travelling speakers

Say you are going on a ski trip and staying in a condo with friends, and would like to bring a compact sound system a cut above bose wave and its like, but easy to travel with. The electronics can be a laptop driving light weight class D amp. But what speakers?
I've never heard them personally, but maybe something like the Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers. I doubt you get much bass, but they probably sound good and look tiny and easy to pack. Orb makes a similar pair. Never heard those either.

Another way to do it would be to get a small pair of powered (active) speakers, like these Advents: I had a pair of the predecessor Acoustic Research version of these about 20 years ago when I was a ski bum. They sound pretty good - not audiophile good, but they are cheap, very rugged, and plenty powerful.

A similar option would be these powered JBL's:
Why not powered speakers like the AudioEngines? Or the Dynaudio Focus 110As that I am listening to now. Why schlepp an amp?
I use a pair of Visonik David 5001i. Metal cabinets, so very sturdy. Amp is a Winsome Mouse, not too hard to schlepp and runs on any voltage.

BTW iPod drives this but if I bring the laptop and Apogee Duet the system does up to 24/96. And the laptop runs PureMusic software. A veritable cut, no, a two-handed slash above Bose.
I like my Visonik's better than my Gallos', however Realistic Lieaum's are better.
For your situation: craigslist-buy old advents or something for $10, ship them for $10, leave them there when done.
My portable two-piece audio system: Macbook Air driving a 1958' Fender Champ Amp dressed in tweed, of course. 1/8" to 1/4" mono cable. Have the original speaker, JBL LE8T, or Lowther DX3 to swap out. Tube rolling to boot!!
I have a couple travel systems, as I travel a bit. I think the absolute best travel system I've had is the Cambridge SoundWorks Model 12. 3-way amp, with 2 satellite speakers, and the case is a subwoofer. Brilliant. I often use different satellites to mix it up if I'm traveling by car....Gallos and Mirage V2s. So far the Mirage had the best integration with the amp and sub. I also pack in it a Jolida GlassFx DAC, Audioquest KingCobra cables, and hand braided speaker cables. :-D

Most other systems lack bass, and that just isn't satisfying for me. This sends everything under 120hz to the bass case. All for under $500 (for the main system), and all in a tough-as-nails bass case. I've been taking mine all around the country for 9 years with zero problems.
Wkraft, I strongly suggest you stay in the parameters of the SBAF. (snow bunny acceptance factor)
If you are driving and have room for the like of PSB alphas you open up a floodgate of options. Please be more specific on size and price.
I also like the Cambridge SoundWorks Model 12. The sub woofer/case is brilliant. I keep waiting for something more modern to take it's place but nothing else is getting it right. The perfect travel kit would have the bass/case with powered speakers and a controller/gain optimized for an Iphone or like source. They should build the controller right into the case and provide a remote.
The only thing I don't like about this set up is having to plug in the speakers.
I'm with Kal. I'd bring my AudioEngine 2's (in their velvet bags) and an MP3 player. Or, if wireless was going to be available, I might unhook my Logitech Touch and bring it too.
Lokie is right on. I have yet to hear a travel system that sounds anywhere near as good as the Model 12, and is as compact and durable. I own the A2s, and although they are pretty good...they pale in comparison to the Model 12. They are boxed in my closet at this point. You just can't compete with a purpose-built 2.1 travel system, with components designed specifically to work together. Synergy.

To be exact...what I don't like about the A2s (in comparison) is the boomieness that they make when trying to produce bass...and the lack of bass below say 80hz. The Model 12 is an acoustically sealed system, so the bass is tight and deep. Very musical. I do use the AudioEngine Desktop Speaker stands for the Model 12 satellites.

The 50 Watt x 3 channel amp has 3 RCA inputs, and room inside to carry many cables, so I bring extra to run from the TV, laptop, iPod, etc. Each satellite has a built-in wall mount, with speaker cable storage on the back...with enough cable to have them 30 feet apart if needed. It comes with a plug to run off your cigarette lighter as well. Volume to subwoofer can be tailored, as well as overall bass and treble controls to tune output based on room acoustics. Really well thought out for travel. I see it as a long-term investment in portable music.

Obviously, I love this system. :-)