Source for low cost redbook CDs

I'm looking for any recommendations for good sources of CDs with a large inventory of music and reasonable or low purchase/shipping costs. Currently a member of which offers a shipped CD for only $6, which seems to be the best I've found to date. Only problem is that they've got a somewhat limited inventory. I enjoy a wide variety of music - classical, alternative, christian, old and new rock etc. Any suggestions?
I use they have better pricing than most and have the largest selection I know of. They often have multiple import and special edition choices along with domestic pressings. The other feature I love is they keep your shopping basket so you can fill your basket and buy the ones you need now, come back later to buy more!
In addition to the site you already use, the three sources for discounted CDs I use are:
1. for used CDs or orders over $25 on new Cds have free ship.
2. offers reasonably low prices on a wide variety of titles with free shipping.
3. Of course can have decent prices on new/used CDs. Their sister site is also worth checking out.
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EBAY..I've just purchased 2 new cd's..somewhat obscure jazz for a combined 9.00..
I currently have 14 CDs on Ebay Auction myself. I also have few titles advertise here on Audigon - great used price. I normally go to for sample clips.
I'll put in a third recommendation for Their used CD's can be great bargains (especially for classical music).

Michael Great price, I have been using them for years. If you are into jazz, most of their sell for $7.99!
Placed another Amazon order last week ... each disc less expensive than I could find on other CD sites ... with FREE shipping. All six have been shipped ... on three different days ... and all due this coming week ... FREE shipping ... Couldn't find any other site offering the Coltrane and Miles Davis CDs/SACDs that I wanted. Granted, Amazon doesn't offer but a very few SACDs, but they do list a significant number of regular CDs.
I use , , ebay,i think there is another thread with some more suggestions,i have not paid full retail for a CD in years!
I find has a very good selection (good on obscure stuff usually) and the prices tend to be pretty cheap.
I agree with Jadem6: I've had good luck with CDconnection in locating some of the most esoteric titles unavailable elsewhere. I doubt they are the cheapest, just very efficient...
ebay, local used Cd stores, (patience, etc). more often than not ifI'm buying new, I buy from amazon with supersaver shipping and use the link from AudioAsylum, so Rod get a small kick-back. (Sorry Ernie!)
In California = amoeba and streetlight are great. Also, Rasputin for brick and mortar stores.
Many thanks for the excellent recommendations. Even though I use Amazon a lot for woodworking tools and books, I never thought to try them for music as well. Duh. One of my resources to check out new music is our public library system which has a wide range of styles. Thanks to your input, I will now be acquiring more music than is responsible.
I've had the best luck buying used CDs from marketplace sellers (there are hundreds of them, perhaps thousands, so it's a huge marketplace, and stands behind and guarantees your purchase). I've bought a great many CDs this way over the past three years and found it very efficient (saves a lot of time and running around) as well as highly cost-effective.