Which companies deserve a star for Christmas

Which companies gave you a stellar experiences this year in terms of excellent product, and knowledgeable and accessible sales and service?
After spending 45 minutes of hold with AT&T last night and never being able to even talk to a person at several companies this year. It is refreshing that in audio you still can talk to someone quickly who is eager and able to help you.
I nominate in alphabetical order the following companies that gave me stellar experiences this year: Audio Horizons, Ayon, Morrow Audio, Nuforce, Stillpoints, Von Schweikert.
Happy Holidays to everyone at the following companies!

Aerial Acoustics
Ayre Acoustics
Clayton Audio
Eden Sound
Jensen Transformers
MUSE Electronics
SMc Audio
Sound Anchor

Stellar service ranging from hand-delivering large amps across several states, to fast turn-around and easily incorporating special requests on upgrades, to totally remanufacturing a flawed product at no cost and without the least bit of hassle, to fronting products for home trial at no cost (and without my asking), to speaking with owners and other key staff who cheerfully answered questions about their products; the above companies have all exhibited what I consider the “Gold Standard” of customer service this past year, and each have my full and enthusiastic recommendation applying to both their products and their people.
Aesthetix Audio couldn't have been nicer or more considerate in their dealings with me. Always helpful even though I was buying a pre-loved Janus from another Audiogoner. Communication was great and their courtesy and kindness went well above the call of duty. A special thanks to Glenn Buckley!
Another vote for Aesthetix & Glenn Buckley! I had the exact same experience as Ucmgr.

Logitech Squeezebox is also great with their tech support . . . one of the best.

As for ATT, their business model seems to be based upon what's convenient for the company, not what's best for their customers. And what's with the Federal privacy law statement before they can look at your records and talk to you? They have the information already and they're talking to you about your own records. And as soon as the Feds asked for calling records after 9/11, they gave them up anyway.
Have to include Thor Audio ..Ted and Jordan..Great guys that want to do it right......
Synergistic Research (SR) has provided service and advice that rates 5 stars. During the last year I have installed a SR based system in both my headphone system and my floorstanding speaker system. Multiple calls to clarify what power cord , speaker cable, interconnect, etc. have always been answered right then. Never a voice mail box or a we will return your call message. When I lost a connecting part, they promptly sent out a replacement.
Scott Walker Audio also has my 5 star rating. If looking to purchase SR products he is a great resource.
Listening to Christmas music has never sounded better!
Paul Chambers of Goodwins high end has always been very helpful, and has given me a couple of VERY good offers over the past year. I also bought a pair of Lipinski 707 monitors from Lukas Lipinski. It's not every day a CEO and President of a company will even talk to a customer, let alone the deal he gave me on the speakers. I truly respect anyone in a high position that puts people before profits, unlike some of the scumbags I've worked for in the past. My respect is for anyone in any business caring enough to rate people over profits. Guess who I'll promote and buy from again, even if their prices are higher than the snobs out there. Best of luck to all.
John Rutan-Audio Connection, Verona, NJ
Kevin Deal-Upscale Audio
Eric Alexander-Tekton Design
The Tube Store
I only talked through e-mails with Lindy from Redgum Audio in Australia. Great.
Calvin at Audio Research -very patient and helpful. Always have parts for everything! RIP Bill
Odyssey (and Symphonic Line)- Klaus Bunge
GR Research - Danny Ritchie
Dodd Audio - Gary Dodd
Paul G - Tube Audio Design (TAD)

All great guys with fabulous products!
Reno Hi Fi
Eden Sound
Galen Carol Audio
Brooks Berdan
Crystal Clear Audio
PBN Audio

Happy Holidays
Coincident, Israel Blume for ultra quality products and equal level service and response.
Excellent communication and a very reasonable turnaround time on an upgrade (slight delay due to Kevin not being totally satisfied with the sound of the amp on his listening review and having it reworked again). This is the product and company pride that will keep me as a long term customer.
Bryston. One of my 28's was overheating as the bias was off. After contacting Bryston it was picked up off my doorstep the next day, shipped to Vermont (from CA) and returned to my door step about 6 days later. In perfect working order of course.
Joe at JPS Labs....just ordered a new custom power cord (different IEC connector) for my amp & 5 days later it arrived from NY to FL. thanks Joe!
Kevin Hayes and the staff at VAC.
My previous post did not carry the first sentance by mistake.
Chris at vh audio, unmatched service, quality products. We need more like him. Jallen
Years ago I called Rotel when my amp lost a channel and a local shop quoted me $250. They connected me directly to a tech and he recommended I send it to him. Saved me from being screwed by that shop and $180.

Also, when I was working on a TT project I called vpi and I believe I talked to the owner. Very nice people, very helpful. I read here that the family is going through the toughest of times and my heart goes out to them.
Underwood HiFi
Reno HiFi

dB Audio Labs
Vapor Audio
Wow! Thank you everyone for responding. It is terrific to be reminded of all the great companies and people out there, and to see them duly honored.
Happy Holidays
Ryan Tew at Red Dragon Audio is awsome. Albert VonSchweikert is also great and Patrick Butler at Vienna Acoustics is on my list of good folks. All three were helpfull and great to talk to.
Roger Modjeski at Music Reference - who designed & built my amp this year & personally burned it in for a week at his home to make sure it was flawless when I received it.
Patrick Calmettes of Jadis and Mark O'Brien of Rogue Audio certainly also deserve mention.
Evolution audio-video
David Weinhart designs
Brooks Berdan Ltd
Blackbird audio
Music Direct
Willy Hermann for his friendly service and advice on my stable of Nakamichi cassette decks.
A month ago, I purchased an OEM factory hot-rodded Theta Compli Blu CD/DVD. Two days ago I put a DVD in the drawer… closed the drawer… and nothing happened. I pushed the button to open the drawer… and nothing happened. I unplugged it… plugged it back in… and the drawer still wouldn’t open.

I left a voice mail message on the Theta Support line asking for a return phone call… which was promptly returned. After trying several “fixes”, John at Theta said he’d call OPPO to see if they had what he referred to as a “back-door” fix to open the drawer. Ten minutes later Theta called with the “back-door” fix, and I was up and running in no time.

As it turns out, the Theta Compi Blu wasn’t at fault because the DVD I had inserted is a DVD that’s on a short list of DVD’s that are problematic with OPPO based equipment.

By the way, the OEM factory hot-rodded Theta Compli Blu is beyond the bucket good.
NOT a company per se, but Rick Hopkins is an Audiogon member who was a HUGE help to me in researching different kinds and models of reel to reel tape recorders. i eventually found a seller on e-bay who is perhaps THE #1 (US) expert at restoring and setting up Studer tape machines (Fred Thal) who i bought a used A810 from. i believe Rick dropped them a line about me which smoothed the transaction since my questions to the seller were from someone who hadn't any hands-on knowledge of these professional-grade machines.
Rick has a Virtual System to die for and enjoys communicating with folks who still love vintage audio. Thanks, Rick. HH, MC, and a HNY. (etc)
Ty from tyler acoustics excells in customer service, I talked to him on the phone and thru emails several times and he is always prompt and his speakers are steller in performance
Joe Abrams at Equus Audio.
Great person to do business with. Not a greedy dealer. Great communications.
For buying MIT products I only go to Joe.
Joe Nies
Hi all ! My votes go to.....VTL , Thiel , Tekton Design , Transcendent Sound and Bottlehead .