VPI Scout 2 vs. Luxman PD 441

I'm on the fence about just selling my Luxman PD 441 table as I need to upgrade the tonearm from a Denon DA-307 and that seems to be a $1,000+ proposition.
I would replace it with something from VPI and keep my Grado The Reference high output cartridge.  Maybe a Scout 2 with JMW 9 arm?
My question is whether it is worth it for me to upgrade to a better arm for the Luxman or just ditch the whole thing and get a VPI?
Can I even get any $ for the Luxman to soften the blow?
Thanks for any advice.

Don't sell it! I moved through an extensively modified VPI TNT and several vintage DDs to a PD444.  Replace the stock elastomer footers with Stillpoints find a better tonearm. 
I agree. I sold my Luxman PD 444 because I didn't think I needed two arms. I have regretted it since. I would replace the Denon arm. So, to answer your last question, I believe that you could sell the PD 441 to recoup some of the cost of an upgrade. I, for one, would have an interest.
" Maybe a Scout 2 with JMW 9 arm?"

That's what I have. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. I've never compared it to your current TT, so I really can't say anything definite on that. That said, my guess is that it would be a very nice improvement from what you now have. Also, VPI usually offers a nice selection of upgrades so you're not forced to get a new TT if you want to improve things in the future.
For those of you suggesting I keep the Luxman, do I need to spend in the $1,000 range for a better tonearm than the Denon?  A past suggestion has been a Fidelity Research 64S.
Consider a Micro Seiki MS-505(the original version, not a MkII or MkIII) They are $800-$1K on ebay, depending on condition and completeness with accessories and box.  It's a great all round arm and more versatile with modern cartridges than a FR 64S.
" For those of you suggesting I keep the Luxman, do I need to spend in the $1,000 range for a better tonearm than the Denon?  A past suggestion has been a Fidelity Research 64S."

Unless you have both TT's for a comparison, its extremely difficult to judge one over the other. I would recommend that you work with a good dealer. Try Larry at Hollywood Sound in Hollywood FL. All he does is turntables. He sells VPI and he probably has some experience with your current TT. He'll give you a straight answer and won't try to sell you something that you don't need.


No reflection on Hollywood Sound, but the chance is close to nill that a brick and mortar store will understand or communicate the merit of a vintage table or tonearm relative to current production.   

Keep the Luxman. It’s a way better turntable. Maybe a new cartridge and a different tonearm would bring new life into that set up
Don´t sell your LUXMAN !! Second everything Dave the Messenger says, he has experienced many HQ decks over the years.
Replace the original elastomer feet with Stlllpoints. Also heavy brass feet or even cheap maglev feet will do the trick IME . And as the Genesis man says, a new decent tonearm will bring new life. Trans-Fi Audio´s Terminator linear airbearing TA is the answer to your prayers. You will then have a true giant killer TT.
" No reflection on Hollywood Sound, but the chance is close to nill that a brick and mortar store will understand or communicate the merit of a vintage table or tonearm relative to current production."

That's just a stupid thing to say. Larrys considered to be one of the best TT guys in the country. You're judging someone you don't know based on a guess. How on earth would having a store inhibit him from being able to properly explain the pro's and con's of vintage TT's? You have to have someplace to work out of. 

If you've ever been to his store, you'll see that he has rooms filled with vintage TT's. He has the biggest collection I've ever seen, and probably has the OP's Luxman in the store. If you don't believe me, go there and see for yourself.

I'm extremely picky about the people I recommend. If I'm not 100% sure on someone, I won't mention them.
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@bdunne I've never had pd441, but pd444 in stock condition with saec ss300 mat impressed me more than my SP10mk2. If the pd444 would have high torque as sp10mk2 i would sell my Technics.

Luxman pd444 is amazing deck even in stock condition, pd441 maybe not so good, but not bad. You can use Victor UA-7045 tonearm (goes for $400-500) and works great, with additional counterweight you can use even heavy cartridges. 
Thanks everyone.  As usual, great info for me to absorb.  I'm going to keep the Luxman and change out the tonearm.  Will try to find one that will not require much adjustment.
I just grabbed recently a Jelco SA-750L that's the 12" version  for my Garrard 301  they run from $600ish to $800 for a 9",10".12" arm i think the 9" is about $600 US.  I'm very impressed with the build quality and value. Way better then a moded Rega RB600 it replaced.
I was looking at the Luxman PD 441 manual and they list a bunch of tonearms in the same category as the current Denon DA 307.  The Fidelity Research mentioned is a 54 not a 64.  Those seem to be pretty reasonably priced out there.  Anyone think that is a bad way to go?
Late to this party as I just picked up a Luxman PD-441 with no tonearm.  I put a Fidelity Research FR-54 on it and it sounds wonderful.  I also have a Fideleity Research FR-24 that I am going to try out.  I have had both arms on different tables and I think that the FR-54 is easier to dial in  and use but the FR-24 was a bit more dynamic sound wise.  Both are affordable, but going up in price all the time.  The FR-64's are typically for a heavier cart.  I think that both the FR-24 and FR-54 are great arms that remain bargains even though the prices are going up on each of them
This site is great for all Luxman owners, this is the only souce for Luxman armboards (for all tonearms). Very nice replicas for reasonable price. 

@carrden99 there are many vintage tonearms for lighweight (mid and high compliance) cartridges, in this competition those FR arms are the ousiders, but the FR-64 is extremely popular for low compliance cartridges. The most expensive is FR-66. I hope someone can comment on FR-64FX (black) which is normally cheaper than FR-64 and FR64S 

Long dead thread, but here it goes...I'm a picker and just picked up a 441 with RF 64s on it, an RF MC 201 cartridge mounted. I have to take a a bit closer look on condition when it gets here, but it looks quite nice...whoever was the original owner loved this thing. I have a Garrard 301/SME 3012-R Pro and a TNT3.5/Graham 2.0 (that I'm going to sell...) so looking forward to adding this. Paid $1400 for TT/arm combo...can't go much wrong there, I would think. It looks like fun. That said, always thought the Lux pd-444 was just about the coolest MCM thing ever. Sell the 441, pick up a 444 & mate it with the FR 64S, or just stand pat, enjoy the ride? 

I have moved on from having the main used TT being an Idler Drive, to a Japanese Vintage DD TT, which is a SP10 MkII.

Along with this I also have a Tonearm produced by Audio Technica from a similar era as the TT. The TT and TA have both been undergone a re-designed using modern materials/design concepts to varying degrees.

I have over the recent years struggled to discover a Sonic produced by an alternative Analogue Source, especially those at a much increased purchase value, that has created the perception there are capabilities present and seen as surpassing, the good impression that my Analogue Front End conjures.  

It does seem that if I want to discover this, I will need to broaden my search, or increase the Purchase Value of a Analogue source being auditioned, to those that command £50K+.     

Dear @asa  : The 444 is a 441 with two arm boards.

In the other side that FR 201 is  agood cartridge but very low out output: 0.16mv


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


Thanks, R, Yeah, I saw the 444 was the two-arm version after I poked around some more. Duh....

But - and here's my audio shallowness showing through again - that 444 sure is cool looking....

R, you know a lot, what do you think of the 441/444 performance? Or is it just nostalgia for something that is long gone, or long surpassed?

Thanks, M.

Definitely Nostalgia. A caveat to my post is that I bid on the same auction!

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