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Music Boy/Petra interconnects - where from?
Is that some sort of joke? I'm obviously not getting it....Oz 
Analog - Bang For Buck
Nottingham Spacedeck/Ace-Space arm is a great combo. No fuss, easy set up and excellent sound.Oz 
Phonostage w/volume options
4yanx,We must have posted almost simlultaneously......Oz 
Phonostage w/volume options
Email Kevin Carter of K&K Audio. His phono stage kit is the same as the Art Audio Vinyl Reference. You can get it with or w/o volume control. This is one fine sounding preamp. For an upcharge he will build it for you and customize it around yo... 
Romance just keeps geting worse
After all this discussion about your used Romance woes, why didn't you just send the thing back to the previous owner and get your money back? It really sounds like you got a piece of crap this time. First you had a missing bearing, and now this. ... 
PMC Owners your opinions
MC1, OB1, 1B1, ABC, Doe Ray Mi, 1,2,3.....Who the hell can keep all that straight? Why doesn't PMC use some sort of rhyme or reason when naming their speakers? Sheesh, waaaaay too much confusion.....Oz 
Opinions please
Although I am a big Montana fan, I agree with the other opinions. Front end upgrades would yield a huge improvement that would be further realized later on with better speakers. Your preamp is pretty darn good for the money, but the Aragon should ... 
Equipment Set-up Recommendations?
Sorry, Gregadd. I didn't catch the part about placing the table in another room. My bad.Oz 
Equipment Set-up Recommendations?
Low frequencies tend to collect in corners. A turntable mounted directly in a corner is subjected to mucho airborne vibrations. Not, as you already know, a good thing for analog playback.Oz 
Von Schweikert VR4jr's in a 15' x 12' Room?
My vote is "too small".Oz 
Equipment Set-up Recommendations?
For GregaddMounting turntables in corners opens up a whole 'nother can of worms. Not a very good suggestion IMHO.Oz 
Equipment Set-up Recommendations?
If you put the table on a Machina Dynamica Promethean Base, not only will you get zero footfalls, the sound will improve dramatically. I can't recommend this device heartily enough for people with unsprung turntables.http://www.machinadynamica.com/Oz 
Advice for my first turntable/arm/cart please help
Ok, everybody is weighing in with their favorites, so I might as well too.A Nottingham Spacedeck is an excellent contender. I recently replaced my 5 yr. old Spacedeck with a newer one with the Ace-Space arm. The improvement is pretty substantial a... 
The best passive preamp
I agree with 4yanx. The Placette was thin, lacking dynamics, and uninvolving in my system. My current preamp is a custom job using the same trannies as in the NOH. It is excellent and has bested many more expensive preamps in every respect, includ... 
Usher X-929??????
>and they might make a better match with your setup and your ears.<Ahhhh, no. They did not. They didn't last very long, my Montanas dispatched them quickly.Oz