearing aids which have nullified whatever pleasure she used to get from listening to music. I might have to get a pair of these elfin things for her to try.

This is nothing new, it's very old news, and I think it makes the music sound unbalanced and strange.

Agreed. It's like the sound hit a wall and was scooped into your ears. Yes, you'll hear more detail, but it's a most unnatural way to hear it.

All the best,


Is that the way you walk around in the real world?

Do you think that by doing that, things will sound "natural" as they do in the real world?

@toddalin   I don't walk around in public while listening to music through loudspeakers.

The sound you hear IS natural. The 'sound' isn't modified in any way. Your ears are being modified to capture more of the sound. Like animals that can change the shape of their ear to hear better, bats, horses, dogs, etc...

This raises the question...people with large ears are capable of capturing more sound and hear better than those with small ears? I think it's very possible. 

Thoughts to ponder.

Everything else beng equal, that's fairly obvious.  But, they, like everyone else, have grown accustomed to the sound the brain perceives through their ear shape/size, and not that with some cup strapped up to them.


I can certainly cup my hands behind my ears and increase the midrange, but it doesn't sound natural, even for/especially for music because that is not what I am accustomed to hearing.