Vinyl on the Radio

This past Wednesday Los Angeles station KSWD (100.3) played entire album sides, entirely on vinyl, the whole day!. You could actually hear the needle hit the grooves and of course a little snap, crackle,and pop. Entire album sides such as Abbey Road and Dark Side Of The Moon sounded terrific. We can only hope they repeat this soon.
It is really great to see (hear) this come full circle. College stations all over are starting again. Yippee!
HFG - You might be interested in checking out Sirius satellite radio (can't remember channel number) - they have a "Classic Vinyl" channel.
Ghousthouse - Sirius's Classic Vinyl channel (14) plays rock music from the "vinyl era" -- but the medium is cd - - not vinyl. Great music, nonetheless.
IF you live in Chicago,
WDRV 97.1 The Drive plays
Thursday ALBUM sides ALL DAY!
They`ve been doing this for over
a year now.
Doh! Rshak...more fool me. Thanks for setting me straight. Oh well. I actually thought the sound was a little better there than on some of the other channels! Too bad. The music is great - especially when they get into something less mainstream...Wishbone Ash comes to mind. One other thing I do like is hearing some of the old DJs from the days of "underground" FM out of NY and Phila (before playlists took over).
If you live in the NY/NJ area, CBS 101.1 has what they call,
"Turntable Tuesday". They play 45's all day and night. I love it.
Can you still hear the FM compression? I understand that can be eliminated by conscientious stations (who want to).
That is very cool!! For me the early to mid seventies FM radio is the reason I am still hooked on vinyl today. “FM no static at all”.
Hm...but arent most all radio stations using digital equipment in all but one or 2 in the larger cities?

I have a nice Sansui TU-9900 and I occasionally listen to my local stations... if they started to play vinyl, I doublt it would sound much different, as they are all using digital equipment anyways.