Your Favorite Sounding Power Amp, $5000 US Retail max.

Please list your favorite sounding current producton power amplifier, US $5000 retail maximum.  What do you like about it?  Thanks.  


In terms of new retail, Parasound.  They may be too laid back but most reliable and absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Used, Ayre or Luxman.

in Solid state used the newest highest model Ayre you can find. in used tubes ARC Ref 75 or hybrid used Aesthetix Atlas Stereo….

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Cambridge Edge W. 100watts into 8. Doubles to 200 into four. $4k new. Amazing build quality 

Coda .8 list 6500 we flip demos occasionally so not much more over your budget


Superior duild quality 3k transformer


Selectable bias and output power

From 150 to 400 watts


Class A operation

Made in the usa

Company has been in business fo 30years


Great bass

Huge soundstage

Can drive nearly any load

Practical size and weight

Runs cool


Very reliable

Under 10k nearly unbeatable


DAVE and Troy


coda dealers



Parasound A23+ or A21+, depending on your power needs. They will connect you with the music and get your toes tapping…something Class D Gan amps don’t do, ime.

Right now its Don Sachs Kootenay 120. Dual mono, larger Tranny's, Top quality parts, Sounds great top to bottom

Hi I would like to recommend the Bel Canto Ref 600M (you get 2) for 4995.00 list and maybe cheaper with a dealer. I have owned mine for about a year and driving my Focal Kanta 2s with no problem. Transparent, slight warmth, 300-600 watts per channel. Light weight, nice build quality, and yet both together use no more electricity than a light bulb. Class A rated in Stereophile and company has been around for many years with a good reputation. I owned a nice tube amp for 16 yrs. and a few other nice solid state amps. Never did my system sound as good as now. Just my 2 cents worth and you know the saying about opinions. Another option for you to check out. I just wanted my system to be simple, reliable, and great sounding. I got tired of chasing tubes and most NOS tubes are long gone. Good luck in your search. 

Bel Canto e.One REF501S Just hitting the market now.

Bought it for under $2000.00 Black background and great imaging, sound stage, articulate, accurate and fast bass.

Very close second to my AH Qualiton X200.

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A CODA #8 WITHOUT meters is $5200 and highly recommended. I have this in my office.

I just traded my Parasound A21+ for a KRELL Duo 125XD. Cost $3.1K. CODA and KRELL is better than the Parasound, though the A21+ is pretty good.

Van Alstine DVA M225 monoblocks - ~$3400 for the pair.  Factory direct made in the USA.  Amazing performance and value for the money.  Compares favorably to high-end monoblocks - many have compared to Pass Labs.  Read the Part-Time Audiophile Review.  

I have been extremely happy with my LSA Voyager 350 GaN amp, which is on sale right now for ~$2600, including a power cord. If you want to spend double that though I doubt you will get 25% better performance is the new AGD amp MSRP ~ $5,000 

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The LSA Voyager 350 GAN is really good. It does not have as much bass power as the CODA #8 but it has a bit more detail. I sold the Voyager and kept the CODA #8 since I wanted the extra bass.


re "Van Alstine DVA M225 monoblocks - ~$3400 for the pair. Factory direct made in the USA. "

I read that review and was intrigued. The reviewer is an audio recording engineer and an experienced high-end reviewer (he put them up against Pass monos). I am surprised that there haven’t been more reviews... some of the other Van Alstine products have been chosen for multiple "best of" lists. I keep looking here for reccs by owners of these.

I love the size of them (similar to the small/light Benchmark amp)... perfect to place next to each speaker, and they are balanced with XLR connections.

I own the AVA DVA 225s - reviews are spot on.  These are great amps.  Only caveat is that each amp operates natively in bridged mode, 1/2ing the speaker impedance as seen by the amp.  Very low impedances on some speakers may be a problem.  I use them on Dynaudios rated at 4 ohms - no problems.




you'll need to tell me the speaker, then i can give you a proper answer

very different answers for say driving a wilson or mbl, a spendor or harbeth, an avantgarde trio... right?

the question asked in a vacuum is rather pointless


thank you for the reply. 

I am just asking members what their favorite sounding power amp is and why (under $5000).  

Not pointless at all but a good survey and reference.  

SST Son of Ampzilla II.  Available from  The best I have had in my system.  Very pleased with this amplifier!

Based on my limited wisdom aquired from my audio experiences and interactions on this forum, I believe it depends on the speaker being driven. 

First Watt J2 for me,followed by FW F5.  I’m a little biased though. I’m certain there are many great amps in that price category.  



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