That sound is right for me.

It is youtube video and I am listening through headphone. It is really right sound for me. It is nothing to do with the speakers as I am listening through headphone.  This guy has made preamplifier and power amplifier both by himself and they are both tube one. 

My question is that which pre and power could have that high in the market? does not matter it is brand new or used.


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I don't understand the question, or how you could now that it is the sound for you over headphones from a youtube video.

sorry! I miss a word " level" ,I mean that high level of sound. Yes! I got to know it through headphone, May not everyone agree with me that people can listen to know through headphone, but I do.

I will not talk of a lot of that point, but if you are experience enough you can get the rough idea of that sound through headphone.

Please listen through headphone of that youtube video, before you comment here.


and I am always go to the tube pre and tube amplifier same as the video shows. so do not suggest SS ampifier as there are a lot difference here. Again,I will NOT talk of a lot of that points,as some one might not agree.

What I ask is to buy such machine in the market to have that level of sound, I do not want to argue with anyone for any points.




The issue here isn't that you're listening using headphones but that you're using YouTube. It's difficult to judge fidelity from such a lo-res source.

There are lots of aspects with the are right with the fidelity of the sound@cleeds but I still can judge out that is sound I  am asking. The whole structure of sound is revived even through YouTube. 

@runwell I agree with you. You can get an idea of the sound. The big Altec? speakers help. Notwithstanding the source equipment and music selection, you should be able to reproduce this sound with low wattage tubes like the 45, 211, 2A3 and high sensitivity speakers.

Totally imcomprehensible post.

Nearest thing to 'this guy' is the old Lennon-McCartney number.

This guy doesn't want you back again.

It can be very difficult to express yourself in a language that is not your own, as I figure is the case here. Either way, whatever sounds good to you is what matters. Enjoy the music.

My Christmas present this year is a Cayin Cs55a. It sounds super through headphones. I purchased new at 40+% off so even happier. If headphones alone are your thing your could try a headphone amp / dac . I have an iFi iDSD micro  BL and it is great for the cost. However the Cayin is even better, to my ears. 

@henry53 I am not going to headphones listen for myself. I talk about preamplifier and amplifier. If you use your amplifier to play the music and post on the YouTube, and let others listen through headphones, it will be another story.

If that happened, you can compare with this guy. I know cayin make some good amplifier, but not that good.



@clearthinker ​​​​​​ He is not doing business, and  does not sell me anything.

He said he made the preamplifier and amplifier by himself and I believe. That's it.

Flat clear, ok.

Was not meant to be insulting you. You may just have a more advanced knowledge of the english language  than I do. I stand corrected.

@baylinor  it's meaningless to say my English good or bad here. If you are not clear for whatever reason, you can just ask me.

Does that work for you? Let's go into the topic.

You may be able to contact the author of the video and ask questions. They may be able to give you clues of how to find what you’re looking for. 

Best wishes-

@uncledemp  you are definitely go into the core. He replaced the original crossover of the speakers and redesign a new tube crossover for the speakers and he said his crossover is much better. So now I have some clue, it is not just preamplifier and amplifier. 

@runwell That’s good news, one step closer! Best of luck finding what you’re looking for. Have fun! 

Much to my amazement, some YouTube sounds better than badly engineered hi-rez.

Case in point, remastered hi-rez of Led Zep cannot even remotely compete with YouTube’s Playing for Change cover of When the Levee Breaks.  You can actually hear the bass line!  

Check it out.  It’s wonderful.

You are absolutely right! When I listen through headphones, I enjoy it very much, this guy is truely making the  amazing sound. It will be a lot  better if listen in his room, I believe.

Limited in hifi record is really becoming a issue for us now. We need break through of hifi idea. Thanks.


@runwell    I didn't say he is selling anything.   I just said I didn't understand your post, and I still don't.

You say "which pre and power could have that high in the market?".  What do you mean?

And I'm not sure it's helpful to evaluate amplifiers listening on headphones to someone else's system recorded and published on YouTube.

Buy a Shindo preamp and amp. Then a pair of Altec Valencia's. This is what esteemed Stereophile reviewer the late Art Dudley used at home. Along with a Linn Sondek and Garrard 301 turntables. He was an analog guy!

And if you need to add an active tube crossover for the Valencia's then get an old Audio Research tube crossover and another Shindo amp for the Altec 811 horns. Me, I'd just use the stock Altec speaker crossover.

I have several time listening Altec speakers at site and felt extra  well each time. These are all old equipments and some one can handle it if there is small problem, and I am not sure I can handle it.

In another topic, we are discussing when is the best time to make the best hifi device. And some professional guys said it is now.  So I am wondering if I can buy the current model  with such good sound?

 Thanks very much @jasonbourne52 ​​​​​​, we are  in the  almost same position to understand the sound.

I just can't handle old equipments by myself.


There are many great tube brands, that produce amps that might be suitable for such speakers, but this video came to my mind...check Silbatone


@clearthinker As I said before, some one might not agree, if we can do assessments the hifi system via headphones listen on YouTube, you are one of them. I respect that opinion and we do not argue about it. Let us keep the difference between us. I said we could do that in rough idea, not very precise way. Someone agree with me,some one not agree with me.

Let's not argue about it. 

I believe the op is asking which preamps and amps on the market would meet or exceed the quality of the diy components in the video. 

i saw an ad for youtube the other day, you can download it along with the amp and preamp and then print it out. Then you can play them as long as you'd like. If you don't like it, just upload it again, youtube will refund you.