Talking Heads Remastered

Anyone out there splurg on the newly remastered Talking Heads Catalog "Brick"? Released on dualdisc with remastered stereo mixes on CD layer and extra tracks from the recording sessions and video and 5.1 mixes on the DVD layer. Every Talking Heads studio album is in the collection.

These albums were in desperate need of remastering as they came out in the late seventies and 80s. The original CD attempts sound pretty bad.

I've only been istening for a week and don't do 5.1, but the new mixes really add alot. They are tastfully done (Jerry Harrison had a lot to do with it) and sound great. I encourage any Talking heads fan to update their collection with this set.

Anyone else hear these things?

Thanks for the heads up, no pun intended.

I just purchased it and am looking forward to hearing it. I have been a fan since the beginning. and still think that David Byrne is a genius.

I will post my thoughts as they spout.

I'm a huge Heads fan, and I picked up "Brick" the day it came out. I was VERY impressed by the sonics. They waited a long time to remaster the catalog, but when they DID do it, they did it right.
great release, haven't seen the dvd extras
but the extra cuts are wonderful

I also saw individual albums recently released with the extras

if I only picked up two it would be Remain in Light and Fear of Music

great remasters

Herman wrote: "Is it out on vinyl?"

Not yet. Waiting for finalization of copy-protection for the multichannel vinyl format.


Those two are the best but it would be hard not to have 77 and More songs about Buildings and Food.
The remastered Dualdiscs are supposed to be released individually sometime early-ish this year.
And how long must we wait before we can buy the remasterings on a standard CD, for $3 less? Think Dylan SACDs.
And for those who want hi-rez and are squeamish about putting dualdisks into their players, the individual Talking Heads albums have also been releases as double disks (1 cd, 1 dvd-a) in the UK. I just ordered some on and they came out to about $16 a piece including shipping. The disks up to Remian in Light came out in mid Jan and the later ones are due in mid Feb. It seems some but not all of what is sold on dual disks in the US is showing up on these double disk sets in the UK; e.g Springsteen's Devils & Dust (and perhaps Europe). This is the best way to get recently released non-classical hi-rez (usually dvd-a) that I've found.
That label doesn't do SACD. Heck, Sony doesn't do SACD anymore either (which, I assume, is why the Dylan discs eventually came out in CD only versions). I believe SACD has been officially abandoned by the large labels and will be a niche product of audiophile labels from now on. Too bad.

DualDiscs having hi-rez audio is really just a fluke. The main idea behind them is that it's a cheap way for manufacturers to include DVD content to help encourage people to buy a disc rather than burn it. Too bad the labels decided on a format that is not up to CD or DVD standards and will not play on a certain percentage of players. It seems strange that a struggling company in a struggling industry would knowingly give up a certain percentage of the market, but I guess that's why they're a struggling company in a struggling industry, huh? :-)
I think you've got it wrong, Phil. The purpose of these fancy new formats is to get different segments of the market to pay different prices. So first you put out a hi-rez version (a la Dylan's SACDs) or one with extra features (the Heads Dual-disks), so the hard-core fans and audiophiles will pay a premium price. Then you bring out the same recording as a standard CD at a lower price that will appeal to the mass market. You're not giving up any part of the market that way. You're just getting the people who might willing pay more to actually do so.
Pableson, Are you sure that Sony has abandoned SACD? Was this published somewhere?
These tracks (or most of them at least)are available on the Talking Heads box set Once In A Lifetime in remastered form.
This was released late 2003/early 2004.

I have it, I'd actually prefer the individual albums but the DVD aspect holds no interest for me.
Like the Springsteen release,here in the UK these discs have the DVD as a seperate disc.
I was a bit disappointed in the packaging of the brick. I will likely look for deals on the individual releases wich have nicer pacakging. It is good to know about the European 2 disc relseases -- I am not sure my CD player can play DualDiscs.
Paradales the TH box set is a monstrosity imho.

"Ok we've got 3 CD's of stuff what will we do?"

"I know make it 3 CD's wide!"

Yuck,terrible concept and horrible art but the liner notes are very good


I think the point of the collection is finally getting these excellent albums remastered into a form that audiophiles can appreciate. I don't care about the 5.1 mixes or the videos. But I'm not complaining that they are there. I find the extra tracks meaningful in the context of the time they were recorded.

If you are reffereing to the inserted artwork cards for each album as "horrible" perhaps you don't really get what Talking Heads were all about. Anyway thanks for qualifing your statement as IMHO. It is just that. IMHO.

Karl maybe if you read what I wrote before you started shooting your mouth off you wouldn't have made the mistake you have.

I'm answering a comment on the box set on which Paradales and I agree on....... not the single albums.

And maybe if you paid attention to what music is released you'd have heard the remastered versions two years before you did.......imho.

I believe I was typing, and believe it or not, I did read what you wrote. If you were referring to the 4 disc boxed set "Once in a lifetime" then I appologize as I don't recall the packaging. But if you were referring to the Brick as Paradales was, and still think the art is horrible, I disagree. I think the artwork complements the spirit of the music nicely.

Sorry to disappoint but if you listen to the Brick (and read the production credits) you will see that these are not the the same remasters released 2 years ago on the "Once in a Lifetime" collection. The brick benefits from Mr. Harrisons personal touch.

Karl seems we are talking at cross purposes I thought Paradales reference to the Brick (which I now think he thought I was talking about but was mistaken)was a nickname for the very long Once In A Lifetime box set shape.

So the three of us have picked it up wrong somewhere.
I apologise for my part in that.

The artwork for OIAL is horrendous imho and totally at odds (probably the reason why)with the usual TH artwork.The packaging is awkward and hopeless to be frank.

As for the remastering, the bottom line is OIAL was the first major remastering of the TH back catalogue and done by Bob Ludwig who is widely considered the best in the business.
The British versions of the single albums have nothing on the outside to distinguish that they've been done again

Your implying that the new ones are better maybe they are but unless I've misread your note you haven't compared both either.

Personally to be honest I'd rather have the single albums in their original form and I'll probably pick them up when they come down in price and are released without the 5.1/DVD disc.
That's what usually happens with these type of releases.
Yes it is clear. Sorry for the confusion.

I have enjoyed a lot of releases done by Bob Ludwig recently. The new Air album comes to mind. I think if you can avoid the trend of mastering with incredibly hot levels you can avoid the inherent loss of dynamics and still please the band.

On the new remasters I can find no mention of Mr Ludwig. The only reason they may be better is that they include the complete album. I think both the stereo and the DVD-A mixes were done by Jerry Harrison and another engineer who's name escapes me at the moment.

I also prefer the whole album approach as opposed to the compilation. Single albums are now available on the dreaded dual disk format which happily work just fine in my CD player.
Out of interest it'd be nice to know if anybody has compared the two different remasters-Ludwig's box set from 2003 and the new single albums (and Brick!) by Harrison.
I like the new Brick Harrison version better than the Ludwig box. Both were an improvement, but the low level eff ects seem to get better captured on the Harrison discs

haven't done a direct a/b just recall the jump up for the early box then more nuances second time around

that long box artwork - especially the naked men was horrid
the liner notes were stellar and a shame they couldn't do something similar for the brick

I would have like to seen the songs listed on the back of the brick discs. You have to pull out the small booklets to get a track reading - annoying

like the Remain in Light extras