Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!

I wanted to give you a frame of reference as to where I'm coming from and most importantly a first impression after 24hrs!
I've been an addict since my first system of KEF Concord speakers, Crimson Electric amps and an Ariston turntable back in college in '81. Since then I've been down the entire Linn system with Active Kabers, Full Meridian active system with DSP5200's as well as some burly NZ Perraux mono blocks with Sonus Faber when I lived in NZ. Since moving to the US in 2001 I've been through years of altercations between solid state camps from Bel Canto, Levinson stereo 336 to mono 436's, 532H and Mac 452 to speakers from B&W 802N and D2 to Wilson Sophia 2's, Sonus Faber Amati Homage and Revel Studio 2's. I've tried conditioners from Transparent, AQ Niagra, Isotek and others and every time come back to a decent cable straight from the wall.
Three years ago I took the plunge and went down the Devialet rabbit hole, streaming direct from a MacBook Air with ROON my Devialet D200 (soon to become a D400) drives my Focal Utopia Diablos via Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 speaker cables (and that's another whole can of worms with enormous cable differences), a JL Audio Fathom F110 (also about to be doubled up) rounds it out. My livening room is about 22x25 with 10ft ceilings and partially treated as best I can accommodate. 
Suffice to say, I've been around the block with hifi, listened to way more than my fair share at dealers and friends with diverse systems and currently run one of the most reveling systems I've ever heard. Sure, there's not that thick syrupy warmth the tube guys will clammer for, but then I'm hearing so much further into not just tonality but intent within the playing. 

If you read the review in Enjoy the Music from Tom Lyle, you'd see he equates the GZ Yeti to the $30k Stromtank. His review was the $400 Yeti 400. The Yeti 1000 was $1099, the 3kW Yeti 3000 is $2999 and will power almost anything. So, like Tom I took the plunge and bought a Yeti 1000 figuring it'd have plenty of 'headroom' for my meagre 600w consumption. (Though I have since plugged my JL Audio Fathom in too)

After playing the "FedEx f'ed up" again game, I finally went to their depot and picked up my new toy myself. After a handful of songs to establish a baseline for the evening, I simply plugged the Yeti 1000 in, reconnected the Devialet and sat back... My girlfriend was first to break the silence and then immediately regretted it as I couldn't help myself interrupting her for the next half hour of gushing over what a profound difference it was making.
H-U-G-E. Truly component level and an absolute game changer. 

I was immediately texting my good friend with his PS Audio Directstream, Gryphon Diablo, Audio Physic Avantera III all powered by the latest Synergistic Research Powercell 12SE and Gallileo power cord with AQ Hurricane to each component - SELL- SELL- SELL it all, get a Goal Zero! 

We stayed up until 2am listening, flipped it back for a handful of now unlistenable tracks and then back again to Yeti 1000 happiness. In over six hours of powering my Devialet and Fathom at 90+db levels it'd dropped to a laughable 98%. I'm guessing that means it'd run off the grid for 300hrs or more? That's probably a several months of listening for most people. Who even cares, it simply sounds spectacular and the single biggest improvement I've ever heard from anything less than a major amp or speaker upgrade. 

I know my system is fairly frugal and green running, my buddy Matts, Gryphon would probably need the 3000W Yeti as his amp pulls 1900W at full song and his full stack of components albeit front end certainly add a few hundred more.   He's headed down to me in a couple of week with a stack of exotic power cables and conditioners  to try and I can't wait to share my results - I'm guessing he'll want to steal it away for his own demo right after. I would imagine he'd even get away with the Yeti 1000, so long as he doesn't run it too hard?
I was planning to upgrade my IC and power cables. 

when you say HUGH improvement, do you mean you get a lot more performance than same money spent on cables ?
I was reading about those ac power regenerator some time ago.  no one is making them for audio except PS audio now.   I was thinking, well the lead acid batteries are cheap enough, how come no one is marketing them ? I wasn't aware of this kind lithium battery regenerator.
thanks for the info.

It's a bigger across the board improvement than anything I've ever done, other than a significantly more expensive amp or speakers.  No cable or conditioner comes close and best of all you don't need either.
With the lithium power pack you aren't even connected to the wall apart from recharging - at night or whenever you want to.  You can leave it connected to trickle charge and still play but it sounds best disconnected.  It's not regenerating like the PS Audio, the power is coming directly from the lithium batteries with more than sufficient power to run the system for days. You just have to match your system power requirement to the Yeti model.  I haven't done a back to back to see if the extra headroom of the Yeti 3000 makes and difference at all.
kk_aa, according to Paul McGowan, there are several other brands of regeneration power units other than PS Audio.  
So why do you think there's such a great Improvement in sound is it because it's cleaner power more stable power. Where do you hear the greatest benefits detail imagery tonal. I'm interested in hearing more. 
Haven’t read the ETM review yet but the user reviews on the GZ site are varied. 
leejec ...


I did a search on the Yeti generators. They all have only two outlets. Have you tried plugging your power conditioner into the Yeti, and then your equipment into the power conditioner using your usual power cords? 

Thanks ...

I remembered I was reading the marketing brochure about this kind of AC regenerating. a clean sine wave output is the key.  a skewed waveform is not good. also there is this power factor, which I don't quite understand why it affect the sound of the amplifier.

There was a thread in this forum talking about the high frequency (above hearing range) pollution in the incoming AC current.
With a battery, Direct Current, kind of clean up the AC.
See, the computer UPS is so popular, and there is this battery DC to AC inverter to convert DC to AC during power interruption.  Circuit technology has been available for years.  Just that we audio people want this absolutely clean power for music purpose.
There was/is a Canadian company Clean Power or something that sells this kind of component. But somehow no one is talking or selling  the stuff in this online world.
I am using tube monoblock, which draws about 4 amps total (on a Furman power conditioner that shows current consumption).  I may try one Yeti 1000 based on this thread starter enthusiastic comment.  Hey, it is definitely cheaper and heavier than a pair of high end cables !

This is an interesting proposition. Would like to hear more from anyone else who has experience of yeti or any other lithium battery based systems. 
OP has the Devlialet, which is not Class A or AB.
I am wondering how would the Yeti drive a amp from Parasound, Classe, Pass, etc.
It all depends on your amp and systems power requirements - simply add the power draw wattage of each component and match to the next level up Yeti, they go all the way up to 3000W, that's enough for all bar the most power hungry monster amps. For example a Pass Labs X350.8 or x600.8(pretty big and beefy) only draw 550W, that's actually just under what my Devialet draws at 600W!  The XA200.8 only draws 760W.
Add in an XA30 pre that takes 45W, a PS Audio Directstream that draws 30W and you're still way under the Yeti 1000 capability.  I'm really not sure who'd need the 3000?  All the models max out at 12.5A though I'm not sure what their surge capability is.
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So if anyone is interested. I did call Goal Zero and they said the lifespan of battery is 5-8 years. They will have replacement batteries by the end of the year.

Its safe to have the unit plugged into the wall 24/7 and it will recharge automatically when it hits 92%. You can also buy the solar panels if you don’t want it occupying an outlet.

Keep in mind if you want to buy one of these units. They sell the acid battery types and the lithium ones. Don't confuse yourself. The lithium is the way to go!
Has anyone measured the waveform fidelity at full power on one of these?

Elgar made power conditioners that can do a THD of 0.5% at full current and no need for batteries.
They vary depending on their current capability and condition.
The little ones that only do 1000VA are anywhere from $150.00 to $800.00
The big ones that can do 28amps continuous are $500 to $3500.00.
I cant take any of this seriously when the final test was done with a smart speaker.  
Are you referring to a different thread? Maybe you skipped pages from something you were reading elsewhere?
I read your post twice and could not figure out what you were referring to.  Try again?
Hi Leeagc,

I can understand why you are saying that with the Yeti or similar you can get rid of all expensive generators and conditioner but why do you think the audiophile power cable are not necessarily anymore?

From my listening, audiophile were better than stock cords. Not hard since most stock cords are barely there anyway!  Super high-end cords didn't make much  difference as the power source is already so clean, obviously everything counts but what I found was that the rapidly diminishing returns negated anything more than $1k power cables and the $4-600 cables seemed pretty good too.
I thinking is that the Yeti is feeding stable, clean power with minimal noise.  I'm going to bring it into work in the next week or so and test it. I'll report back.
I'm interested in this, but want to make sure I understand. I have a Primaluna Dialogue integrated. The power consumption on their site is rated at 255 watts. My dac is rated at 25 watts. I also have a bluesound node 2. Let's say its not higher than 25 watts as well and probably even less. My speakers (Salk Song3) are rated at 8ohm, 88db sensitive. Does it sound like the Yeti 400 would be enough to handle my system? Or should I go up to the 1000?
Commenting so that I can find this thread easily in the future.  Please do post more opinions/reviews folks...
 I'd suggest the Yeti 1000 as the one to go for as it supplies a full 12.5 amp whereas the Yeti 400 only supplies 2.6A

Plus you'll be set for whatever changes you make - 'cos you know you will! ;-)
I'm also interested in the River portable power supply. Also lithium. It can handle up to 500 watts. I'm not an electrical engineer and really don't understand much about electricity. I emailed their customer service to see if they think it will work. I do think that if these products work and sound as good as some people are claiming then there's a major opportunity for someone to develop an audiophile specific lithium power supply that could be sold at a decent price. I could envision a McIntosh version with a big blue meter on it. But then it would be above my price point.
nice, looking forward to hearing your thoughts. What are you hooking it up to?
I’m going the plug a CPT 1800 balanced power into it which will have an AudioValve Assistent 100 MK2 and a Waversa DAC3 MK2 connected to it. I also have a Musical Fidelity Nuvista 800 I will try but plugged directly into the 1000. has the Yeti 1000 on sale for $999 (23% off) with free shipping. Best price I can find so far, but I'm going to wait until more reviews come forth.

All the best,
Can any power conditioner be plugged into the Yeti? The battery power supply sounds like a great option for our systems.
Ive been so excited about this prospect and Im getting ready to pull the trigger. I do think you will want some type of conditioning/filter after the yeti to guard against noise generated by individual components. 

One thing to note if you are a member of REI and buy the unit through them you get %10 back in member dues. However the refurb models are the best price when they turn up. The only concern is how much wear have the batteries had?

One thing I still havn't found out is what the bluetooth app for the 1400 and 3000 models is capable of. It can switch power on remotely but can it control the outlets individually. This would be useful in startup timing and surge. I really like this feature on my PSAudio P10. 

Im having a hard time believing that I could see better improvements with the Goal Zero over the P10. I want to believe. I could sell the P10 and buy the goal zero 3000 at a net gain. 

To Leeagc, Is the fan of the Yeti noticeable? 
I also called the factory to discuss sizing for my system. 
It was described to me that you figure the watt draw of your system and then divide that into the yeti rating to see how long you can use the Yeti.
I.E. 200 watt system draw, using a Yeti 400 it is only good for 2 hours continuous use without recharging.  If it is plugged into the wall during this time period the charger adds 65 watts per hour.
The fan is a little loud, but only runs a short while and usually only when I'm playing loud <95+dB
For those of us who leave equipment on 24/7..I would think the pure dc battery power supply feeding the system would be in a constant voltage depletion mode. Would there be any way around this dilemma without turning everything off in between listening sessions?
Would be nice if the Yeti had ac/dc switching capability for those of us who don't want to keep turning components off and on,using only the dc mode when needed for listening.  
I guess I don’t understand how this is better or would augment a balanced power conditioner. With balanced power you get clean AC power in an accurate waveform and stable voltage. I found a used high end unit here for under $1K. It makes my system quiet as a church mouse and I don't have to be concerned about having enough amp draw.

Would like to hear more user experience. Here is some info and comparison between portable power supplies. 
If you have a battery generator, would you leave it plugged in 24/7 even if you only listen to audio gear twice a week?  Am I safe to guess the generator would have software to prevent trying to overcharge the battery or stop the charge after the batteries reach 100?  Or would it be better to unplug it 5 days a week then recharge for 2 days?  On the fence buying the Yeti 1000 but want to know how much I have to manage it. 
Thanks for any recommendations. 
If you need more technical questions that can't be answered here, just call Goal Zero. I called and they have nice customer service.
Yes, very interesting.
I would need the larger unit to run my system. I guess my apprehension would be the cost of replacement batteries and their availability, the units reliability, heat, fan noise, and of course sound quality improvement.

They are having batteries released by the end of the year. Your battery should last at least 5-8 years. They said they expect the batteries to be about 1/3 the price of the unit.
I use a diy version to run my pole barn lights hooked up to 2 200 watt solar panels , it runs the lights led for 40 x70 building  4 rows, , 3 outdoor pole lights and projector and stereo setup, has been going a year now and never has run out.   Same setup would recommend for amps that don’t get turned off.  Probably 200 watt panel would be good for an audio setup   The charge controller built in keeps it from overcharging.     Never tried hifi gear on it, 
pannels are 200 or less.