What audio expos are worth going to?

On the off-chance that expos, like CES actually happen in person this year and next, I was wondering if anyone has attended particularly great, annual audio expos. I've never been to any and with the lack of audio stores where I live, I feel like I've been living in a vacuum. So, I'm anxious to hear a lot of the equipment discussed in this forum. I'm in CA but given the audience, the expos could be anywhere. And conversely, did you ever attend an expo that you would not recommend?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been, but there used to be a CES in Las Vegas in January, and one in Chicago in June. Not even sure if that’s true anymore, but there is one scheduled in Vegas January 5-8, 2022. Covid vaccination is required.

What you used to find is a huge convention center full of the most recognizable consumer brands, then a much smaller venue away from the "zoo", with many of the high end companies. The high end portion of CES was much more intimate and you could talk with folks about their products (often the designer/owners), and actually hear some of the gear...albeit in a not ideal sounding hotel, suite, or conference room, but was far more useful than trying hear something in the main convention center.
Capitol Audiofest in the DC area has become an excellent show not sure if it will happen this year or not likely not.
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In my opinion, following are the biggest audio shows in terms of participation,

North America - AXPONA & RMAF
Europe - High End Munich
The best one so far this year was Chuxpona 21 in Redmond. Audiophiles from across the country had a great time. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/9675 The next one coming up is Chuctoberfest in nearby Woodinville the weekend of Chuct, er I mean October 30-31. This 2 day event will follow the Chuxpona model where we try out a number of different things in one main system. Saturday is at Brandon's in Woodinville. It is really more his event I am just the shill, er I mean promoter. At least one from CA is driving up and so let me know if you are interested maybe you can ride with him? We have one room here.

Why endure the crowds, impersonal hotels and hastily set up hotel room systems when you can kick back relax and drink, listen and be merry? 
I used to go to Axpona annually until they moved it out of Rosemont. JD Events does an excellent job producing it. I also used to go to RMAF, but found the Marriott hotel was not made for audio shows ;). I think they have moved it. Both definitely worth the travel, imo. Lots of fun, especially if you have never been. 
The Capital Audiofest is still on for 2021!
With all of the moving parts in our industry, CAF is still moving forward and will continue to keep you up to date!
COVID-19 Update: The State of Maryland is fully open but requires that ALL participants wear masks for indoor events at this time.
See you at the Capital Audiofest on Nov. 5-7 at the Hilton Hotel, Rockville, MD.
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Since you are in CA, here's a possibility for you in 2022 , the new Pacific Audio Fest which will be held in Seattle
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Axpona is dead. Munich is the best but no show for 2020,2021.

RMAF is the only game in town. 

I think you will enjoy it.

The Gaylord has some large exhibition rooms.

Just so you all know Axpona has been cancelled 3 times in a row now. The show is now Scheduled for April 2022. I also received an EMAIL the other day telling me that RMAF in not only cancelled but they are now ending the show forever. Really unfortunate!