Tired of my crappy remote. Any suggestions?

I'm really disgusted with the cheapo remote that came with my $5000 Sugden amp. Phillips RC5 Audio Control.
Have to bang it on the coffee table just right to get it to function.
I've changed the batteries, cleaned the terminals etc.
Can ruin an enjoyable listening session when you can't adjust volume etc. A real pain.
Is there a simple solution?
I'm really not looking for some complicated thing with alot of buttons.
What I'd like is somthing that has a feel like my Nokia cell phone with as few buttons as possible, a Volume, Play, Track selector is all I ever use.

Maybe best to move the equipment next to my chair and forget the remote.
Forget the remote and treat yorself to a pair of Dr. Scholl's memory fit insoles, much cheaper than a new remote and great excerise for those long listening sessions
If the remote is defective it can be repaired by remotes.com. I just had a sony remote repaired by them and it now works great.
There's always the Weemote. http://www.weemote.com/products.html . That's only got a few buttons. If you want something a bit more ordinaly looking, but still with an InfraRed signal strength that like literally allow you to bounce the beam off of walls (meaning you don't have to point it directly at your gear) consider one of the Home Theater Master remotes. The MX-500 is pretty popular and affordable. http://www.remotecentral.com/mx500/ If you don't even need the features of the MX-500, there's the SL-9000. http://www.remotecentral.com/sl9000/index.html . There are the remote control workhorse of the aftermarket learning remote world.

Happy hunting!

Second the MX500 or its slightly higher brethren. I have the 700 (?) that has an IR repeater so the gear can even be in a different room.
Does anyone make simple aftermarket metal remotes? Something like the little ones that come with some Simaudio Preamps - Very nice!
Ditto. I don't use any remotes and just get up anytime I need to adjust the volume, balance, or operate the CD player. I find it actually makes my listening sessions more relaxing. YMMV.

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Remote? Who needs a remote? The day that I'm too lazy to yell for on of the kids to turn up the volume is the day I'm gonna get rid of the system and start exercising!
Why don't you show her your post? All in the interest of matrimonial harmony of course.
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There is an excellent "remotes forum" at www.remotecentral.com. You may also find a direct replacement or a simple learning remote at www.remotes.com, which is the website for 1-800-remotes.

1-800-remotes is the place many retailers use when they need a remote to replace a lost or damaged unit before selling there used/demo equipment.

BTW, the Weemote mentioned earlier is not a good choice. It is an excellent concept, designed to allow your young children to only watch the TV channels you program into the remote, but the user interface is horrible. I have a computer repair and programming background and it was still very difficult to get it set up.