Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova

I'm looking for a new dac to replace my Bel Canto Dac 3. I would use the Nova as a Dac preamp only. What do you think?
I haven't heard either, though I did briefly toy with the idea of a Nova for simplification sake, but I do suggest you add the Eastern Electric Minimax DAC to your considerations. Its another Sabre32 DAC with exceptional SQ, great mod potential and a toggle-able tube/solid state output.

Listening to mine right now. Its great.
Second on giving the EE a try. Had mine for a week, still breaking it in. Best highs I heard, stock.
Gopher and Stevelee, how´s it going with the Eastern Electric? I´ve been looking at it and seems very interesting! Probably broken in already? How does it sound? Comparisons, please?
Sorry for the delay, I had to return my DAC-1 that was on loan before I could make the comparison, but I should be receiving my DAC-2 by the end of the week.
What do you mean you would use the Nova "as a DAC preamp only"? I assume that means you won't be using the Nova as a power amp to drive speakers.

The Peachtree Nova was designed as an affordable integrated, not as a standalone DAC. Yes, the DAC chip is good, but that is not the sole determinant of sound quality. If you don't need the analogue inputs or the power amp, why pay for them?

If you just want a DAC with volume control and can afford it, I would try to find a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC either used or at a discounted price new. It is a stellar piece, and the "street" price from some on-line retailers is considerably below the $3K retail price.

The W4S DAC2 was supposedly designed to sound as good as (or better than) the Perfect Wave DAC. One of the reasons the W4S DAC 2 has the HDMI/I2S input is so it can be used with the Perfect Wave Transport). However, Wyred4Sound and their distributors sell the DAC2 at the full asking price of $1,500, so the PW DAC might only cost an extra $750.

Last piece of advice, send your question to Underwood HiFi. Walter carries PS Audio, Peachtree, and Wyred 4 Sound and can definitely offer some guidance (and quote you prices). I have dealt with him before and trust his ears.
My DAC-2 only has about 20 hours on it, but there is no comparison to using the NOVA as a DAC only, none.

I would be very interested to hear your more detailed thoughts on the DAC-2, including any specific comparisons to the NOVA. Thanks!
The DAC-2 has better transparency, dynamics, and a much larger soundstage in my system, YMMV.
Is there a sonic difference between the dac1 and the dac2?
I am very interested in getting one of these, just not sure which one to go for.
I should be hearing them back to back this or next week. From memory, they do sound very similar though.
Philefreak, what did you decide to replace your Bel Canto DAC3 with? Did you go with a new W4S DAC?
Mingles, I did replace the Bel Canto with the W4S Dac. It's no contest between the two. I really didn't expect as much of a difference as I found. Without going into a lot of hoopla, let's just say that the W4S bettered the Dac 3 in every category. The W4S will take 500 hrs of break in to really smooth out and settle down from the break in irregularities.
Is the Sabre32 DAC chip really that good? I spoke with some who designs audio electronics and het prefered the TI PCM 1704 chip.
Although the implementation is more important(analog section, PS, etc...), the 32 bit sabre chip is capable of higher sampling frequency, bit rate, and dynamic range.
It's a mystery to me how designers pick one particular chip over another. The sound of a DAC has as much to do with the design of the analog output stage as it does with the chip that gets used.

That said, I'd like to hear the W4S, but I'm happy as a clam with my Bel Canto DAC3.
Well, I agree it's a mystery. The proof is in the listening. Even listening in the 16/44 radio streaming is better. Don't get caught up in the numbers and such. Just listen!
Well the designer I spoke actually build two DACs the only difference between those 2 DACs were the DAC chip sets. One was using a Burr brown PMC 1704 the other a Sabre 32. The one using the Sabre DAC never went into production. According to him the Sabre DAC has many nice options that can also be turned of but he didn't like the sound.