Vinyl record cleaning

I watched a video of someone cleaning records in a dishwasher. I think it was a Maytag, I've heard they are very dependable. I have a lady Kenmore which was left behind when she moved out and took everything else. Anyone try this method? I will today, I have nothing better to do. 


What about the label be sure to turn 0ff heated dry. I see the potential for all kinds of problems. 

Try eating the Tide Pods too.  Someone once suggested that as well.  🤣


Can the Maytag Model Number be supplied, as then the pre-rinse cycle can be made known.

This works better (the roller attachment on the top is for warped records).



wish i had someone to come over i could trust, and clean, scrub, vacuum, suck out all the pops from my LPs'

would be great!

Use Cascade Dishwasher Detergent. It has better surfactants than Tide and won't leave a residue behind. Note that this method works best if you live in an area with soft water instead of hard water.  Do NOT use a Brillo Pad. 

Seriously a number of companies make things like this for use in saving the label when doing an immersive cleaning. I have seen other videos where people just wash the record in the sink and let water run across the label.  No no for me on that. 
WEWU ROUNDS Vinyl Record Label Saver Vinyl Record Clean Saver Record Cleaning Protector Waterproof Label Saver Record Cleaner Clamp Care (12") https

I'd rather wash my dog in the dishwasher than my records. Well - NOT - but you get my drift...

I bought a cheap Record Washer MK11 and washed half a dozen records and the fluid was dirty looking.  I used new fluid and washed more, same thing.  This yellow plastic device is cheap n easy.  The fluid is reasonable cost and a jumbo kit includes all you need for a couple hundred records. 

Ok, it's Frankenstein Ugly, and not jewelry, it does not look like something James Bond would keep in his brief case or glovebox.  But I noticed a much cleaner look, and sound from LP's.   

here is the definitive thread about all things record cleaning. it touches all the bases and even has two related threads linked.

i've owned 5 different high quality record cleaning machines, and own 12,000 records. i thought i knew quite a bit about cleaning records. nope.

just how serious are you?

I bought one of those inexpensive cleaning devices that you turn the record by hand.... 10 turns forward and 10 backwards.... Using Dawn detergent. Dry with microfiber cloth and it works I think as well as a machine that costs thousands. I'm sorry but I'm not sticking my records in a dishwasher..... It sounds like an idea I may have had that would turn into a real disaster. The labels would be a problem and as a person said in another post, the heat cycle would be a killer if you forget to turn it off.

I use a Record Doctor with Mofi Superwash.  The records sound about the same, but boy, do they shine!


They never let them get dirty...blow them off with dry nitrogen to remove any dust.



OP, sounds like she left the records and the stereo, what else do you want?

FWIW, I was gifted a VPI record cleaning machine, does an amazing job, even on bargain bin vinyl.

Carry-on, good sir.

@voodoolounge: don't believe everything you read on the internet or see on YouTube! The dishwasher Idea is just nuts! Experiment, if you must, but experiment with the records you don't care about and/or can easily be replaced. If money is the issue, buy a Spin-Clean or a Knosti.

I also tried the local waterfall. Hold the records where the pressure is the highest, if they break, use the oven the meld them back together. Nature always works the best.

I get the lab coat thing (I unfortunately have the same problem with leisure suits).



I seriously once cooked a large quantity of king crab legs in a dishwasher ( obviously w/ no detergent) & stopped before he rinse cycle. It was a weekly rental house w/ no large pots. Worked well but I don’t know if the machine smelled forever…..