Streamer's without built in DAC options?

What options other than Auralic offer DAC free streamer options? Price up to $5-6k or less.
Would be used with Mola Mola Tambaqui and Roon Nucleus
Bricasti M5 is one. A simple unit with great sound and excellent customer service.
Why not try a Raspberry Pi with a good quality HAT like Allo DigiOne?  Run Ropiee or some other software on it. £150 all in. Even if you end up spending £3000 plus on a streamer anyway, at least you will have something to compare it with which cost you less than the discount you negotiate!

(Worth checking what the streamer you buy has inside the box. Apparently a number of them use R-Pi anyway). 
Check out various options from Aurender and you can get rid of Nucleus.  The conductor app offered by Aurender is the best app outside Roon.
What type of streamer do want that works with the Nucleus? The Nucleus is a streamer... what are hoping to accomplish?  The term "streamer" means different things to different people and the capabilities of various streamers varies widely. For instance ......

What type of outputs do you need, just ethernet, spdif, usb or ???
Do you need internal storage, need to attach USB drives, just access NAS?
Does it need to be a Roon core like the Nucleus or will you use the Nucleus for that?

I see your DAC has a full complement of inputs, how do you want to feed it? As a Roon endpoint using ethernet or use the USB or one of the other digital inputs. 

Your question is too vague to answer properly.
herman, Not that vague. Streamer without built in DAC. I mentioned the DAC I'm using now, and that I have a Nucleus.  All the answers but yours have given me options that I can use either added to my current system or with my dac and not need the Nucleus.  Yours is the only answer with no useful information in it??
"Looking for options of a  stand alone streamer (other than Auralic) without onboard dac. Currently using Nucleus and Mola Mola dac."

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I see Unsound has the same question I do which hinges on your vague request.

OK, forget about vague, how about your question makes no sense?

You state in your post you want a streamer without a DAC to work with your DAC and your Nucleus, but the Nucleus is already a streamer without a DAC. So it makes no sense to say you want a streamer without a DAC to work with your streamer without a DAC.

So do you want it to work with the Nucleus like you asked which makes no sense, or do you want to replace the Nucleus... because you don’t need 2 streamers.

so again, since now that I think about it your question is very vague. What are you trying to accomplish? What is it about your current system that isn’t doing what you want so suggestions can be made for ones that will? Why do you want 2 streamers? And again, your DAC will accept just about any manner of connection you can imagine, so do you want the DAC to be the Roon endpoint, or are you looking for another endpoint to stream to and then feed the DAC.

having owned a lumin u1 before ,
I agree with drrsutliff
my recommendation is streamer from wolf.

Great product, great personal service, fantastic support . You can’t go wrong with this one ... works great with roon .
+1 on Innous.  I'm quite satisfied with my Zenith MKII and have no plans to upgrade.
If you have an inclination to use the system to purchase hi-res audio from various sources or use streaming services beyond Tidal or Qobuz like Deezer or, I'd take a look at Wolf. Best in class audio with huge extensibility, it's easily a top streamer, and then add everything else it does. 
Why not just use a laptop, ipad, android device, or an ipod touch to stream? I don’t get why anyone would pay for a stand alone streamer when you probably already have a multitude of devices that essentially do the same thing already. The quality of the sound will be derived from whatever dac is being used in conjunction with the aforementioned devices. For the apple products, all you would need is a apple usb camera adapter to make the connection to the dac. Personally I use my ipad, seems perfect for this application as a streaming device. A beautiful display that sits comfortably on my lap. Not that I really stream very much, but when I do.....Tidal, I guess considered to be tops is available on apple devices....
McIntosh MB 50. Lots of streaming sourceboptions. I run it through my C 48 preamp. Balanced, unbalanced and digital connection options. Under the radar in my opinion. 
One recommendation, whatever you end up with will benefit further by removing the RFI mixed in with the Ethernet signal going into it. Network Acoustics ENO filter works wonders.
I have used a pro-ject stream box s2 ultra for a few years, and it works very well, and sounds a bit nicer than feeding my DAC direct from a Roon NUC.
I suppose one scenario in which you might want to add a streamer without a DAC is if you want your Nucleus to be in a separate room, and you want to use the Tambaqui as a USB DAC (instead of connecting it by ethernet). In that case, you might consider one of the Sonore Rendu products (such as the ultraRendu).  That's assuming you don't need the device to support, separately from Roon, a streaming service such as  Tidal.

This seems like an inversion of the “budget is the limiting factor” issue so many of us run into. Here, the issue is the budget is higher than it needs to be and the options are limited. 

I asked a question about DACless streamers last week and got some good advice

One of the suggestions I got was this device which is slightly more than I want to spend but it was recommended with the advice that more than $1k doesn’t get you better sound quality.

This lack of better sound quality at higher prices was supported by a few hours of reading about fancy streamers by PS Audio and Aurelic. Tons more money for the privilege of ownership but not for sound quality. Lots of mythology by the companies but not a lot of demonstrable “betterness”. 

So it’d seem there’s no need to spend $5k-$6k on a solution to the “problem”, especially with a Nucleus in the chain already.

OP could spend $500-$1000 on a device that would sound great (though admittedly wouldn’t have the glow of “I spent 10x more than that so it simply must be better”) and use the $5000-$5500 he’d save on some serious and impactful charitable giving this year. Think of all the WiFi hotspots that could be donated to kids in need, all the PPE that could buy a hospital, or how well that could stock a food bank at this time of year!!!
I asked this same question several months ago.  Auditioned lots of recommendations and bought the Innuos.  Biggest step up in SQ since going to full Class A monoblocks.
If you still have/use CDs I’d get either an Innuos Zen or Zenith streamer/server that, along with being excellent streamers and Roon friendly, allow you to load all your CDs directly into them (they have built-in disc drives) so you’ll have access to all your music at your fingertips. Best of luck.
I agree with @soix I just got an Innuos Zen mkIII. Amazing unit, I was amazed at the sound quality differences from my Node 2i when streaming Qobuz, it sounded so much more analog and natural and open through the Zen.
The two I'm  looking at right now to start are the Innuos ZENith MKIII, and W4S MS.

1) Allo DigiOne Signature with Shanti power supply
2) Pi2AES (from Michael Kelly)
3) Metrum Ambre
4) Mano Ultra
5) SotM trio
6) DCS network bridge

You won’t regret going with a Bryston BDP2 or BDP3 player “made in Canada”. The software is a bit clunky but functional.
I've tried many streamers: Lumin, Auralic, Naim, etc. I didn't like them. For me, the best option was this setup from small green computers:  sonicTransporter i5 (Gen 3) – Small Green Computer and  Signature Rendu SE optical Level II – Small Green Computer
Absolutely the best of all I tried.

Good luck!
How come no one mentioned the dCS network bridge?

it isn’t a streamer, you to stream to it, not from it

I also see many recommendations for streamers that aren’t Roon servers. assuming the OP wants a Roon server given he is using a Nucleus,

of course.. given the very vague stated needs, we don’t really know
It doesn't matter to me whether suggestions offered need or don't need the Nucleus in the system. I have it if needed. Or like the ZENith mkIII I can demo without it. So, suggestions are not limited to whether or not it needs the Nucleus in the chain. Its easily removed or put back

I’ve had an Ayre DAC and have updated it since 2011. I recently called Ayre and spoke with them because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on technology that will change in a years time. I was told that they use a Melco but have had tested, and with good results, many various components including a MacBook Pro. I ended up buying the Bryston BDP Pi, added a linear power supply and so far, haven’t found anything objectionable. Yes, it uses a Raspberry Pi for its processor but the way it’s implemented is critical. Also, the streamer and the DAC are interdependent. I’m betting that for streaming, my biggest improvements will be from adding the Uptone Audio Ether Regen and the Network Acoustics filter. In other words, spending money on usb cable, power cable, switches and noise filters, etc..., you may come out ahead better than if you were to sink all of your cash into one component. Just a thought.
The simplest option would be to continue to leverage your Roon Nucleus to run Roon Core and storing your music on the Roon Core and/or a NAS device.  These devices are both connected to your home network and can be in a different room than your system.  Then you add a Roon compatible network player like the Simaudio Moon MiND2 or DCS Network Bridge and connect it to your Tambaqui DAC via your preferred connection (USB, S/PDIF, AES/EBU).

You already have storage and a computer to run Roon Core handled with your Nucleus so you don’t need a server that handles file storage or streaming through Tidal, Quobuz or other streaming software.  Brands like Innuos are fantastic servers but you’d be paying for storage and other features that you already have with your Roon Core.  
Hey Tom @tom_hankins : do you already have the Mola Mola Tambaqui? If so, congrats! Do you know that the Tambaqui has a streamer built in? A network bridge. Connect it to your Router / Switch via Ethernet, and you are good to go. The Nucleus will continue to be the Roon Core (the server).

Basically, with the Tambaqui you do NOT need a separate streamer. It has a streamer built in:
For what it's worth, the USA distributer of the Tambaqui told me that the USB is a better connection than Ethernet on this DAC (and also the Makua preamp with internal DAC). He demos using the Aurelic streamer, which he also sells.