Tone controls? Sorry about the heresy.

I need tone controls! Too much of the music I listen to needs it. A lot of 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's rock. Some acoustic music. Who makes excellent preamps with tone controls OR what other box can I use that won't degrade the sound too much? Currently use a PS Audio 4.5, Adcom GFA-555II, JPW speakers.
I don't know if they're excellent, but Quad's pres have unique tone controls.
Surely you must have heard of McIntosh, who has had tone controls on their preamps for years! Some have the basic bass and treble controls, others have the 5-band equalizer. Check them out.
McJntosh preamps w/ 5 band eq's are nice because each one is a dedicated amp.
the Quad 99 pre amp is in the same price range as the items you list. You could also pick up a Quad 909 power amp and have a matched set that would be a big step up from the Adcom...
Why not, if it pleases your ears. Equalizers, also yes. A unit that gets great reviews is the Technics 9010. The latter lets you adjust the band width in each of its five frequency bands, so it is fun to play with.
Also, some hi end software that does tone and equalization can be fun to try.
Don't know your budget. A couple that come to mind on either end of the price spectrum:
One that quickly comes to mind, was a particular add on tone control unit made by Parasound and, was designated model# REQ-150. A small black box that received a good review from the Sensible Sound a while back.
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I know what your looking for..

An Accuphase C-200 preamp,it even has 3 sets of outs!!!

Very good tone controls.

There's not a dam thing wrong with tone controls.....I own amps with them and without them,(tube and SS), all this talk about "no tone control pre's sound better", is pure Rubbish.

They are wonderful pre's $400 to $600 used.

I own 2, good luck!
I highly recommend the NAD 118 digital pre. It was unique: besides having the typical Bass and Trebel controls, it also has a Mid frequency control.It has an onboard DAC and all adjusting of the sound was done in the digital domain, which eliminated distortion. The pre has a bypass switch if you do not wish to have tone controls within the signal path. The sound of this pre. rivals many of the expensive higher end units out there. It's rare to find one here, about two a year. They have sold for around $400, not bad for what you get for the price - brand new they sold for $1600.

May I offer one other suggestion? You're overlooking the most popular tone controls on earth. They have an entire section devoted to them on the 'gon. They're called "Cables". ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

About 15 years ago I had a 12-band equalizer that actually helped my system quite a bit. I think it was by Panasonic but I'm not sure.

Good luck in your pursuit!
Tone controls do not serve the same purpose as an equalizer. Tone controls are good for quick and easy improvement of a particular recording. An equalizer is used to compensate for room and speaker deficiencies. Setting up an equalizer takes the better part of a day (unless your unit has an automatic equalization function, like the Behringer DEQ2496).
Judging by your other gear, you might like an older Carver C series pre. These have enough knobs to satisfy any knob junkie. They have a fairly complex tone control section - more than just a bass and treble knob.
Sorry to bump this old thread but I have to agree with Mcgarick.

I just got a babied Accuphase C-200 and I'm having no issues with the tone controls. They are very good and I'm having fun again adjusting the sound. I guess when done right tone controls can be a good thing.
I will not live without remote volume and remote balance control from my listening chair. I also like automatic Fletcher Munson EQ for low volume listening (misnamed ’loudness’ (essentially low volume bass boost) if properly implemented.

This Chase Remote Line Controller has that as well as remote tone controls, mute, input switching.

this one is sold but has all the info

’absolutely no noise or distortion, Signal to Noise 105 db’ is true, no one can tell if it is in or out of my system. I use 2, and have a spare, I’m not living without one.

a slight balance tweak can make a surprising difference to some tracks.

they pop up for sale occasionally
The Schiit Loki EQ didn't exist 11 years ago when this thread was started, but it does now and it's an amazing little thing...I use mine sparingly but when needed it does the job perfectly. A no noise little gem, and at a silly price.
The Schiit Loki EQ didn’t exist 11 years ago when this thread was started, but it does now and it’s an amazing little thing
+1 for this, it’s all you need
Here's what it can do, and it's very transparent.

Cheers George
Nice unit, it is a silly price, I would add balance, and remote control, and mute to take a phone call.
I have two of these, absolutely love them, and the third system has a Luxman pre with tone controls on the remote.  Tone controls of some sort are a necessity; not always needed, but when they are, they are wonderful.