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You know when you are dealing with a BS company....
Love peanut butter, not for sandwiches. I have 2 dogs ;)  
Try This With Your SS Amp
My solo single malt evenings, the ss monos get pretty toasty after 20 min at a non conversation level.   I close blinds, my 3 foot lava lamp, few of the wife’s smelly candles, after thumbing through my records and cds, I end up with a good stack... 
Who Would You Spend A Day With - Pick Two
Anyone who is normal, no weirdos or head cases who have masochistic or murderous intentions. Reminds me of the jackalope who came to see my speaker boxes, had to slowly each on top of fridge so shirt lifted up, revealing a special noisemaker, whic... 
Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
You’re all dirty dopers    modern R and B which is pure tripe trash,  modern rap is indescribable, if I did these anti Constitution people in here who censor our first amendment would flip a switch, and you would not have the pleasure of being ... 
Speaker Break-in
Almost bought the Axiom large towers years back. opted for used amps, and found the close out from klipsch, when they bought and closed one of the best speaker manufacturers in North America.    went through a good 4-5 pairs, all arrived with so... 
Speaker Break-in
Legacy are great,speakers. Yup, put on a cd, (repeat). let play all day and night, every night give a listen, you will hear a diff sound signature maybe every night   enjoy, great speakers  
Speaker Break-in
Mine took over 270 hrs to open up.   now, wouldn’t trade em for anything but MBL radiostrhaler   
Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
Need to have my B and K pro 10mc recapped and new vol pot.  bought new in Mid 90’s great pre.  my best is the aging Onkyo p308, simply smooth, great house sound, has depth, and always works since bought used 10+ years ago. Has a house sound which ... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
Don’t have dipshi*ts house wit.    many many years back, had 2 pair Polk ls90 left for a week, returned home to numerous blown, over driven drivers. managed to save and make 1 good air , which I gifted to my cousin, a huge Polk fan, was ecstati... 
WBT Banana Connectors
Pretty sure counterfeit nakamichi banana plugs. Work ok, need better barely fit my speaker wire   need some that will fit 8 ga speaker wire. can’t find descent ones.    thick 8 ga speaker wire.  been through several, need good ones  
"High end" store snobbery
years ago, at a local shop by me, had same experience, rude, arrogant people, like pulling up in a pickup at a Caddy dealer, they just don't care.    Brought my ol trusty Sunfire 300 *at the time" hooked up to snell, B and W, klipsch, etc, brou... 
Is Magnepan still in business ?
info please.    
Class H amps?
H is good.   D is a muddy mess.   My Sunfire sig 600 is class H, and smokes much if not most of the newer amps at lo local shop. They are sick of me showing up with it, and besting much of their high class amps. Im thinking's soon they will ba... 
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
had sansei 7070 and 9090. descent, the looks is what grabbed me. sounded good.   if you like it, USE IT.   who cares what people think. enjoy.   still use a  mass prod yam 90W receiver for recording LP to CD with software. all is fine.  
Gryphon Diablo 300 or Pass Labs Int-250 to Sonus faber Amati Tradition
separates     your welcome. thread closed.   unless your space constrained. Pass Labs. good cables and speaker wire. good source.