Should we use ridiculously priced cables to listen to Rap?

Just seemed like the obvious next troll question, so just trying to help.

Use cables that had been used during recording. This will assure that you're listening to the recorded material precisely. Fancy cables are built to color the signal various ways and deflect reality. Trust me only pro-audio cables are truly good everything else is fake and brainwash.
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You beat Spuds...err ahhh Taters to the punch!!!
Nice work....and yet haters still gonna hate.
I use old cheaper cables everytime I play Rap and reinstall good cables when I listen to anything else.  
If you want to "keep it real" ya gotta have yes fancy cables are required for rap or you are a "poser"
Since most RCA jacks, spade lugs, and banana plugs are gold plated these days, cables are inherently bling. But Anti-Cables adds gold into copper for the wire in their cables!

Taters and his inquiries don't offend me, but I would love to know if mrtennis has any opinion on this topic.
Yup. You got to do it big Willie style!  Lol.  2 chainz has a video with Mbl people
I listen to jazz mostly.  Duke Pearson. Freddie Hubbard, Billie Holliday, Duke ellington, Ella Fitzgerald.  My hip hop is for my back in the day listening sessions.High Fidelity cables and Ear acute CD player spinning some Lightnin Hopkins Texas Blues. Music to my ears.

If the music contains Beatboxing, I like to use my trusty avant-garde ‘Fat Boys’ cables because they really get the vocal percussion correct and just look bad-azz.

For Turntablism, nothing beats ‘Grandmaster Flash’ Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang Phono DJing cable – wonderful scratching, beat juggling and punch phrasing reproduction.

If you truly want to go off and boing, try the new B-Boy ‘Tech N9ne’ line of speaker cables; incredible excitement and can make the system spring to life. Be sure to connect them out-of-phase, otherwise the electric boogaloo factor can be seriously compromised.

Dig deep; not cheap

Let me approach this problem from the technical side.  Good electrons in your cable, that you paid for, don't really move with AC current but rather vibrate in place (drift velocity).  With Rap music these electrons can get bad vibes and stay that way forever.  Excessive amount of bass can even move these electrons out of your cable and without any electric charge carrier cable is useless.  That's why you should always change to cheaper cables before playing Rap.  Better to be safe than sorry.
Fat Boys.  I loved the group Mark morales was kicked out of the group and went on to produce Mariah Carey and other artists and is responsible in part for more than 50 million albums sold as a producer.  Getting kicked out was the best thing that happened in his life 

Let's be honest, young thuggish, ghetto blasting, bling bedecked, dope dealing, underage impregnanting, drive-by shooting and civilization threatening rappers don't need big, thick  and inflexible cables to compensate for their physical short-comings.  Whereas, the typical audiophile...well, it's obvious.

(Did I include enough stereotypes?)
Outrageous price wires often have high bling factor, as wires go.   Except not designed to be worn.   Maybe some audiophile rappers or their wire suppliers will start a new trend.

Disclaimer:   any seeming reference to stereo types in my posts is purely coincidental.

"Stereo types", you know guys who like stereos?  Get it?
I was listening to Vanilla Ice's CD To the Extreme, the one with Ice Ice Baby on it just the other day. Now, I don’t know if that’s even classified as rap, maybe it is, but I don’t actually use cables. I don't even use power cords. I guess I wouldn’t be a very good cable salesmen, cheap cables, bang for the buck cables, super expensive cables, any cables.

mapman, I think you're onto something: high end cables as neck ware to replace gold chains. They can be banded right before the terminations and worn like an old fashioned string tie.

Maybe I'll wear one at the next audio show and see what happens.

All the best,



You got me thinking, maybe a women's line of necklace's. 

Helps with explaining the high cost… Yes, Honey, I bought this for you! I will keep it safe for YOU behind the stereo.

Also,Your over at a friends house and his system sounds bad, boom you borrow your ladies necklace, and problem solved.

Now if we could figure out how to get cables on a pair of shoes.

Yup.   You should if the cables makes the rap, blues, jazz, classical, country, rock or reggae sound better.   
I listen to everything.  Not your typical audiophile nerd. From Ma Rainey to Dave Brubeck to To miles to Lightnin Hopkins to Herbie Hancock to BB King to Robert Glasper to Mos Def to Jay Z I listen  to it all.

Calvinj-The "typical audiophile nerd" is a comment I might expect from an outsider of HEA. Many audiophiles have interests in arts-photography-aviation-wine-cuisine-fitness-watches-design-fashion ect. Please try to avoid stereotypes/labeling.

The audiophile club I belong to host a monthly meetings at different audio stores. The owner of one of the stores calls it a Sausage fest.
Taters-Not sure I understand your post. My post to Calvinj was pointing out he hates the negative opinions regarding "hip-hop" but yet he mocks the "typical" audiophile. His post screams hypocrisy!!!
Yes my posts scream hypocrisy.  The hypocrisy is you probably read this thread and you didn't call your boy tater tot out. There are valid negative opinions of hip hop. Taters don't ask questions that aren't questions to start threads.  State your opinion and be done. Sorry I'm not US. What do you mean by US.  But, to each his own.  However, being a nerd is not a bad thing.  The nerds I know typically are highly successful people.  It's just that you are different.  There is nothing wrong with fine wine, the arts, photography, aviation etc. That doesn't mean you are a nerd. There is nothing wrong with being a nerd. Embrace who you are. I do. I'm a guy who listens to hip hop and can appreciate Jazz artists from 90 years ago. I can listen to jazz 75% of the time. I have range that most people don't.  I think at the end of the day be who you are. Enjoy fellas. Happy living and listening.  
It was my impression that most of the people here listen to a wide range of styles.  But I enjoy and learn from the ones who don't as well as the ones who do. 
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Yes I'm selling my Stealth V14 and upgrading to Dream Royale so i can listen to more Rap!!!!HO HO!!!!!
@taters true. Enjoy you music. Have fun. Hey to each his own. I guess I better go to Radio shack and get some new cheap wires to listen my rap.  Lol.  All in fun.  

Too many old, bored, banal, well-fed, monied white guys with nothing better to do than starting threads about rap/hip hop, etc. Racial over/undertones?  Absolutely.  

Shame on me for even commenting- but you'll kindly forgive me,  because, in my naivete, I believe that Audiogon deserves better.

"Racial over/undertones?  Absolutely."

So now we have at least TWO members who can see into the hearts and minds of men.  Better call agent Mulder.

BTW, ps, this thread was started as a gag by someone who is tired of taters' threads.   It is a parody, a spoof.  Perhaps that goes over your head, I don't know--I don't want to make unwarranted ABSOLUTE pronouncements on a public forum about the inner workings of your mind.

Trust me, I've been around genuine racism and tater's anti-rap statements are benign in effect and possibly in intent as well.  You are way off base here.
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Don't use expensive cables for Rap. Here's the solution:

Find the cheapest, foulest sounding unused cables in your "spare" box to beat any Rap album or CD that may find its way into your home over the head until it is unplayable. Then just throw the remnants into the trash. 

Simple, no? 
ps ... 

Hey man, I was unaware that Eminem was Black. Thanks for clarifying ...
Sure, why not, if you can use them for your noise, they got the money, they should be able to use them with their nose.
As an after thought, can you pass the grey poupon???
To the people who don't get the joke……

This is a parody of some other anti Rap ,anti cables threads going on at about the same time. It was funny to me at the time, and now is a bit of an inside joke, and as time goes by it will get worse, so I am sorry if it makes no sense to you. 

I don't care what kind of music anyone listens to on your ridiculous priced cables. 
There's only one way to listen to Rap .... use no cables at all. The low noise floor is really enjoyable under "Rap" circumstances. 
Yup, wireless on Bluetooth.   So enjoyable.  Lol.  Enjoy your music. Your music. Not mines but your music.  Lol.  Don't talk just listen.