Spring Theory

In difference to all the talk re: springs, I thought I should try them out in my system.  I tried to find a cheap way for my experiment, and found Nobsound springs to place under my components.  I have an all Ayre system...Unniversal silver disc player, amp, preamp.  All these pieces are anchored to their bench with the use of Audio Point solid brass cones.  The Nobsound devices are well made.   I have read the springs were detached, but the 4 units I got had the springs strongly affixed to anti-slide rubber or similar material on both the bottom and top of the units. The first trial was under the CD player.  At first listen, I immediately preferred the springs, but in my experience, any change would elicit a positive experience in my system, so I sat down to just enjoy the music.  The obvious difference was the positive increase in highs which seemed to provide more definition, air, separation of instruments....all good stuff.  In their favor this increase in the high end brought absolutely no increase in fuzz, haze, resonance, etc.  When returning to the Audio Points, after a bit more listening, I found the reduced high end was not a detriment to the overall sound.. it was like a change in venue, but with the same performers.  One of the CD's I used was Dolly Treasures the CD cut 2 ----Today I Started Loving You Again. Dolly's voice can be harsh on some systems....both the Audio Points and springs reproduced it with clarity....until the middle of the song after a key change and a male voice accompanies her.  At this point, there is a blurring of the voices....maybe a 1/2 degree or less of fidelity.  My preamp has 2 outputs....I use one to connect to my main amp, the other to my headphone amp.  When both outputs are connected at once, there is a very minor decrease in fidelity.  When I discovered that and spoke to Ayre, they told me they are aware, so now I disconnect either of the amps.  I suspect when the duet on Dolly's began and the additional mike was switched in the board, the results followed....all the instruments...drums (dead center) etc. remained the same.  Anyway, my takeaway from this experiment was that both Audio Points and Nobsound are excellent at what they do...the AudioPoints provide a more "golden" sound.   I returned the Nobsound because they weren't a definite improvement,,,,,, and are damned ugly in place..   I do recommend them for their excellent performance.
Springs are highly sensitive to tuning for load. Didn't see any mention of changing the number of springs to get them right. As shipped they come with way too many springs for a CDP. Most CDP only 3-4 of the 7 are needed. Too many and the sound is tilted up. Which your #1 impression fits with what would happen if you had too many springs. So question is, how much time did you spend comparing different spring loadings?
Springs under components is the place you will notice decoupling the least. The single component that has to be isolated VERY well is a TT, maybe a CD player.

Under your main speakers, bass bins or subs that’s the BIG difference, I have always noticed. I used inner tubes under some heavy bass bins, with great success to.

The density and compression of the enclosure in pretty important too. It has to sound dense even if the actual material isn’t. MDF vs HDF add Weight and then adjust the spring load WITH dampening..

Just springs, only do so much.. BUT they work BETTER if loaded and dampened correctly. Add ear plugs to the inside of the springs..

Too many springs... that's a no no to.. This is not a theory they been tuning suspension or removing vibration a LONG LONG time.. It's just kind of new in the stereo world..

There were no instructions given in the package of 4 I received....however, there was compression of the springs under each of the components.   The CD player is very left heavy, so I tried to balance the weight with the 4 gizmos left situated. The preamp is evenly weighted the amp is back weighted.  The amp is over 100 lbs and almost compressed the springs too much.,,the preamp and CD player are about 25 or 30 lbs.   The springs had absolutely no  effect on the power supply of the preamp..25/30 lbs. and neither do the cones when used or not.
Thanks for that comparison. I have been curious about the Nobosound springs. I'd like to add that if you upgraded from the brass Audio Points to one of their Apprentice platforms you would notice a dramatic difference, even when used on a good quality audio equipment rack.
Thanks for your post Greenbean (😊). I just received my first set of Nobosound springs… thanks for the tip MillerCarbon. They had a positive effect under my 36 pound CD player / DAC… quieter background. So, I ordered three more sets. It would never dawn on me to take them apart. In the past, if I saw springs like that… I was really concerned of them comping apart and not being able to put them back together.

So MC…. 3 for 30 pounds, 4 for 45 pounds, 5 for 65 pounds, 6 for 80 pounds, all for 100? You must have a rule of thumb. I have gotten lazy in my retirement. 75 to 95hours of work per week, sometimes more for 40 years… I’m enjoying enjoying the music. Better system is good too.

I don't know where y'all got your Nobsound springs but mine did not come preassembled. If the ones you ordered did they were probably pre-owned and returned, No biggie as far as that goes.

I got 4 sets of four. I had intended to use them under my speakers but even with all 7 springs they are too heavy. I've got a set under my Parasound Integrated, under my Carver 5 channel amp, under my receiver and just for giggles I have a set under my Bluesound Node.

I only need 3 springs in each puck.
There are a lot of variations on the Nobsound springs. Mine were machined aluminum that came completely disassembled, with springs in one bag, aluminum pucks and rubber adhesive pads all separate. But some use plastic, acrylic, etc and with different pads. The one thing they have in common, being springs they must be tuned to the load.

The OP clearly didn’t do this and so sorry nice try fuzztone but you can’t pre-empt this one it was user error. Complete with the audio description that I spotted fits to a "T" exactly the sound I knew to expect from his mistake.

Amazing how when you know this stuff it is possible to predict these things so easily. Almost like I know what I’m doing.

All springs need to be compressed at least 1/3 to about 2/3 to work properly. Within that range small adjustments allow tuning that when done properly easily bests all other non-spring solutions other than Soundsmith, which are damped. It is the fact Nobsound aren’t damped that makes tuning so important.

It is a shame the OP didn’t bother to do a search and read any of the dozens of comments from people explaining this. Especially since he went and posted his opinion that will now serve to mislead others who aren’t paying attention. Springs will be written off by him and half a dozen others who could have had better sound but listened to the wrong advice.

Editorial standards (the lack thereof) strikes again. DYODD.
I’ve seven sets of Nobsound springs in use for over a year. All but one came unassembled. They sound better with no pads stuck on. I’ve found that using one middle spring per pod also works for light loads. Try using three pods per device rather than four. You can even tune further by using two pods and one cone or one pod and two cones.
Very Interesting!

I had been using Machina Dynamica Springs, both cryoed and HD springs under all but my speakers for 5+ years. The Nobsounds are significantly better

At first I was using 4 under each component but was short a few to place under my outboard power supplies, so took a few away, leaving 3 per component (placing one directly under the power supplies, which sounded cleaner, a little faster if you will. That said, I had not thought to try removing some of the springs. Why oh why did you have to plant that idea??? ;))
If you use ear plug roll them up put them inside the springs you use. You will really notice a difference in the Nobsound spring. 

I've sprayed the springs with Flex-Seal it works well as a dampening agent for the springs too. Pull ALL the springs spray them and install ear plugs inside the springs..

Your only getting HALF of what you could get for 10.00 worth of Flex-Seal and 2.00 dollars worth of ear plugs.. 50% spring compression is perfect.

If you use ear plug roll them up put them inside the springs you use. You will really notice a difference in the Nobsound spring.

I've sprayed the springs with Flex-Seal it works well as a dampening agent for the springs too. Pull ALL the springs spray them and install ear plugs inside the springs..

Your only getting HALF of what you could get for 10.00 worth of Flex-Seal and 2.00 dollars worth of ear plugs.. 50% spring compression is perfect.

 Wow! thanks very much for this idea! I will keep it....

My best to you and to your chickens...
This all goes to show vibration control is a lot more complex than we think. No one thing is a perfect solution. Even springs need to be tuned and damped to get the most out of them. Even then, like noromance pointed out you can use different things in combination. This might even be best, in some situations at least. Why? Because nothing is perfect, or neutral, every solution imparts its own signature in one way or another. 

For example, when checking out my new Origin Live Sovereign turntable I was at first a bit surprised to find two of the feet were some sort of plastic type material, while the third was some kind of metal. Also there was very thin cork on the bottom, but not on the bottom of all of them. Surprised at first. But this kind of thing doesn't just happen. Took me all of three seconds to realize Mark Baker must have tried and compared different materials in order to come up with this combination.

Springs are one of the better areas where we can experiment like this and learn a lot about vibration control for cheap. All it takes is time, and a little inquisitiveness and creativity. Ear plugs. Who'd a thunk? Good one.
The springs that came with early VPI HW-19 tts has a piece of foam inside each spring
I think that sorbothane finely rolled between the center of the springs will do a better job than ear plug.... But thanks for this great idea!
Some of you may know I have a LSA Voyager 350 GaN amp, with the top off. It's dual mono with the PS, which is half again as long as the modules (closer to the back panel), in the center. This leaves ~5" of space in front of each module, and the area where I HAD 2/3 Nobsound springs placed, thinking there might be some vibration there. I couldn't feel anything so I moved those 2 springs back and centered under each module. The result, listening to Tracy Chapman was that her voice was more natural

For peanuts Master M, and for you any time...

MC hit the nail on the head.. there is a LOT going on.. Look at a flippin' race car suspension compared to a semi. LOL This stuff has been going on sense the time of chariot races.. Ben-Hur.. :-)

sorbothane Yes it may work great good idea..

Remember the memory foam for the gummy puffers (ear plugs)

Just like the upgrade to a Thoren. They did a lot of research and memory foam was a keeper for dampening and so was silicone jell and silicone compounds that set up..

Progressively wound springs would have been an option too, ay? Tighter wound as they compress, less as the raise, Add or remove weight to tune...

With great respect and regards

Miller’s comments are right on the money. Read somewhere that the seven spring full complement nobsound takes 40 pounds to compress completely. The spring assembly pulls apart easily. I have a 15 pound LUMIN and used four Nobsounds  but reduced to 3 springs per unit. I will try it with only three Nobsounds. Amazingly, I could hear an improvement in transparency and staging and the springs looked compressed.