Which record brush?

Anybody got any strong preferences between the Audioquest and Hunt EDA brushes? Does either one do a better job picking up (vs. moving around) dust? And would either be easier for my wife to use?
hear, hear (on the hunt)! but only between washings on a vpi hp-17w or like device. -cfb
Unless you want to pony up for a Alsop and the (constant) replacement pads.But I suggest it as a wet system if you aren't going to get a Vac machine.Pre-clean with my Alsop so I don't contaminate my felt lips on my VPI 16.5.Maybe the Hunt then Alsop for squeaky cleanest without the mojo $$$ for a VPI or Nitty Gritty.
None. Only a machine (Nitty Gritty, VPI etc)will actually clean records. All a brush does it move the light dust from one place to another. The dirt that matters is trapped in the grooves and can only be removed with some kind of vacuum system.
GO WITH THE AUDIOQUEST. IT IS SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY. I have both, as well as a VPI 16.5 and a half a dozen other devices that I've purchased over the years. I bought the Hunt on the recommendation of various publications, and immidiately wondered what they were all thinking. Getting dust off the record is one thing.... getting dust off the brush is another, and that is very difficult with the Hunt. It boasts BOTH the carbon fiber, (The AQ brush is 100% carbon Fiber) and a velvet pad. However there is too little carbon fiber to have any benefit, and I find the pad is far more likely to move the dust around than lift it off.

The Disc Doctor, the chemist who makes and markets Michel Fremmer and the Library of Congress' preferred (and dreadfully expensive) cleaning fluid recommends, the AQ Brush ONLY, for use after a wet cleaning. By the way his cleaning system, though it seems somewhat unusual, doesn't require a cleaning machine.

Anyway, other than the cute little frame designed to keep the Hunt brush off the bristles (AQ has one too that cleans the fibers of dust and static electricity. It rotates so as to always be in the right position) I find the Hunt brush useless. (OK, I occasionally use it to pre-brush an LP prior to a wet clean, but prefer one of a couple of other older units for even that mundane function.) Anyway, If you want a Hunt, I'll send mine to you for $5 and shipping. (Loveless@qcnet.net)
Not to change subject but like this home brew (tech at VPI told me recipie) empty out 1 gal of distilled water in pot dump 1 pt. of rubbing alcohol in add 2 or 3 drops of dish liquid (clear if possible) and get some stuff from a photo shop called Kodak photo flow.You'll have to buy a big bottle but se lavie.Use only 2 or 3 drops.Photoflow reduces the surface adhesion which allows the water to spread more even and thuroughly on the record.Great for machines.With thmoney you save over costly comercial stuff you can justify a VPI 1`6.5.Built like a tank.Seal the seams with spar marine varnish.Buy one if you dig records and plan to get more!
Czaz this all makes good sense esp. the photoflow, which sure worked great in the darkroom. I'll have to see, I might still have a bottle?
But what's this about the marine spar varnish? That went right over the top, so please do explain? thanks...
I agree with fzxguy, the design of the Hunt strikes me as silly. The AQ is similar in design to the Decca, which I also like.

Tangent: I just picked up the Zerodust stylus cleaner from Music Direct. This thing costs $70 and probably should cost $3.50, but it seems to work great. It is an ultrasoft plastic substance about the size of a quarter, onto which you lower your stylus. Then raise the arm back up and--voila!--clean as a whistle (I'm assuming the unit itself leaves no residue, a big assumption), while a nice deposit of black gunk is left on the Zerodust. Fun to use, instant gratification.
Drubin: You coulda saved saved $68.00 and got a ball of Silly Putty for $2.00. I'm not kidding. My Linn dealer recommended it to me and it works great!
I sort of suspected that at the time, but I'm an easy mark for these tweek products. Think I should have it cryo treated? :-)