Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?

If Raidho speakers are so great, why are there so many pairs for sale here?  These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and it seems at least every other day there is a pair for sale with some people having them only a few weeks to a few months, and they are really taking a bath on them.  What gives?  Are they not as great as they are made to be?  Is Jonathan Valin a shill for the company?

I heard the 4.1 diamond at Blink High End north of Boston and was very unimpressed.  I have heard many other highly regarded speakers for much less money sounding wonderful.  So, what gives?

Just my opinion, but I wonder if it has something to do with constant model upgrade revisions and changes.
I really don't think so, I mean you spend upwards of 40 grand on speakers and then sell them for 40% less than you paid weeks or months later?  Besides, Raidho has a program to upgrade your current speakers to the newer ones for far less money than selling at a loss and buying new again.  I'm not buying it.
My friend has a pair of Raidho C3.1's. Within their limits I submit they are very, very good. They require the right room and electronics.
Never heard those, but the 4.1 diamonds were nothing special.  I would take a lower end Rockport any day over them.  I still can't see why there are so many for sale.  The same goes for Scansonic which is a poor mans Raidho.
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I heard the Aviors several times and would choose Raidho if the the room was medium to small sized . If it was a relatively large room I would take Monitor Audio PL500’s over any Rockport I’ve ever heard. Just goes to show you, no absolutes in audio, only preferences.
If I had to guess, it is the case of a lot of speakers being bought because of so much favorable press, and then the owners finding that the speakers don't actually suit their taste after they have lived with them for some time.  That would happen no matter what the speaker sounds like.  A lot of products are over-sold because of the fervor that developed around them.   
also seems most of the ads are from dealers - no idea what that might mean though...
Because new models come out people like the latest but the main reason is most people don't know how to match cables and components to get the best sound.
and don't forget, that for some, this is small money we're talking here...fun to trade up and try new stuff, regardless of price issues...
I really don't think so, I mean you spend upwards of 40 grand on speakers and then sell them for 40% less than you paid weeks or months later?

Are you assuming folks are paying list prices? I know a few guys who rotate gear regularly. They buy new, and get dealer accommodations, generally 30-50% off list prices for electronics/speakers.
Maybe these are folks that just like to hear stuff in their home, and know some industry insiders. They get bored quickly, and want to try something else.
I think there is a small amount of people who go through a hell of a lot of gear.
All the stores I frequent charge retail and on some occasions a 10% discount.  Why would a dealer give a customer a salesman's accommodation which is 40 to50% off of retail?  When I worked in audio, I could get a salesmans acomidation on a product that was cheaper than what the company paid for it in bulk ordering.  The stores wouldn't stay in business very long if they did that.
The number you see for sale on this website is minuscule compared to the number that are sold and are in peoples homes worldwide. You are not looking at a representative sample. I bet most audiophiles have never been to this site.

If you do an alphabetical listing on any category you will see many name brands that have a lot of sell listings. Would you say Audio Research or Sonus Faber et al are having problems???? or we should be concerned? IDTS.
Well I traded in my D2's for D2.1's. The upgrade is significant. Many for sale is people upgrading.

But there is a downside to Raidho's and Scansonics. That being setup. To get the most out of them they really need to be at least 9ft apart and a good 3 to 5 feet from the back wall. If you can set them properly they are magical. If you can't they are just good. Also they are more of a nearfield speaker. Also if you want a rock concert in your home they are not the speaker for you. But if you want to hear music in a more intimate setting these are the speakers you want. Unlike some speakers that sound the best when played very loud these play great at lower to mid level volumes. The max spl varies from the mid 90db's to 105db depending on the model. Max db with my D2.1's is around 97. Like most any speaker they also sound best with really good electronics.

As far as losing 40% or more I doubt many paid anywhere near retail.
All the stores I frequent charge retail and on some occasions a 10% discount. Why would a dealer give a customer a salesman's accommodation which is 40 to50% off of retail? When I worked in audio, I could get a salesmans acomidation on a product that was cheaper than what the company paid for it in bulk ordering. The stores wouldn't stay in business very long if they did that.

The gentlemen that I am thinking of aren't buying from stores. They have previously owned stores or audio business', and still buy their personal gear direct from manufacturers at dealer rates. At what they are paying for new units, they lose very little, if any money, when selling their gear used after 6 months of ownership.
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There was nothing political in this thread I started about Raidho Speakers.  Why did you put your 2 cents in with political inuendos, questioning my sense of humor and IQ?  Sour grapes perhaps for the other thread?
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People make mistakes.   Sometimes very expensive ones.   One person's mistake can easily turn out to be anothers cat's meow.

Regarding speakers I see a lot of Kef ls50s for sale.  I've heard them and they are nice little speakers but probably do not live up to the hype for many, only those who really know what they are doing and can get the most out of them.    Happens all the time!
Did I mean ANYTHING political?
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"Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?"...because they have cheap cabinets and are massively over-priced (i.e: waste of money).
Cheap Chinese cabinets. As for overpricing, since there are a lot of people who don't earn but make a lot of money, why not try and cash in, Danes and others think ? They play 'the stupid and ignorant' card, and often it works. Besides, Europeans generally despise Americans and get pleasure out of that too.
"Why So Many Raidho Speaker For Sale?"

Maybe it's because of Coda Audio Video, who are now selling as StandardSound.  Here's some info from someone who is getting scammed by them:  https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/coda-audio-video-based-in-san-francisco-is-running-a-fraudule...

I don't believe their cabinets are made in China,  I believe it's Denmark.     I'm not a fan of the Raidho or Magico speakers from what I have heard, but Rockport is another story.   Someday I would love to own a pair of Aviors.   I've been to the Rockport factory, it's nothing short of amazing.   
I recently bought a pair of D2 from someone upgrading to 2.1. The upgrade is fairly expensive. You always see a lot of older models for sale at discounted prices when the new model comes out (same thing happened for me when YG upgraded the Carmel). I'm very happy with the Raidhos. I moved from a mid-size room to a smaller room (13'x16'). These are exceptional speakers for near field listening, projecting a wide, deep and focused soundstage with great detail and presence and can be placed close to sidewalls.

Sometimes I miss the heft of my previous Peak Consult Zoltans, but only a little--the highs here are much better, and the kids more open. A tubed DAC and pre have added the needed body. My Carmels didn't do it for me in this room, couldn't get them optimized--the Raidhos are an order of magnitude better IMO, and for my tastes in my room. Before deciding on these, I listened to KEF Blades, Wilson Benesch, Gamut, Wilson and Vivid. and I'm quite happy with my decision. YMMV.
6Moons Raidho review states Raidho cabinets are made in China. Raidho website mentions speakers are all assembled in Denmark but does not refer to origin of cabinets.
.....inna....you seem to contribute about as much to these threads as your pal infection.  Both of you seem to like to stir things up without really saying anything.  JMHO. God, I miss the old days on here!

For the money they charge, the cabinets should be made in Denmark.  Granted my GE Triton1 are made in China but we are talking a 5K pair of speakers, not a 5 figure set of speakers.
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I am a Raidho user and want to contribute. I run the C1.1 which I think is great fun. No one has raised the drivers that are built in house, no imported stock drivers here. 
I went for Raidho for the technology in the ribbon tweeter and woofer with no rear basket. Mounted onto aluminium baffles and internal wiring is Nordost Valhalla. 
I had a tweeter go down, no problem for Raidho, new one shipped out from Denmark. I think they are highly detailed and great fun to listen too. OK the paint finish is not up to Tidal standards but this is not a priority for me. Speaker they replaced were double the price! 

Long live Raidho.
It's a new dawn in this country - anything goes. Well, almost. Britain is fun too I heard.
Overall, Danes don't know how to make speakers, they know how to make electronics, though. Gryphon is a notable exception.
The best system I heard in my life was the raidho d5 with solutions electronics. Great sound but really expensive. 

I said it already, Infection... please go infect another thread and leave this one alone.  I never heard the D5's and any Solution products, but for that kind of money, they had better sound great.  Everyone likes different things but the Raidho definitely are not my kind of speakers, especially since I listen to 90% rock.  It's waaaaaay out of my price range besides all that.  Doubtful my wife would like the idea of spending that kind of money for speakers and electronics that cost more than our home.  It's hard to wrap your head around how much disposable income some people really have.