Speakers for yoga studio

I'm opening a hot yoga studio and looking for simple speaker suggestions. Real simple would be a couple of JBL Xtreme 2's, or SVS makes a wireless bookshelf speaker (simple for teachers to connect to with Spotify or Roon) Alternative could be something a little larger or vintage mounted up in the corners. There will be a sub mixed in with the yoga blocks near one corner of the room. Kind of thinking good tone over dynamic slam- it's yoga, but there will be some high intensity interval training classes with a boogie factor.  

Appreciate your thoughts. Budget for mains around $500-800.


Hot yoga fan here.  Where?

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore would be a smart choice.  Sound great, versatile and will not break the bank at well under 1k. 

@Mapman thanks those look nice. Well if you’re in MA I’ll have to up the budget and get some ohms. Here is the space... https://gratitudehotyogafalmouth.com/location-1

Well Ohms would be a singular choice in terms of soundstage and imaging throughout the room, no doubt. Also sound superbly relaxed and  involving musically which I personally would love for a hot yoga session.

The Vanatoos can do a nice job of that if set up right. I have a pair in my wife’s acoustically challenged sun room. Good luck!

Yes that would be ideal. Or a pair of front ported Orangutans mounted on the wall with a Mastersound 300B to add to the tropical climate. 

Does your wife connect to these speakers through an Iphone or similar device?

Yes we mostly use Bluetooth from iPhone which sounds very good but also supports wired inputs. Also the onboard digital processing used to help massage the sound for the smaller boxes and the bass and treble controls are very handy to help get them tuned in. Not to mention each is biamped. A lot of modern tech applied well to produce great sound from a small affordable package. I first heard them at Capital Audiofest where they wowed a lot of folks including me.  Best sound ever in that room which is a tough one to tackle. Tried lots of other speakers in there.  Ohms as well. 

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For some reason a post was deleted that said:

I remember when this was a high end site. Good riddance. The world is so much better now. I can’t wait to get up each morning to see how things have improved over yesterday.

I'm just looking for good sound recommendations like I've been doing on this site for 20 years. I'd like it to be more high end and maybe with the right attitude I can get it much better than average.

Hot yoga is between 80-100 degrees and it will be even hotter higher up in the room.

Something cheap/easy to replace or all weather speakers.



For around 300 you could get the JBL 306P. They're active and sound much better than their price suggests.

No, they won't sound anything like the Orangutans😊

Thanks for the suggestions so far, I wouldn't have come across any of them on my own. Temps are between 90 and 105 depending on the type of class. Thinking of using Acoustic Zen cabling.😉


Acoustic Zen is a much wiser choice than (let's say) Virtual Dynamics, considering the application.



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How about a set of ceiling-suspended 901's?  They throw sound all over quite well, can crank when needed and come in under budget.

I’ve thought about the 901’s but I’d have to check to make sure they’re not deteriorated which could be a can of worms. If I could find a good set they would be lots of fun.


you need durable wall mountable and can play loud enough this means custom install speakers.


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

Definitely use weatherproofed speakers. Particle board, MDF, even plywood + heat and humidity = moisture absorption and swelling cabinets, split veneers or peeling vinyl. Not to mention what hot 'n humid will do to drivers, voice coils, adhesives, and good forbid, paper cones. take it from somebody who lives in Hawaii several months a year, those conditions will eat domestic speakers in short order. Likewise I would put electronics outside of that kind of environment. Alternatively, use something inexpensive and easily replaceable. A pair of Amazon Studios, for example, Under $400 a a pair, they sound plenty good for your use, plus you get voice control. Several wall mounts are also available, so no cobbling together something to get them off the floor. Add a couple smart dimmers and you can also adjust your lighting for different classes. If you need more bass, you can add a pair of Amazon Echo Subwoofers. And, if one breaks, Amazon can replace it overnight in most places.