Why Do Schumann Resonators Work?

Schumann Resonators are little boxes you plug into the wall that produce electromagnetic radiation tuned to 7.83 Hz. This is the frequency that the earth/atmosphere system “rings” at when the Earth is struck by lightning. It is also a common frequency your brain “ticks” at.

When employed in the listening room, many people claim it makes their audio sound better. If this is true, then what is the mechanism of action?

-Is it a matter of the resonator producing a more relaxed mental state?
-Does it help block or alter electromagnetic interference?
-Does it add its own electromagnetic interference to your system that just so happens to be pleasing?

I experimented with one recently and what I noticed is that it seemed to remove some of the high frequency nasties or what some might call “digital glare” (although digital glare can also show up in analog systems). When I made this observation, the resonator was placed right next to my power strip that my CD player, preamp and some other devices are plugged into.

My “proof” of the effect is that I could turn the volume up louder than usual without it sounding “too loud.” The sound levels of the system weren’t any quieter, it’s just that the digital glare was reduced so that I could go louder before thinking “this is too loud,” which usually isn’t a sound level thing per se but the point as which some frequency (often the highs) become irritating.

So who here has experience with these devices? Do you like them? Does anyone know why they work?

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03-21-2018 3:38am
Schumann frequency generator explained (from Acoustic Revive website)

The "Schumann Resonance" is a resonance frequency that exists in the Earth's "electromagnetic" cavity; i.e. between terrestrial surface and ionosphere. German physicist W.O.Schumann first detected the resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity in 1954. It is said that the Schumann Resonance is a breathing phenomenon of the Earth that is lasting from old time of the Earth creation and is giving a positive effect to the human brain.

Humans, animals and plants have become accustomed to this frequency of 7.83Hz over a very long period of evolution.

But recently, many unnatural radio waves and electromagnetic waves disturb this frequency of 7.83Hz, it has changed the influence that it has on us.

Our research was started from the point of view that [If Schumann Resonance Waves have a positive effect on the human brain, how does it react to human hearing?], it became clear that there was a surprising effect to both of hearing and sight.

Then, we developed and manufactured a device to generate the 7.83Hz electric wave artificially, the Ultra-low Frequency generator RR-888 (Patent Pending)

Picture quality improves as well by the RR-888
A focus of the picture is improved!

The RR-888 brings a great ability of a projector, such as CRT Projectors, DLP Projectors, Liquid projectors. By using RR-888, the focus of the picture is much improved.

A related question is why do Schumann Frequency CDs work, you know, since the audio frequency they generate is 7.83 HZ? Answer at 11.
Question: How can man-made electromagnetic waves like radio, satellite TV and microwaves interfere with or “drown out” the natural Schumann frequency? They are not even remotely close to each other on the frequency spectrum, in fact they are pretty much on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Heck, for satellite transmission the UPLINK and DOWNLINK frequencies are barely separated (a couple of GHz) and they don’t interfere with each other. Furthermore, if those very high man-made RF frequencies drown out the natural Schumann frequency why wouldn’t they drown out the Schumann frequency generator? Hel-loo!
So they are saying the effect comes from its positive impact on the human brain. So the Schumann Resonator works via resonator-brain interaction? Are there resonator-audio system and resonator-environment interactions as well that explain some of the effects on audio or is it all “in my head?” I want to believe there are resonator-audio system interactions because the effect I heard was as instant as plugging it in and playing a track. If it was all “in my head,” I would think it would take some time to take effect because it would take time for my brain to shift into a different mental state.
I don’t know what a Schumann Frequency CD is. Can you explain it? Is it just a 7.83 Hz sine wave recorded to a disc?
You’re right, 7.83 Hz is very far off from most EM “pollution” sources.” I don’t have a good answer for you. The only thing I can do is try to relate it to something similar. Have you ever noticed when you properly set up a subwoofer or two, it’s not just the bass that improves? The audio gets better all the way up and down the frequency spectrum. Yet 50 Hz and 5,000 Hz are no where near each other on the audible frequency spectrum.
The CD plays an acoustic wave of 7.83 Hz. Whereas the frequency generated by the Schumann device and the natural Schumann frequency are both 7.83 Hz, but they are electromagnetic waves. The wavelength of the acoustic 7.83 Hz signal is much, much shorter than the wavelength of the electromagnetic signal which is equal to the circumference of the Earth, I.e., 25,000 miles or whatever. So, back to the question, how do you reckon they get a 7.83 Hz acoustic wave out in the room by playing a CD?
What do you mean “get a wave out into the room?” Are you referring to the room dimensions being much smaller than the wavelength? You don’t need to fit the wave in the room to hear or feel it. If that were the case, you couldn’t have bass in cars, yet the most powerful bass I’ve ever heard was in a car. 
I’m actually referring to the frequency of 7.83 Hz being much lower than speakers can produce. 😳 But now that you ask, here’s another question for you, how does the electromagnetic wave of 25,000 miles fit into the room? 😛
Another puzzler. If the antenna length required for ELF radio frequency of 75 Hz is 20 miles or so, how long is the antenna inside one of those Schumann frequency dumaflaches? 😫
I’m sure puzzled.  Isn’t everything below radio frequency an electromagnetic field, no wave involved?  I can understand a wave modulated at 7.83 Hz but transmitted?  
It’s kind of a long story but long story short is that all radio frequencies are electromagnetic waves. All frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum are waves, including ELF, Schumann, X-rays, gamma rays, etc. Visible colors are also on the electromagnetic spectrum. We see colors because the eye is sensitive to that range of electromagnetic waves. Acoustic waves are on a different spectrum. It is true that electromagnetic waves have an electric field component and a magnetic field component.
And that’s why “audio signals” in cables travel at almost the speed of light - because, like all electromagnetic waves, they travel at the speed of light in a vacuum and nearly the speed of light in copper.
7.83Hz is very hard for speakers to reproduce. Rotary subwoofers can get there. Traditional subs will visible oscillate at 7.83 Hz but the output will be minuscule.
To make things even more confusing the full 7.8 Hz signal from the Schumann CD can be put into the room by tiny computer speakers. 😛
So do you need 2 audio systems? I assume you play the Schumann CD while playing music with another system. 
The Schumann CD is not really for audio but maybe it would work. The CD is normally sold by health and wellness internet sites, as the Schumann frequency, like Alpha waves, are intended for meditation and similar endeavors. You need two systems obviously but you could use a portable system to play the CD. I personally have two Schumann frequency USB devices from Hong Kong operating in the room that output the 7.83 Hz electromagnetic wave.
Gotcha. Since you’ve got two Schumann devices in your system, I assume you’ve noticed enough of an improvement to keep them around. Care to share what you notice with them? Does it improve the sound?
I found some interesting comments over at Audio Circle:

Concerning the effects of these devices:

”Installing the SW1 on top of one of the speakers and switching it on changed the spatial representation of these recordings. 2-d became much more 3-d, with clean open space between all the instruments, and more depth contrast where there was little before. Tonality, harmonics, dynamics, etc. seemed unchanged...the illusion of performers in space rather than inhabiting a more 2-d canvas is enhanced in an enjoyable way... I’ve been listening carefully for any changes in tonality. The only things I can note are that the bottom end seems to have slightly less weight and body, but with enhanced dimensionality.”

Concerning a potential mechanism of action:

“So- these seem to work as many (but certainly not all!) users have described, and the mechanism is totally unknown. My own speculation is that the EM energy is somehow acting as a dithering signal in our personal aural processing chain (nerves and brain?), but this is pure speculation.”


   This is a scientific marvel that will probably change the way we listen to audio for ages. I can only relate to the same discovery that was discovered years ago.....pyramid power. A power that has baffled scientists for centuries. The mere presence of a pyramid and objects placed within it could enhance the power of almost anything!!!
   When this revelation was revealed companies marketed small/portable pyramids that could accommodate small objects.....such as placing a joint of weed into it to enhance it's potency or a small bottle of toilet bowl cleaner so it would act faster.

   Come on people. If this is a serious site dedicated to sharing opinions of audio equipment and music why should we read ramblings from those with "some" knowledge of science and little about what this forum is intended?

If you accidentally phase invert your Schumann generator does it cancel out the “natural” frequency and then your music room is in an unnatural bubble, like a mystery spot? Or is it simply an amplifier of the “natural” frequency?
Also what about overclocking? If I’m feeling a bit sluggish will an 8Hz signal pep me up a little?
Physics. Not the high point of a public school education, I'm guessing.

In order to even begin to answer the question it helps to first understand the question. Which really is, "How could broadcasting 7.83 Hz radio waves improve the sound of your system?"

Well, I don't know for sure how it works, but its pretty easy to think of how it COULD work. In a word: dither.

Dither is a sort of randomized input that when added to a signal subjectively improves the output. Dither is used all the time in video. Do a search, see what I mean. It sounds weird, but adding the right sort of noise actually improves things.

Ted Denney III is tight with his secrets but he did mention somewhere once that his HFT, ECT and PHT devices work on dither. They are tiny, but when it comes to dither it doesn't take much to produce a very noticeable effect. They work, as far as I can tell, acoustically.

But there's no reason to think the same principle (dither) wouldn't apply electronically. RFI is noise and our systems sound better with less of it. Flip off some breakers in your panel and hear for yourself. This simple experiment proves two things- radio waves do get into our wires, and they do affect the sound we hear.

So while I can't prove it, it seems pretty obvious to me that if you put a 7.83 (or whatever) Hz radio wave generator in a room, that the signal is going to get into your system. One way or another. Every single wire is after all an antenna. The only question is whether this can actually make your system sound better? The answer would seem to be yes.


Interesting thread but it seems that any relationship between Schumann resonance and better sound is pure conjecture.
Buy two, lay down and attach them to opposite sides of head. Turn on and experience cosmic bliss!
And a room painted pink will further enhance a mood of calmness, allowing the echt sense of musical "flow" to blossom more fully!

This is what Acoustic Revive said on their website regarding their first version of the Schumann generator, RR-77. See if this makes sense.

For Audio equipments
By generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes electromagnetic waves generated from an audio equipment and external harmful radio waves. So interference of electromagnetic waves and radio waves that exist among equipments is disappeared, it becomes possible to reproduce the music clearer, the S/N ratio is improved higher and the distortion is reduced.

For Listening room
Also, by generating the Schumann Resonance, there is an effect that it neutralizes harmful standing waves. And it has the feature of improving the viscosity of the air in the listening room. Therefore, you can reproduce the excellent music, the sound is improved clearly audible, and the depth of the sound image is increased dramatically.

For Listener
It is established medically that generating the Schumann resonance activates the cellular immunity. And it is said that the Schumann resonance produces the good relaxation effects, and the attentiveness is raised greatly. So you can hear the details of the sounds that could not be heard before.

For Live Concerts
Ultra low-frequency pulse generator RR-77 is used in the major recording company!!
Because of the great effects of the RR-77, recording engineers or musicians take notice the RR-77. Recently, the RR-77 is used for the recording process of the major recording company; it has given full play to its ability for not only recording equipments but also a *live performance of a piano and other instruments*. The RR-77 is also used at every music schools and concert.

For Video 
The RR-77 brings a great ability of a projector, such as CRT Projectors, DLP Projectors, Liquid projectors. By using RR-77, the focus of the picture is improved certainly.
We recommend that you use the RR-77 as final method of adjustment of the projector.

Pop quiz - Fact or Fiction? Schumann frequency generators were installed on some NASA Shuttle vehicles. 
That’s not gonna work as the central area of the discussion is in a speculated area.

You can’t ask for the end when the complex middle is yet to be filled out.

This is still in the information gathering and hypothesis stage.

Contesting it before the scenario of investigation fleshes itself out (necessarily over time) is anti-scientific, almost designed to dogmatize the whole thing into book learned circular endings. that’s social, and political - as aims and endings in control of people and ideas... and is not science.

A frighteningly common trait of the negative proofing dogmatic mind. it’s generally someone who was not trained as a scientist, but of someone who was trained as an engineer. That’s the area of endeavor of the dogmatic mind and has no place in science. That type of mindset is ok for dealing with engineering or the texts of engineering and of course... building/repeating stuff for people to use, but has nothing to do with real science.

Where science, by definition is the open end of the unknown, unproven and unscripted, the stuff not yet in the texts. Massive, critical, fundamental as differences go. Yet few note it.

Again, the text, the dogma, the evil comparitor...which is for engineers and people catching up, or for makers (the engineers). Texts...are for people who are running down the path to that leading edge, where all the facts in the texts and the record... when that edge is reached..all the dogmatic engineering texts full of facts and formulae.. automatically return to their true reality, which is that of being solely theory. Engineers are trained with facts; the idea of a fact, is a reformation of theory FOR for engineers. Scientists are trained with theory, yet the data set is the same.

The engineering is a builder, the scientist is a searcher. Each is literally trained and informed as such type and such text and mind, separately... by academia - purposely so. Huge difference. Facts end in circular logic and terminate in infinite repetition and is a dead thing (engineering oriented). Theory allows for the new and beginnings - an open world that has a mutable, changeable, infinite future.(science oriented)

That’s how science vs engineering works, basically.

So.. don’t bring a dogmatic engineering negative proofing mind and thought process ---- to a science fight. It is totally bassackwards to do so.

However, it is easy to conflate the two inappropriately as the dogmatic engineering mind necessarily runs throughout our lives in various fundamental ways, due to how the human mind works.

This is definitely a science fight: lots of unknowns, lots of data, and difficulties in finding or knowing even the edges of testing and proofing regimen.

I could even go on to explain how we arrived at this problem, how it developed ..throughout the history and creation of modern academia... but that is another post.

References to support claims of benefits would help.

>>>>Really? Who would you believe? There are plenty of rave reviews of Acoustic Revive Schumann generators going all the way back to around 15 years ago. Would those be helpful to you? 🙄

Here’s a review of the Acoustic Revive RR-888 Schumann frequency generator in Stereo Times. Check it out. I have not read it myself. I don’t know what it might say.

I use one in my room and it most definitely works as advertised.The soundstage is deeper,wider,quieter..with a more pristine/clean sounding character..with what I would call sounding more like.. less overall RFI distortion or jitter. Of course,we all hear differently and like all things audio... ymmv
"Acoustic waves are on a different spectrum."  
That's the root of my question.  Below radio frequencies is the ultrasonic, sonic and subsonic, none of which can be broadcast without an electromagnetic carrier frequency.  Does that not preclude a subsonic electromagnetic wave?
I use 5 cheap S.G. with astounding results... Try before doubting in the virtual space...Cost of a usb chineese S.G.one usb cable included is 10 us bucks shipped... Nasa use them to recreate some of the atmospherical earth effect on the body...

"Acoustic waves are on a different spectrum."

That’s the root of my question. Below radio frequencies is the ultrasonic, sonic and subsonic, none of which can be broadcast without an electromagnetic carrier frequency. Does that not preclude a subsonic electromagnetic wave?

>>>>>The “electromagnetic spectrum” goes from DC 0 Hz to visible light and beyond, with increasingly more energetic photons as the particle involved. That’s why I used the ELF as an example of extremely low frequency EM radiation/wave. ELF is a radio program/transmitter, thus the ELF Signal is a radio frequency. I realize we usually think of “radio frequencies” as very high frequencies, like microwave.

The Schumann frequency - both the natural one and the one generated by all these various devices - except the CD - is an electromagnetic radiation/wave. And obeys the laws of such waves, I.e., Maxwell equations, speed of light in a vacuum, etc. The CD generates an acoustic wave of frequency 7.83 Hz.
I understand.  My point being broadcast electromagnet spectrum vs that which requires a conductor to propagate (DC to sub radio.)   Yes, electromagnetic audio frequencies can be transmitted through wire but there is no wave transmitted, only current through, and a field about, a wire.  How can a 7.83 Hz signal be broadcast into a room without a carrier wave?
There is nothing wrong with reaching conclusions by conjecture if that is all there is. Just be aware of how the conclusion was reached.

  1. an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
So the way it works is you cite references that help support the things you say if you want them to carry more weight.

Being a rebel and not caring is fine too, just don’t expect to get to play by one’s own rules alone and expect your opinions to carry much weight with others.

There may well be something to this Schumann audiophile thing. Music is after all just a bunch of resonances at various frequencies and no doubt it has a psychological effect on people. Why not frequencies that are a part of our natural environment? Who knows?

Question: How do you know that the resonator device is working properly? Everything breaks eventually. Some devices are defective and do not work as they should.  Is there some sensor or detector provided to test? How else would you know?

They have little lights are are ON when the device is working. Even my little BLACK USB dumaflaches. Brilliant, eh?
I understand. My point being broadcast electromagnet spectrum vs that which requires a conductor to propagate (DC to sub radio.) Yes, electromagnetic audio frequencies can be transmitted through wire but there is no wave transmitted, only current through, and a field about, a wire. How can a 7.83 Hz signal be broadcast into a room without a carrier wave?

>>>>You’re losing me, not all EM waves require a conductor. Look not further than cell phones, TV signals, NASA transmission through free space to the Moon or to command Voyager, Mars Lander, etc. and the ELF transmissions. It’s the same with the natural Schumann EM wave and the artificial one, they’re both transmission through free space and air. Just like microwaves.

As for the current and the wave - the current is the wave. Wave hello! 🤗 The audio waveform is not traveling down the wire, only the current and voltage. The audio frequencies - the audio waveform - the speakers generate in the room is determined by how fast the alternating current (EM wave) alternates on the two wires + and -.
A remark: my five S.G. has a light flashing indicating that they are in function, I match them in pair, except one, and the pairs synchronized, the flashing light seems to adjust with one another...

For me atmosphere of the room seems transformed by this E.M. Schumann waves, more than that the stones that interacted with a S.G. near him or better connected to him has an effect on the sound quality and it is simple to verify that, if you change the connecting specific stones...For me the S.G. amplified the filtering effect of my crystals and stones and it is very audible...More than that the characteristic of a stone in his acoustical filtering effect of the noise level is different for each stones and this effect audible without the S.G. is amplified by the S.G.....

Then there is the piezo-electrical effect, regular or reverse, yes, but there is a particular modality of filtration of the noise level that is different for each stones amplified by the S.G....

For me the S.G. is the most spectacular audiophile product at low cost(chineese usb one) especially linked with crystals and stones...
It is better to install 5 small one in a room at different height and location than only a costly one is my guess and experience....

Does the flashing light mean it is working or it is trying to work?  Big difference.

"not all EM waves require a conductor."
The 7.83 Hz one does.
"As for the current and the wave - the current is the wave. Wave hello!"
Sure.  So how does that wire confined "wave" broadcast into the room? hello!?  
wlutke, we are not on the same page. I actually don’t think we’re even in the same book. This conversation can serve no porpoise any more. 🐬
Madman gets a good star for realizing the Schumann frequency devices are a big fraud and have only circuitry for the light inside. Kudos to Moops and his dogged persistence for uncovering one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on naive innocent and gullible audiophiles.
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@mahgister. You have peaked my curiously. Please tell me more about these stones and crystals. What type and where do you place them?
For sure Mapman the light only indicate that it works but not that he produce the right frequency exactly....