Used phono preamp options - feedback requested

Greetings, all.

Here's my rig:

Thorens TD124 Mk 1 w/Mk II upgrades
Lyra Delos or Paradox Pulse D103R
Handmade Walnut Arm on unipivot bearing
Paradox Pulse Phono 70 preamp (MM/MC)

I'm in the market to find a phono stage up to about $2K to compare and contrast with the Paradox Pulse.

Open to suggestions however, considering these specific phono stages (all used):

Clearaudio Balance Plus
Sutherland 20/20
EAR Phonobox
Sonic Frontiers Phase 1 SE
Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL
Musical Fidelity NuVista
and possibly a Herron VTPH-1 (I can't get the guy to contact me back).

Decware ZP3 and ZMC SUT

I'm interested in tubes primarily, but can be swayed to try another solid state stage w/good (and easy) loading capabilities.  

Please don't bash - I'm looking for real experience with any/all of these, or something in the vein.  I have my priorities in the list, but am truly looking for quality input from the group.

Thanks in advance.
Nice TT you have there....Intriguing question: of the phonos I've heard -- EAR, both MFs, Clearaudio -- I'd be hard pressed to choose "the best one"!Here is how I would rate the ones I know with respect to clarity, low-level detail, and frequency extension and compared to an old FM Acoustics 122:
MF NuvistaEAR <--> MF MX with an upgraded PS (cannot choose between the two)

This said, all of the above are excellent devices!Unfortunately, I haven't heard your current phono to compare.

Here are a couple more to add to your list for consideration in your price range.

Pass Labs XP-15 (solid state)
Manley Chinook 
I might be biased to the Sutherland 20/20, but it is a midrange king that is a joy to live with. Add the optional Linear PSU and you could be set for the long run. 
Tron Convergence is tough to beat at this price point but does not give you the flexibility to change loading values. If that is not an issue for you, then a worthy audition for sure.
+++  Herron VTPH-2.     He’s very responsive and accessible, keep trying.   
P.S.  I also own the Parasound JC 3 Jr., but I’d rank the Herron 1st and the Parasound close 2nd.    But you’ll only know what’s best for you after listening to both.  
Double thumbs up on the Pass. Very flexible loafing option, very quiet. Until I started to use Pass I was strongly into tubes (Conrad Johnson amp, pre, and a Rogue integrated). Pass made me forgot about tubes (mostly- as I have a home built tube headphone amp) 
I been frothing for a Decware ZP3, but with the tape tap option. If you’ve ever heard it, it’s pretty amazing.. One of the best playbacks I ever heard jacked directly into the tape recording and playback. You can do anything with that type of medium. It’s been a while but it is a nice ADDED option, some like Reel to Reel.. The vinyl side of decware is a good value for sure.. 60 watts, powerful..lot of options and kinda ZEN, ay :-)

Herron VTPH2, is a tinkers dream.. Talk about tube roll extravaganza.
I really like the Herron better if it just had a tape tap for playback.. I suppose, you could add it. I know there is a lot of neat things going on there, too. Man oh man, either or...

Please add me to the list of folks recommending Pass Labs.  The now discontinued XP15 (which is what I have) is in your price range, is great with MC cartridges.  The XP15 does almost everything the XP25 did, except for you have dip switches on the back of the unit instead of dials on the front.  And, it can only accommodate 1 table at a time.  Along with my CJ tube amps and preamp, I have found the balance that's perfect for me.
Sutherland 20/20 with the upgraded stand alone LPS. No BS. Shortest path. Dead quiet, and what someone posted above - optimized midrange king. But not tubes.
Thank you, all for your fast input.  Lots to think about, for sure.  

I would have pulled the trigger on the Decware, but the lead time is 20 weeks!  I'm a patient guy, but not that patient. Hence, my broader search. 

I also added a ARC PH7 to the list to make it even more complex. 

That's why it's a fun hobby!
+1 for the PS Audio Stellar Phono (Darren Myers Creation)
Trade in your current phono stage and it comes in under your limit, new!

I run the stellar, it’s fantastic, no tubes though
Just named Stereophile analog product of the year!

You may also want to check out Tavish phono preamps. They’re tube based. I own one and really dig it. The co. is run by Scott Reynolds, who has a PhD in EE and his son. 
A used ARC PH 3 SE is a great tube phono stage for cartridges with an output of 0.4 mV and above.
A new Hagerman Trumpet MC costs only $1K new and I think it compares favorably past the $3K price range. Possibly beyond even that price range, if you favor a phono stage with a warm, open sound. Extremely flexible gain & load settings via switches on the front panel. I absolutely love mine, and I also own the following: VAC Renaissance SE, Rogue Ares Magnum, Herron VTPH-2A, and Sonic Frontiers Phono 1SE+. I’ve been pretty bowled over by the Trumpet MC’s performance for its price. It sounds like the old tower-style Trumpet, but adds a balanced JFET front end (for additional MC gain) that’s fantastic! Again, it's a little on the warm side but I really like that about it! I particularly enjoying mine with a Benz LPS so far.
The ARC PH3SE is indeed a fine phono stage for the money. They would be about $900 or so now. Was very happy with mine, had it something like 20 years! Until I got the Herron. At which point I must say I was SHOCKED to hear how much better it was and especially to realize how colored it made the ARC sound in comparison.  

The moral of the story is probably all of the phono stages people are recommending here will make you very, very happy. Until and unless you ever compare side by side you will never know what you're missing. And so as long as you don't worry too much about that you will be happy.
@liamowen -  Agree with your opinion of the Pass XP 15 - well built, neutral, versatile phono stage. I didn't like the lack of a power on/off switch or the tiny dip switches in the rear, to adjust resistive or capacitative loading- but its a very nice phono stage and a bargain on the used market. The XP 15 could potentially be your last phono preamp, its that good. I fixed the issues mentioned above by adding an on/off switch to the power cord, and have it turned around (front to back) on my rack so I can access the dip switches with ease - I use 4 MC cartridges - a Shelter 901iii/Denon 103R/Denon 301ii/and an AT OC9mlii- they work beautifully with the XP 15. 
I don't have experience with any of the other phono preamps listed but I am trialing the Graham Slee Accession MC (they have a MM version too) with the Enigma PSU 1. I have vintage components and bought a new Rega Planar 8 with Apheta 3 . I bought a Rega Aria and I got a bad hum that I couldn't get rid of. The Rega wasn't found to be faulty (returned it) but with the GS Accession, no hum and it plays wonderfully. This was in comparison to my preamps MC stage which was supposed to fairly decent.  Graham Slee has a loaner program too! You can check it out here:
Sutherland 20/20 with LPS would exceed $2K. You can get a Sutherland Insight with the upgraded Linear Power Supply for $1750 list. If you can swing the extra $900, the 20/20 has great reviews also.

Ron Sutherland will talk to you himself (very nice guy), and it is the recommended PS of the most respected dealers in my market. It's all Ron makes, so total PS design focus.
BTW - you probably will have a difficult time finding a used one, especially with the Insight LPS. I had to get mine after the fact and installed it myself (with Ron's help).