Tuneful Cables by High-End Audio

Has anyone auditioned Belden 8402 Interconnects By Tuneful Cables? High-End Audio manufacturers the cables in NY. They claim “It’s a secret favorite among fanatical tube gurus and vintage HiFi tinkerers.” Are these RCA interconnects worth consideration?


yes these are excellent, no nonsense, high value, high performing cables

sweet sounding, slight dulling of the treble but they seem to preserve the 'atmospherics' well (imaging, scale etc)

think of them as much more cost effective cardas golden ic


Cardas Golden is a pretty high comparison. I’m currently running MIT Shotgun from the amp to pre and CVT from the pre to the DAC. I’m curious to know if these would be a step up and offer better performance or if they are similar in quality and performance. I have B&W 805 D3’s matched with Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables. Some people think they sound a bit bright. The interconnects could be a decent match. Thoughts?

Cardas Golden is a pretty high comparison. I’m currently running MIT Shotgun from the amp to pre and CVT from the pre to the DAC. I’m curious to know if these would be a step up and offer better performance or if they are similar in quality and performance.

sorry i can't answer that confidently for you - these are $100 a set ic's... just try em!

I wonder if any members are currently using these cables or compared them to name brand, higher end cables. I agree, $100 isn’t a big investment. However, if they aren’t an upgrade, it may not be worth my time. 

@rubicon15 -m The Beldon Cable you mention is a "Good" micorphone cable, but is far from "High End"

Take a look at this thread

If you want cables that will provide noticeable improvements take a look at

  • Audio Envy - excellent budget options
  • Zavfino - high quality/performing cables
  • Inakustik (high end designs)
  • Hijiri (very high end cables)

Otherwise you are wasting your money

I’ve wasted tons of money on some name brand cables in the early days - those mentioned above are very good

Regards - Steve

I just looked at the Xangsane online. I’m a bit skeptical about the quality. Obviously, a lot of knockoffs are listed in the same search category. The Tuneful may have better quality control. I am really focused on the quality and sound characteristics vs cost. That said, I know you can spend a lot of money on crapy cables. I’m definitely not hung up on a price tag. If the Tuneful cables are sonically as good as Cardas Gold, Nordost Red Dawn, etc, I’m all in. If they are a just another cheap cable that sound good for their price range $100-$200, I’m not interested.


Having owned all versions of past Cardas "golden" series (various), and new version hybrid golden/clear series cables, I can share with you all of these sound different from one cable to the next within the Cardas lineup old or new versions.


Two years ago, to see what the excitement was about I had some custom Belden 8402 interconnects made for just under $100, to compare. For the money, they were possibly worth the price of admission. They went to a friend, he used them a few times, and replaced them with Analysis Plus, then on to Audio Sensibility cables he likes more with his tube amps today, and has some high end pre/amps. Neither of us found the Belden 8402 cables to be engaging or special in any way for our primary home audio systems.   A general studio and microphone cable, perfect for that use - particularly when longer lengths are required. Makes sense in particular applications.


The list @williewonka mentioned above is a good start, and you can also check out some used cables out there too, people move up the line once they find a brand they like. Also, if you want to resale and upgrade again later, be careful of the fake copy counterfeit cables out there, some of them are total junk, research closely.

I totally agree! A number of knockoffs are out there, especially on eBay. I’m definitely interested going the used route. I’ve thought about sticking with Nordost but I’ve read a bit about matching other cables for a better overall sound. On the used side, any recommendations for interconnects amp to pre and pre to DAC?


I have a couple of their interconnects, and the quality and construction are great. I also notice that unlike the Belden, the RCA's on the Xangsane are plated solid copper, which I think is very important.


A general studio and microphone cable, perfect for that use - particularly when longer lengths are required.

Makes sense in particular applications.


"@rlb61 I second the Audio Envy cables. They blew my Cardas GR out of the water."


This could be helpful information to others - with a few more supporting details.

Audio Envy is on Generation 10 of the Studio Prestige interconnect cable now.

What version do you have, and what do you like so much more about them -

Can you share more?

Can anyone comment on their experience with Chinese "Odin" interconnect cables in comparison to those described above.  In particular, I am looking for a set of interconnects for my low power SET integrated amplifier.

I have found that some interconnect cables are better suited to specific types of amplifiers. In my case,  something that pairs well with a low power SET. 

@lubachl  Can anyone comment on their experience with Chinese "Odin" interconnect cables in comparison to those described above. 

I have two sets of these connecting DAC to Pre and Pre to Amp. They replaced Belden 1800F (BJC). I cannot say I noticed a lot of difference in this case. My system is Gumby->Freya+ -or- Coda 07x -> Coda #8.

I admittedly have not yet tried a very high end interconnect, so I really do not know what is possible. That said, the ones I bought are very well constructed and appear to use quality components. They are a bit of a hassle to route as they are quite stiff, but once in place it is not an issue. 

Sorry I can't give you a solid answer that they provide a big performance boost, but as always YMMV. It is a fairly low cost experiment, so not too painful if they do not work out.



There is a huge A'gon discussion of the Chinese cables for sale at Aliexpress.  It is recent and there is a wealth of information on the counterfeit Nordhost cables, including the Odins.

@rubicon15  - If you reach out to Colin at Gestalt you might also consider speaking with him about Tchernov and Sternklang cables as well.  I use Tchernov Ultimate Slim in my main system and Reference 2 in my 2nd system.

Another cable line you might consider is Silnote Audio.


I’ve reached out to a few sellers regarding counterfeit Nordost cables. I actually received one reply stating that the cables were made by Nordost in a different country. Keep in mind, all Nordost cables are made in the USA. If a Nordost cable is not made in the USA, it is not an original cable. In all cases, unless purchased from a reputable dealer, you should examine all the photos. Usually, you can see subtle differences in counterfeit cables. I have two Silnote power cables. One for my CJ amp and one for a Cardas power supply. Silnote installed a right angle plug for me. Their cables are made extremely well. Based on the post so far, I may stick with Nordost interconnects - Norse level Heimdall.



I've had them for years, in and out of various setups. Sometimes underwhelming but most of the time shockingly good. I just put them in again recently following a long stretch listening to KCI Silkworm+ and Audio Tekne interconnects. Now, I'm thinking I'll swap out the Audio Tekne speaker cables for my Belden 9497 set. I haven't had those in my system for a few years. The 8402's sound so fresh and alive. 

i like the tuneful/belden cables

nice story here, after the beloved listener and stereophile reviewer art dudley passed, i saw his daughter listing various of his hifi items, and one item i bought from her was his pair of these plain brown tuneful cables, which he obviously also enjoyed and wrote about

when communicating to purchase this set of ic’s i realized it was her, what was happening, and i told her how much i enjoyed her dad’s writings and when he gave up on his ’listener’ magazine, how sad i was that he couldn't sustain that publication

then when she sent me the cables she included a couple of his signed copies of listener that they still had in art’s home she was cleaning through... i already had the full set of listener issues of course, but it was very sweet of her to send me those copies he had signed, evidently for some publicity event/show

“I may stick with Nordost interconnects - Norse level Heimdall.”

There are certainly better options than pouring money into Nordost cable lineup below TYR2, IME.


Thanks for that sweet story Steve. I had a real affection for Art and was frequently on the same wavelength with his views on gear. That was really thoughtful of his daughter to send you that. It has a good home with you.

I agree with roxy54. What a memorable story and a keepsake you will cherish forever.  

Well, here is where I'm at, if I go with used cables. I know Nordost are a good, fairly consistent, match with Conrad Johnson amps and preamps. I've read numerous post on the CJ users website regarding interconnects. I current have Red Dawn speaker cables. Some consider these a sweet spot in the Nordost speaker cable lineup. Obviously, the higher end Nordost are much better and cost two times as much. Unfortunately, they are not within my budget or system's requirements. I'm not running a 20K amp etc. lalitk mentioned better interconnects are available at the Heimdall 2 RCA used price point. Any real life comparisons or feedback on this topic?     


Please refer to @williewonka post. I will also add Sternklang IC’s to that list. I’ve used Nordost Frey 2, TYR 2, Audio Envy, Zavfino, Sternklang and HIJIRI. Synergy is every thing, if you’re confident that Nordost matches well with CJ gear, then that pretty much settles it. If you’re open to trials, then consider AE - Prestige and Zavfino - Fusion and let your ears guide you.

williewonka provided a nice list. I’ve done quite a bit of reading. Unfortunately, a few of the cables are not readily available to demo. I found one used pair of Hijiri online. I will try to demo AE cables. I’ve heard them at a few local shops but not on my system or similar equipment.

Jeff Day at Positive Feedback writes about Belden 8402 cables. Devon Turnbull who has garnered much attention lately uses and sells these cables. They also use tinned copper wire for speaker cables. The Japanese gentleman at SPEC is an advocate of these cables. I know others on this forum can tell you his name. Yazaki.. maybe? 

The Zavfinos for my speaker/jumper are really nice quality for reasonable outlay.

Dont want to derail...The biggest jump for my interconnects were putting them on audioharma for 6hrs/a peice.Is that what there supposed to sound like.Huge jump in transparency,ect.

If they offer that at time of purchase...do it.Fwiw.