VPI noise problem

..sounds rhythmic and both the tempo and intensity increases when going from 33 to 45. It’s a Superscoutmaster with Classic platter, rim drive, new arm with 2nd pivot. Nothing visually seems rubbing, only occurs when cartridge is on the record.


good idea cleeds...was thinking the same....let you know.   Do you know the proper lube?  thanks

I use VPI's superlube on the platter bearing and a few drops of light oil on the motor. Because your noise is cyclical, those are the the two places I'd examine first.

While you're lubricating the bearing it would be wise to check the ball and thrust pad for wear.

I found an old VPI lube....doesn’t say superlube. Is there a difference ...can the better one be bought? I used light sewing machine oil on the motors...I took the platter off, used alcohol to clean (very little black came off) and then used a new alcohol swab to clean the ball. All looked ok...played a record and almost all the noise is gone....could be some on the record....I’ll try a different one tomorrow.

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@stringreen just call Matt at VPI he is a good guy and can help you with your issue.


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Stringreen your problem seems to be solved, but for anyone else, there’s a VPI youtube video by Matt which addresses this issue, and recommends what lubricant to use on the platter bearing at least. Google "VPI turntable lubrication youtube" and it will pop right up. You’re supposed to lubricate the platter bearing every six months Matt says. So I’d best get on it too.


Obviously the tempo increases when moving from 33 to 45 - the record's turning faster.  The 'intensity' also increases, because more information passes the stylus in a given time because the record's turning faster.

Anything else interesting you've discovered?

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@rpeluso "Only occurs when the cartridge is on the record." ?? I am not so sure @clearthinker is a jerk. 


@stringreen Did you also lube the cartridge? 

Lube the cartridge?  Why would anyone want to do that.  By the way, the noise, though barely audible remains....not heard except at the "silence" between songs

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@stringreen , If you are hearing bearing noise through the cartridge and speakers, which it appears you are, the bearing is trash. This means that both the bearing and platter have to be replaced. You might as well buy a new turntable. Next time do not buy a VPI. That particular arm is not bad. You can put it on a Kuzma Ref 2 or similar. 

mijustyn....no it doesn't ......if indeed the noise is coming from the bearing, the thrust plate can be refinished ....maybe the ball would be replaced.   I am thinking it may be coming from the 2nd pivot....the turntable will be fixed.

Yeah....I found my problem.   Under the turntable, there is large bolt which holds the bearing in place.   I could turn it with my fingers...wrong.   I got my Channel Locks, and tightened it down.  Silence is golden.  Not only is the noise gone, but the air around instruments, solid lows, vocal clarity is enhanced.  Love when things work out.

Glad to read the issue is resolved!

@stringreen , glad to see this has come full circle for you and you are back to enjoying the music.

Just as a side note....VPI never got back to me,  If Harry were still in charge, there would have been customer support

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